Saturday, 28 December 2013

Saturday Spankings - I Promise to Surrender #Sat Spanks

Hello Spanker and Spankee devotees. This week a sexy strike from my new anthology Stories for When the Sun Goes Down. This is taken from I promise to Surrender, a naughty tale that involves sexual favour vouchers!

“Giving up responsibility and handing yourself over to another person can be very powerful. It is also a great responsibility for me to not hurt you in a bad way.”
“I know you wouldn’t do that.”
“I wouldn’t forgive myself if I did. But this.” He pointed to the voucher. “I think might just work. If you trust me.”
My body was humming. Little fissions of desire shooting through me. Talking about spanking, imagining Jake’s hand coming down on my arse was turning me on. The thought of being over his knee, butt cheeks in the air, all exposed and vulnerable had moisture seeping from my pussy. It was then I realised one major thing. I didn’t want to wait for this promise to be fulfilled. I wanted it now. While I was excited, in the mood and curious as hell to know what it would be like.
“Here,” I said, giving him the voucher.
His face dropped. “Have you changed your mind?”
“No, not at all.” I ran my tongue over my lips and gums, my mouth suddenly dry. “I want my promise now.”