Monday, 5 October 2015

Masturbation Monday

Welcome to Masturbation Monday - loving this weeks' sexy prompt which makes me think of my short story Escape to the Country, it's an orgy of kink and anything goes!

Our heads moved closer. I licked my lips, so did she. Closer still. The next thing I knew, her mouth was pressing on mine and mine was parting for hers. Who’d instigated it I had no idea.
Her hot tongue probed past my teeth and swept around. I opened up farther, invited her in and relished my first time kissing a woman. Her lips were pliant and gentle, but there was urgency and confidence in them. I dipped my tongue into her mouth and delighted in her sweet, white wine flavour.
I ran my hands over the flimsy silken material of her red dress and down her spine. Travelled onto her behind and over the tops of her thighs, smoothing the silk and absorbing heat from taut, gym-honed flesh.
She let out a tiny whimper and leant her body forward, pressing me against the wall with her chest and hips. Her perfect breasts landed above mine and her hip bones pinned me in place. Her roaming hands caught in my mop of hair and she cradled the back of my skull as she pulled her mouth back an inch. “Let’s take this into your room,” she said on a charged outward breath. “Now, Annie.”
The way she pronounced my name, dripping with lust, sent extra currents of energy pumping to my clit, I was going to have sex with Jane. It was the only thing that could possibly happen next. I was going to touch her gorgeous body all over, feel her writhe beneath my fingers. I was determined to find out how she looked and sounded when she came.
I pressed my hand into the small of her back and practically shoved her into my room. My heart thudded like a jungle drum and my pussy contracted in anticipation. I shut the door with a quite click and turned to face her.
She was the epitome of self control and poise and stood elegantly at the end of the bed, toeing off her heels. My control and poise, however, were nowhere in sight. Tim had wound me up hours ago, and like a bomb, I was ready to go off. But still, I hesitated. Was I cheating on Tim if I fucked Jane?
“Tim won’t mind,” Jane said as if reading my thoughts. “In fact, he’d probably enjoy the show. So would Matt, come to think of it.”
“You think?”
“Sure.” Jane undid three buttons on the front of her dress, slid the spaghetti straps over the delicate slopes of her shoulders and let the material shimmy down her body. It landed in a heap on the floor.
She stood before me totally naked.
My mouth watered.
Thoughts of Tim flew from my mind as I studied the way the twilight seeping through
the window hit her skin. Gold and amber danced over her and made her glow like an unearthly goddess. Her hair was a flame, sparking and flashing as she tipped her head and smiled. She ran a slender hand over the pale triangle of pubes at her pussy as if inviting me to do the same.
And then I was next to her, my palms cupping her breasts. They were even more exquisite than I’d imagined, light and subtle, smooth as silk. I brushed my thumbs over her tiny, neat nipples and felt them respond immediately.
She let out a little sigh and leaned towards me. “You haven’t been with a girl before, have you, Annie?”
I shook my head.
“Oh, that’s so sweet and utterly perfect. Just do what feels right and it will be, it will be right.” She moved back a pace and sat on the bed. “Do what you want to me and then it will be our turn with you.”

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  1. Rawr! Well, I don't know what the guys think, but I'm enjoying the show. :)