Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday Snog and FREE Collection!

Welcome to Sunday Snog and a little pre-Christmas treat for you! Stories for When the Sun Goes Down, my new anthology is currently FREE on Amazon - so read this little smooch and see if it tickles your fancy...

“Excellent points, Drake,” I interrupt during his brief pause for breath. “Certainly things to consider and well pointed out.” I scoot to the edge of the sofa, stand and check my watch.
Everyone rises around me.
“If you could all excuse us for a short while, I have something I wish to discuss with Prime Minister Reynolds in private.” I smile with the confidence of someone who knows they will be obeyed. They won’t question me, won’t even consider it. Why should they? I’m the most powerful woman, no, make that most powerful person in the world and it would be more than their careers are worth to dispute an instruction. Still, I can’t help feeling a little sneaky, a little guilty that I can dismiss them all so easily for my own dark, lustful motives.
John remains stock-still as the four advisors troop from the room and shut the door behind themselves.
Alone at last.
After so long.
We stand in silence on either side of the table. Gazes connected, arms hanging motionless.
“Have you got CCTV in here?” John asks eventually and looks up at the corners of the room, suspicion flicking in his eyes.
“No, I had them removed as soon as I got the job. A lady needs some privacy.”
He takes one big step around the table and I take two small ones towards him. We are only inches apart. I can feel his body heat radiating through his suit jacket onto my chest. His heavy, spiced aftershave is invading my senses and returns me to a secret trip in the Canadian pine forests.
“How are you, Raine?” he whispers. “How are you coping with the loneliest job in the world?” His gaze bores deep into my soul, searching for a truthful answer.
“It’s lonely without you.” I catch a choke in my throat as I say the words.
“I’m here now, no need to be lonely for the next three days.” He smiles gently at me.
“I’m so glad we finally have a reason to spend time together, at last nobody can question our need for a professional relationship.”
He glances at the door as if not trusting it to stay shut, like me he’s aware our bodies are closer than what’s considered socially acceptable.
“There’ll be a knock before anyone comes in.” I’m desperate to remove the hesitation from his face. “I’ve been very specific about that rule in anticipation of your visit.”
He raises a single eyebrow as if amused by my forward planning.
“So am I going to get a hello kiss?” I say. I’m impatient that he’s so close yet we still haven’t touched.
“Yes.” He makes no move to do any such thing, just keeps staring down at me with those intense green and gold-flecked eyes of his.
“When?” I pout in frustration.
“Now.” He curls his index finger under my chin and tips my head. I look up at his square jaw and spot dimples in his cheeks as he twitches a half smile. My heart does a leap right over the moon. I love this man so much. He makes me feel things no other man does. We’re no longer political giants, we are just a man and a woman who need to be together.
He leans in and presses his mouth to mine. Soft and warm and as delicious as always. It’s not a mad passionate kiss, it’s caressing, indulgent and slow, as if he’s savouring my taste and reminding me how we connect. Two souls meant to be joined but who never will be.
I release a little whimper of need, slip my hands under his suit jacket and coil them around his waist. His steady warmth fills my spread palms and I relearn the solid contours of his back. Dipping and swooping, I push right up to his flat shoulder blades and pull him closer.
He breaks the kiss, licks his lips and pushes his fingers through the hair at my temples. “You look good enough to eat,” he says in a husky voice. It’s the line he used on our third night together, right before he set about devouring me like a starving man.
“Go on then.” I give him the same cheeky response I did back then, tip my head and offer my neck for his undivided attention.
He grins and drops his head to the sensitive flesh below my left ear. He starts peppering me with tickling kisses and I melt into him, let his arms wrapped around my waist hold me up against gravity which has suddenly doubled. “It’s been too long,” I murmur as my eyelids flutter shut in bliss.
“Far too long… I’ve ached for you… missed you… I prayed for you to win,” he says between his kisses. “It will be so much easier now, plenty of political excuses for scheduled meetings. We’ll need hours of complete privacy to work through delicate diplomatic details.”
There’s a sudden sharp knock at the door, it invades our longed for moment with all the grace of an earthquake and we snap apart as if electrocuted.
“Shit,” he mutters under his breath as he yanks his jacket straight.

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