Thursday, 9 June 2016

One Night In Cape Town - COMING SOON

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Jilted at the alter! Well, not quite, but the week before Tia’s big day she caught her cheating rat-bag of a fiancé getting down and dirty with her best friend. That was it, end of, game over, it had been a close call. She's washed her hands of them both.

But why waste a perfectly good and very expensive honeymoon? Tia had always dreamed of South Africa, longed for blue sky, adventure and sights to remember. Her feet were itchy, she couldn’t stand the sympathy at home, so she’s bitten the bullet and travelled thousands of miles to a new continent, alone.

Lions and rhinos, elephants and zebra are all well and good, but when she bumps into the same cute guy three times in a row in Cape Town, she’s reminded that she still has desires. Before long they’re hiking over Table Mountain together, enjoying the view, enjoying each other. Levi is charming and funny, sexy and strong. Perhaps she will learn to trust enough to have romance and love in her future…maybe…one day.

But trouble brews in the African sky and a wild storm leaves them stranded, no way off the mountain as night falls. They have to keep cool to survive but things soon heat up in their make-shift shelter. As the thunder roars above them, the earth moves for Tia. But can a honeymoon romance ever be more than a good time? Or is there more to Levi, the hot America surfer whose lust for travel seems as potent as his lust for her?

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