Thursday, 19 May 2016

Facebook Party

Join me on Facebook to celebrate the release of the Dark Captive anthologies (due out 20th May). The M/F anthology features my story Sinful!

All invited, click here to join the fun. I'll be hosting between 1:30-2pm EDT (that's 5:30-6pm UK time). There'll be sassy gossip, sexy pics and steamy excerpts!

About Sinful

London is aflame with riots. Confusion and danger lurk around every corner. For Cheryl, caught alone and terrified in a dark alley, she fears she’s about to meet her maker.

Luckily the safe sanctuary of a small church, nestled between the deserted shops and houses, affords her protection. And within these sacred walls she finds Father Steve—a man whose decision to be celibate, marry his faith, seems to her an awful waste to the females of the world.

But all is not as it seems and as her hot and holy new friend reveals his layers and confesses his sins, the temperature in the church heats up more than the flames raging across the city.   

Safety, however, is an illusion, and the pair must fight to survive. In doing so will fate draw them together? Have the heavens mapped out their destiny? And was Father Steve telling the truth about his virginity?

Picture credit Michael Stokes

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