Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sunday Snog

This week a Sunday Snog from my new BDSM novel In Expert Hands

Kane kissed her gently and sweetly for a long time. He ducked his head and suckled her nipples, teasing them to tight points with laps of his tongue and his hot mouth. He bit them, too, just a little, just enough to make her squirm and gasp.
Eventually, he stood and looked down at her, the outline of his erection visible through his clothing.
“If you’re willing,” he said, pulling his shirt from the waistband of his trousers. “I’d like to strip you, harness you to the cross and then show you how pain can mix with pleasure to produce outstanding orgasms.”
“What an offer.” Imogen watched as he peeled off his shirt, revealing his broad, taut chest and his defined abs.
“It’s an offer I don’t put on the table very often,” he said, tossing the shirt next to a large red blanket.
“And why is that?” Imogen sat. Her buttocks were still tingling.
“Because I’ve found that the last few years I’ve become very selective about who I want to play with.”
“And why is that…Sir?” Imogen touched her collar.
He smiled. “Because I want to connect, emotionally, not just physically when I play now.” He took hold of the zip at the front of her outfit and slid it down to her navel.
The material gaped and loosened around her breasts.
“I want to connect with you,” he whispered. “I want to get into your head not just your body. I want to find out everything about you, even things you don’t know.”
A tremble ran up her spine. She wanted him to find out everything too. Take her to these places he’d promised.
“Yes,” she said. “I want that too, Sir.”

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