Saturday, 7 February 2015

Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings here's a few from In Safe Hands which is my story in the new Brit Babes Do Billionaires Anthology  Sexy Just Got Rich - which is due for release on 10th of Feb - available for pre-order right now!

He took a step back and took off his suit jacket, revealing a pristine white shirt. After tossing the jacket to one side, he undid the cuffs on the shirt. Very slowly, agonisingly slowly, he rolled them up, each one receiving three precise turns.
Marie stared at his strong forearms and wide, hair-coated wrists. She studied the way his slim navy tie moved just a little with his actions.
He pointed at the sofa. “Over there. Now.”
A tremble attacked Marie’s spine. She knew that tone. It was the no-messing, no-preamble, I-mean-business tone. She set down her shoulders and walked past him, being careful how she stepped in her high heels.
He breathed deep, as though inhaling her scent, her perfume, her arousal.
She hid a smile as she placed her hands on the soft sofa and tipped to a ninety-degree angle. He didn’t need to instruct her on that. She knew he wanted it this way. Bent over the back of a chair had been the way he’d fucked her that first time. He hadn’t said much then either, it had been all about the physical. And just like now, he’d carefully rolled up his sleeves; three rolls, each side.

In Safe Hands is a spin off short story from my novel In Expert Hands - due for release 13th of February. Don't miss the Ward brothers, they're as gorgeous as they are kinky and as seductive as they are sexy. More details coming soon...


  1. I loved this story. Can't wait for In Expert Hands x

  2. Sounds very sexy! All the best!!

  3. Loved In Safe Hands. Looking forward to In Expert Hands!