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Hello and welcome to the Back Lot Beauties Blog Hop. Keep reading to be in with a chance to win an ebook copy of my MMF novel The Glass Knot.

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My latest release is Muscling In. It's a novel about a married couple who invite a third into their relationship. But Edward isn't a random stranger, Coben and he had a wild and intense 'secret' relationship when they were in the military together...

Back Cover Information

My husband has a secret. Desires he’s kept locked away in a deep, dark place. 

Determined to pry details of this forbidden longing, I had no idea how much this new side of him would turn me on. So when I met the object of his lust I couldn’t let it rest. 

Edward Mooreland was a force to be reckoned with, a man who fought for his country and what he wanted. But did he want me and my husband? Would I ever experience his passion let loose or would I remain on the sidelines, watching, waiting, hoping? 

One thing I knew, I wasn’t the type of girl to give in without a fight. I wanted to be part of the action too. More than part of it, I wanted to be in the goddamn middle of it with bells, whistles and fireworks when it all exploded. Yes…I wanted it all. 

I'm going to share the entire prologue of Muscling In with you today - it's been described by a reviewer as the 'hottest prologue I've ever read' so you have been warned! It's MM though the book has many MF scenes as well as MFM and MMF, basically  Muscling In has a bit of everything!


Coben Wright paced to the far wall of his small room and stared at the wall—it was nothing fancy, bricks painted standard issue green, likely with a standard issue paintbrush by a standard issue decorator.
His shoulders were tense, his guts tight and a weight tugged at his cock and balls. He pushed out a breath and shoved his hands through his hair, kept them there, pulling at the roots and with his elbows pointing outward.
He’d be here soon.
Or so they’d planned.
But perhaps something had come up? Maybe he hadn’t been able to get away or walk in this direction without being seen.
He couldn’t be seen. That was non-negotiable. It meant mission abort.
Because they couldn’t arouse suspicion, not after all this time of being so careful and of keeping what they felt for each other under wraps. Sure, they’d had a couple of close calls but they’d been lucky. They were watertight, solid. They were in the clear.
Coben turned and strode to his bed. He sat and rested his palms on the scratchy gray blanket. He’d be glad to get out of military digs and enjoy home comforts on a daily basis rather than just when he was on leave. His parents’ house in Surrey might be a bit chintzy and covered in cat hair, but it was warm, soft and peaceful. A direct contrast to the last ten years he’d spent in the Royal Air Force, and until he found his own place, a flowery suburban bungalow would more than do.
He tapped his foot on the floor. Then, irritated by seeing his dull khaki socks, he jiggled his knee.
Damn. He hoped Edward hadn’t run into a serious plan changer on his way from West Two Wing. What if he didn’t get here? Coben would go insane with need. It would tear his heart in two. Okay, so this was the last time they’d be together, but still, it had to happen. They couldn’t leave it like this. Hanging, dangling, no goodbyes, no kiss, no fuck...
Coben sprang to his feet. A shot of adrenaline went through his system. Just one quiet knock was their signal.
Edward had arrived.
He dashed to the door and pulled it open.
Edward had a dark green cap pulled low, and his shoulders were hunched. He didn’t say anything, just stepped past Coben into the room.
Coben stuck his head out and glanced left and right. The long corridor was empty.
He quickly shut the two of them off from the world and flicked the lock. As he turned to Edward he dragged in a deep breath, enjoying the smells his visitor had brought with him—the outdoors, spiced musk, pine
A fresh wave of arousal shot through Coben. Edward’s scent always did that to him. Combined with how his presence filled a room with so much more than just his physical size, fuck, he was enough to turn a straight man gay.
And Coben had been straight. When he’d joined the military he’d enjoyed many a happy romp with gorgeous girls, in the plural on a few memorable occasions in Hong Kong. But he’d had Edward in his life, he definitely had to tick the bisexual box. Because there was no doubt about it. He found this rough-and-ready soldier really fucking hot. Really fucking irresistible.
Edward tugged off his cap and tossed it to the one chair in the room, which sat beside a skinny-legged desk. It landed on the hook of the straight back. Perfect shot. He scraped his hand over his crew cut and frowned. “Couldn’t get away from Walker. Can talk the bloody hind leg off a donkey, that one.”
“Yeah,” Coben agreed, walking up to him. “But you did. Get away, that is.”
“Wasn’t going to miss saying goodbye to you, was I?” His voice was gruffer than usual, likely because it was brimming with emotion. He normally flashed a smile as soon as they were alone, but not this time. This was goodbye.
Coben felt a stab in his heart. He wished this wasn’t the end of what they had, but they’d been through it many times. They had to move on, get on with their own lives now. He’d be in civvy street and Edward would be working in his new position in special forces.
There was no way they could carry on this thing, whatever it was. It would be too damn complicated.
Edward reached out and held Coben’s face, his palms rough on his cheeks. He clasped him beneath his jaw with his thumbs and stared at Coben with fiery intensity in his eyes.
“Have you found out...I mean, when you go, that is?” Coben asked.
Edward hesitated. “Soon.”
Coben’s breath caught his throat. Of course, Edward was no longer allowed to divulge such information. The Official Secrets Act prevented him from giving out any details, even to other members of the military. And there was no way Coben had that level of clearance, not now he was on his last few days of service. At one time he had, but not anymore. That hurt. It did. But he squashed it down. No time for pain.
“You’ll be careful, won’t you?”
“Always.” Edward leaned forward and swiped his lips over Coben’s. “I’ll always be careful.”
“Don’t take risks.”
“I can’t guarantee that, but they’ll be calculated ones.”
“And with the odds in your favor.” Coben couldn’t bear the thought of something happening to Edward. Even if he wasn’t in his life, he wanted to go about his days knowing Edward was okay, that he still walked on the planet—somewhere.
“Yeah, something like that.” Edward smirked.
Damn, there was that smile. Coben felt like he’d won every medal, prize and award whenever he was the recipient of it. Edward was everything he’d ever wanted in a bed partner of the same sex— sexy, dark, protective and brimming with passion.
He pressed his body against Edward’s, shoving his hard cock, through his trousers, into Edward’s groin. “So...” he said breathily.
“So what?” Edward asked, parting his lips and holding Coben’s face tighter, his fingers pressing into his temples.
“So exactly how are we going to do this?” Coben took hold of Edward’s forearms, feeling the sinewy tendons and bulked muscle beneath his sweater. The heat of Edward’s breath warmed his face.
“Do what?” Edward dropped his knees a fraction, then ground upward so their cocks rubbed together.
Coben held in a groan. Fuck. He was so turned on. “How,” he managed, “are we going to say goodbye?”
The right side of Edward’s mouth twitched. “Oh, don’t you worry,” he said. “I’ve got it all planned out. I’m going to show you exactly how we’re going to say goodbye and you’ll never forget it.”
“That goes without saying and—”
Edward smashed his mouth down on Coben’s. His tongue plundered between his lips and he dragged him close.
Coben groaned and wound his arms around Edward’s body, delighting in the sculpted contours of his shoulders and the heat that blasted through the material of his clothes. He gave as good as he got, slicking his tongue over Edward’s, pressing their lips together and pulling closer still.
Edward spread the heated kisses over his cheek. He smoothed his hand down his neck and cupped his pectoral muscles as though they were breasts. “I hope you have the stamina for more than once,” he said gruffly, “because I don’t think one unload is going to be enough to keep me going until the day I die.”
“Don’t talk about the day you die,” Coben said, tipping his head back so Edward could lick the column of his throat. “And besides, you’ll find a new lover.”
“Yeah, one day...but it won’t be you. This memory has to keep my fantasies alive.”
Emotion stung Coben’s eyes and he squeezed them shut.
Edward slid his hands lower and undid the top button on Coben’s combats. He gripped the zip. “You’re so fucking hard. This zipper’s going to fucking split.”
“Tell me about it.”
Slowly Edward drew down the zip.
It sat directly over Coben’s shaft and he could make out each set of teeth freeing. “Ah, fuck...” he murmured, frustrated by the slow speed but relishing the anticipation.
“Yeah, we’ll fuck in a minute...but first.” Edward sank to his knees.
Coben looked at the top of Edward’s head. He could just make out his scalp through his short hair. Shit, if he was going to...then he wasn’t sure how much stamina he’d have. Edward had a hot, talented mouth and could deep throat for England.
“Big, hungry soldier,” Edward murmured in a sinfully sexy voice. The zipper was completely down and he took hold of the waistband of the combats and tugged, pulling them and Coben’s boxer briefs to his knees.
Coben’s cock sprang free. He moaned, glad to be relieved of the constraints of clothing. “Edward...”
Edward glanced up at him through hooded eyelids. He swept his tongue over his bottom lip, then took hold of Coben’s cock.
Locking his knees, Coben tensed his abdominal muscles and steadied himself. The touch of Edward’s hand could almost be his undoing. Scorching heat, rough palms, a steady squeeze...
“You ready?” Edward asked.
“Yeah.” Coben nodded, once.
Edward leaned forward, stretched his mouth into a large O and took the head of Coben’s cock onto his moist tongue.
Breath held, Coben’s chest expanded and his heart rate sped up.
Reaching around Coben with his free hand, Edward grabbed his left buttock and squeezed.
Coben stared as Edward sank onto him, feeding his cock into his mouth. He watched as his shaft disappeared. On and on Edward took him. No messing about, no teasing, just a long, luscious ride to the very base of his throat.
Once seated fully, Edward’s lips hovering near his pubic hair, Coben blew out a breath through gritted teeth. It felt so damn good. Edward’s grooved palate was pressed up against his glans, his tongue hugging the length of him.
He unclenched his fists and rested his hands on Edward’s sharp hair.
Edward swallowed, the action tugging the tip of Coben’s cock. “Ah...yeah...” Coben gasped. “More.”
Edward did as he’d asked.
Coben groaned. He adored that sensation. It was only a small movement, delicate, but it sent a powerful zing of pleasure through his cock to his balls. He held still for a moment, summoning control. Then he pulled back, watching his saliva-coated shaft emerge. Tightening his grip on Edward’s head, he smoothed back in, full depth.
Edward took him, urged him deeper still by gripping both of his buttocks and pulling him closer.
“Fuck...really...” Coben said, wondering how the hell Edward could tolerate him so far down his gullet. He’d never get blown like this again. Edward’s talents were unique.
Again he pulled almost out, pushed back in. Faster this time, enjoying the tight seal of Edward’s lips around his cock. “I’m gonna...fuck your mouth.”
Edward didn’t answer but he nipped the flesh on Coben’s ass, digging his fingertips in like pincers.
Coben gasped, the nip of pain adding to his cresting pleasure. He swung his hips forward with more vigor. Dragged them back again, forging in and out of Edward, who huffed and puffed but took it all.
“Get ready,” he managed. His balls were so tight, packed into his body, almost painful with their need to release. “Oh,’s here...” He gave in to the moment, let the cum surge free, shoot up his dick and into Edward’s throat.
He gripped Edward’s head, making sure he was lodged as deep as possible as he came.
Edward swallowed, creating that heavenly tugging as he took what Coben gave him.
“Ah...ah...yeah...” Coben said, then bit his bottom lip. He couldn’t make too much noise. What if someone was walking past? But damn he wanted to scream his pleasure, let Edward know how fucking fantastic he made him feel.
He withdrew, steamed back in, more cum shooting from his cockhead. He squeezed his eyes shut and committed this moment to memory. It would be wank fodder in the months to come.
A final spurt of release flooded Edward’s mouth. Coben stilled. A full-body tremble attacked him. Gently he stroked Edward’s hair. “Thank you.”
Edward released his buttocks and drew back. He caught Coben’s shaft in his hand and looked up at him. “No thanks necessary.” He wiped the back of his forearm over his mouth and stood. “My pleasure.”
“You want me to return the favor?” Coben grinned and cupped his hand over Edward’s cock. It was surging against the material of his combats, the glorious width and girth easy to feel.
“Nah,” Edward shook his head, “I’ve got other ideas for you.” “That sounds interesting. I...oh—”
Coben was now staring at the blanket on his bed. Edward had spun him around and tipped him over.
He fisted the sheet and again locked his knees.
“My dick needs your ass,” Edward said, palming Coben’s buttocks and pushing them apart. “Now.”
“Okay...yes, do it...”
“Oh, don’t worry about that.” Edward kind of chuckled but it was deep and strained. “I will.”
Coben heard the hurried whoosh of Edward’s zipper, then the rustle of material as he shucked down his pants. He glanced between his torso and his underarm and caught a glimpse of Edward’s big, circumcised cock arrowed toward him.
“Keep still,” Edward said. “I fucking need you so bad.”
He glanced at his own cock, softer now that he’d come but still at half-mast. “Get inside me.”
Edward ran his cool, lubed fingers down the cleft of Coben’s buttocks. “So fucking hot to see you like this,” he said, finding the center of Coben’s hole and pushing in, knuckle deep.
Coben shut his eyes and relished this initial invasion. He felt tight, taut, and guessed it was the intensity of this, their last time, making him tense.
“Open up.” Edward’s voice was almost a growl. “More.” He added another digit and swirled his fingertips over Coben’s sensitive internal spot.
“Ah, yeah...” Coben said, a fresh wave of arousal darting through him.
“I’m not feeling patient. This hard-on fucking hurts.” Edward stretched his fingers wide, scissoring them and in turn parting Coben’s hole.
The burn was intoxicating. Coben wanted more. “Do it. Just fucking fuck me.” He twitched his hips from side to side, then bucked back, forcing himself onto Edward’s fingers.
“Greedy bastard,” Edward said, pulling out. Instantly his cock was at Coben’s pucker. He gripped Coben about the waist, a vicelike hold, then pushed in.
Coben opened his mouth but no words came out. The width of Edward always took a moment to adjust to. Fuck it felt good, though—hot, edgy, blissful.
Edward eased in farther until the flared head of his glans popped inside Coben. He held it there.
“I were...going to...fuck me...” Coben managed breathlessly.
“I am.” Edward suddenly tunneled to full depth, fast, hard, until his balls bashed up against Coben’s.
Coben again bit his bottom lip to prevent himself from crying out.
Edward was silent except for his grunting breaths. He pulled back, slammed in again, keeping Coben exactly where he wanted him. Coben hung his head and allowed himself to be used like a fuck toy. On and on Edward blasted in and out of him, smoothing over his prostate, drawing Coben to another full-blown erection. But he wasn’t going to come again, not this time.
Edward was on the edge, his cock so thick and hard. “I’m coming,” Edward said on a gasp. “I’m coming in your sexy fucking...soldier...ass.” He punctuated the last words with wild thrusts.
“Yes, yes...”
Edward reached forward, gripped Coben’s shoulders and pulled him back, impaling him onto his cock.
“Yeah. Ah, it’s here...”
Coben gripped his own cock and squeezed. He didn’t want to climax again, not yet. This would even them up. Then they could fuck some more, soon...
“Yeah,” Edward said, slamming to the hilt and freezing. “”
Coben was aware of the cock in his ass pulsing through release, filling him with spunk. He groaned, adoring being so possessed, so needed, so fucking fucked.
“Ah, bloody hell,” Edward groaned.
“Shh,” Coben whispered. “Shh...”
Edward went silent, though the vibrations of sheer pleasure emanating from him went through Coben’s body.
Coben clenched his sphincter, squeezing the big cock in there. “Oh God...Cobe,” Edward said, releasing Coben’s shoulders.
“Yeah.” He palmed Coben’s buttocks and rotated the flesh, stretching his cleft, then bunching the soft orbs around his cock. “Does your ass feel well and truly fucked?”
“Do you even need to ask?”
Edward kind of chuckled as he began to withdraw.
Coben held his breath. He enjoyed this bit, the feel of a sated cock slipping from his body.
Once the length had popped out, he exhaled a long, low breath. His brow was hot and his heart racing—he could hear the beat of his pulse in his ears.
“Fuck, that was good,” Edward said, flopping onto the bed with his feet on the floor.
“Yeah, not bad for starters.” Coben leaned over him and pressed a kiss on his lips.
“I might need a couple of minutes before the main course.” “That’s fine, we’re not in any rush.”
“No, we’re not.” He gave a languid grin.
Coben set about removing Edward’s boots and socks. He tugged off his trousers and folded them over the back of the chair. Aware of Edward watching his every move and his gaze following him around the room, Coben was also conscious that Edward’s cock was at full hardness again and tapping his belly. Turning to the bed, enjoying the attention, he peeled off his t- shirt. He tensed his abs, knowing he looked good. He was a man in the prime of his life. At optimum fitness. His strength had been honed in the gym and he was a skilled fighter, marksman and computer software expert.
“Gonna miss that sight,” Edward said, running his gaze from
the tip of Coben’s head to his toes, hovering his attention on his cock. “Yeah, I know what you mean?” Coben gave Edward, who was only half-naked, the same languid once-over.
Edward tapped the bed. “Come here, big boy.”
Coben didn’t need asking twice. He slipped into Edward’s embrace, settled his face by his neck and breathed in his delicious sex-sweat smell.
Edward tangled their legs together and stroked down the gutter of Coben’s spine, tapping over each vertebrae as though memorizing every detail. “You excited about getting on with your new life?”
“Yeah, it will be cool.” Coben hesitated. “To be my own boss, not have to answer to anyone. Forgotten what that’s like.”
Edward huffed. “I still say it’s a loss for the Air Force.” He paused. “And me.”
“I know, but...”
“Yeah, yeah, you’ve given Queen and Country your best years and now you want to go it alone.”
“I can make it work.” Coben propped onto his elbow. “Cyber security is big business now, what with all the hacking and the threats from terror organizations and—”
“I get it, Cobe. Believe me, I get it...” He ran his hand over Coben’s head as though soothing him. “And I know you’ll be in demand, crazy fucking demand because of your experience. You’ll have the upper edge on all those other techno geeks out there because you’re ex-military.”
“Are you calling me a geek?” Coben pulled a mock angry expression.
“Might be?”
Coben reared up, then flung himself on top of Edward, grabbing his wrists and pinning them over his head. Their cocks pressed against each other.
A flash of excitement passed over Edward’s face and he parted his lips as air huffed from his lungs.
Coben knew Edward could have a damn good go at shaking him off, but he didn’t think his lover wanted him to go anywhere.
“How many geeks can pin down big, bad SAS men?”
“Only you.”
“Yeah, and don’t you forget it.” Coben dipped his head and kissed him. He was enjoying having Edward beneath him—hot, sexy, tough Edward all surrendered and pliant.
As they kissed, their shafts swelled against each other. Coben rocked his hips.
Edward groaned into his mouth.
“I’m gonna fuck you now,” Coben said, then tugged Edward’s bottom lip with his teeth. “Mmm...” Edward smiled.
Coben released him.
“Do it,” Edward said. “Lube’s here.” He shifted his arms. Coben unpinned his wrists and sat back on his haunches, between Edward’s legs.
Edward slipped his hand beneath the pillow and retrieved the lube. He passed it to Coben, a look of barely controlled patience on his face.
Coben wasn’t feeling very patient himself. But he didn’t want to rush this—it was too special. He hooked his hands beneath Edward’s thick thighs, the right of which was heavy with tattoo, and parted his legs wider.
Edward curled forward and took his own cock in his hand, began to slowly work his shaft.
Coben adored watching Edward touch himself—the way his big fingers curled around his thick girth, how the tendons in his wrists shifted beneath the skin, the blocks of muscles rippling in his belly.
Quickly Coben coated the tips of his fingers with lube. He lifted Edward’s weighty balls upward, then skimmed over his hole.
“Yes,” Edward hissed, shutting his eyes. He clenched his teeth and a muscle flexed in his jaw.
Coben sought purchase, then eased into the dark heat. “More...” Edward demanded. “More...”
He added another finger, loving seeing how Edward opened for him. “I will always have more for you.”
“We both know...that’s not true.” Edward opened his eyes.
“This is it. This, now...”
Coben tried to ignore the stab of pain in his heart. He didn’t want this moment spoiled by remembering it was their last night together. “Shh...” He frowned. “Just lie back and enjoy.”
Edward did as instructed. He relaxed his shoulders onto the bed again and his head melted against the pillow.
Coben set up a steady rhythm, fucking him with his fingers and being sure to swipe over his prostate on each ride inward.
Edward groaned as a tremor trekked over his body. His knees tightened against Coben’s torso.
Coben’s cock was hard and needy. As he continued to work Edward he slathered some lube over his own glans. He was becoming eager for the main event. He wanted to be inside Edward, feel him hugging his erection, gripping his root, noose-like. He wanted to see his face, for the last time, as he penetrated to full depth.
He pushed another finger into the gripping hole.
Edward groaned and tossed his head left to right.
A coil of lust unwound within Coben and he pushed in faster, harder, knuckle deep.
“Ah fuck...” Edward said, screwing up his nose. “Get in me. Fuck, I don’t want to come with your fingers.” He stared at Coben. “I want to come with your fucking cock.”
“Yes.” Coben withdrew. He quickly shuffled so his cock was lined up with Edward’s hole.
Edward drew up his legs, clutching the back of his thighs and tilting his pelvis.
The tip of Coben’s slippery cock took aim. Then he slid forward a fraction, relishing the almost impossibly tiny space he was about to ram into.
“Do it.”
He did. He forged forward, opening Edward around his meaty shaft. The head of his dick disappearing from view. He didn’t pause. He rammed to full depth until their balls slapped together.
“Argh...” Edward arched his neck and cried out. “Argh...”
Coben quickly whacked his left hand over Edward’s mouth. “Shh...fucking hell, shut up.”
Edward stared up at him, his mouth parted behind Coben’s palm, the echoes of the cry trapped. His eyes were wide.
Coben smiled, but it was strained. The temptation to just tip into a wild, animalistic fuck was almost too much. “You gonna be quiet?”
Edward nodded and shut his eyes. When Coben removed his hand he was panting hard. “So...fucking...good.”
“Yes...” Coben withdrew a little, then smoothed back in.
A groan rumbled up from Edward’s chest but he kept it contained.
“That’s it,” Coben soothed. “Just feel, just enjoy. No rush.”
“No rush.” Edward reached for Coben. He pulled him into a kiss and held him close.
Coben rocked his hips, loving the feeling of being so deep, of having Edward’s arms and legs wrapped around him. They were almost one person. So close, so together.
On and on they kissed, fucked, cocks straining as they held back orgasm. Coben felt like his balls were on fire and as though his skin was alive with hungry need for Edward. He could feel Edward’s cock trapped between their abdomens. It was stiff and bloated, craving release.
“It’s time to come,” he said. “I can’t...keep”
“Me neither...come.” Again Edward clasped Coben’s face, holding him still and staring into his eyes. “Come, come in me. Claim me forever.”
Those words were Coben’s undoing. Cum gushed from him into Edward. He withdrew, barged back in. More release emptied from him.
Ropes of cum slicked between them—Edward’s undoing. They fed off each other, swallowed each other’s moans and grunts of ecstasy. Clung with more fervor to shoulders and faces, limbs tangling with torsos.
Coben had never felt so happy. He’d never felt so sad. How could this be the end? How could this sweet sin be so wrong they had to throw in the towel on their relationship?
He shut his eyes and held back a tear. This was it. By the time he’d caught his breath the bliss of being inside Edward, the man he’d loved for the last year, would have come to an end.
They’d part.
And forever was a long fucking time.

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