Thursday, 5 December 2013

New Review for The Novice

Natalie and I are thrilled to have another amazing review for The Novice (previously titled The Virgin) and we're particularly pleased that this reader really understood what we were doing with our characters.

Here you go, this is from Why I Can't Stop Reading.

This is not your typical girl meets boy in coffee bar, girl and boy fall in love kind of story. This is more the type of book where Girl meets Boy in coffee shop. Boy falls in lust and takes Girl home. Girl shocks the crap out of Boy by being a complete Domme. Girl continues to shock Boy, and herself in the process.

This was FANTASTIC. Let me say that again. Fantastic. Did you get it? So (as the cover tells us) is way steamier than Fifty Shades and oh so delectably delightful. Honestly… If you loved fifty shades but wished that it was just that little bit darker and dirtier – this is the book for you. Zara one of the most fantastic MC’s I have come across and Victor is not so bad himself. Normally I am not a fan of the Domme – sub relationship. I like my men strong and full of power… this was SO not the case.

Victor is used to being in control. Managing partner of his own architectural firm he manages a bunch of people and is faced with tough decisions every day. He likes his woman meek and eager ( but not too much mind) and thinks he knows everything. Not only is he shocked to find that the timid young lady he picked up is a Domme but that he is also incredibly intrigued by the life she opens up his eyes too. Can he let go of enough of his control to really appreciate everything that Zara can show him or is it going to be to tough to let go of that amount of control and show that much trust to someone else?

Zara on the other hand is used to this kind of thing. She makes her living off of it and loves what she does. She is used to showing men that they don’t in fact know everything and she was really looking forward to doing the same with Victor. She wasn’t so prepared for the feeling she brought up in her.

Plot twists, fun supporting characters, amazing scene settings and a lot of red hot passion. This book has it all. I was on edge through out the entire book and cannot wait to get my hands on the next one.

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