Saturday, 28 December 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors - Madam President #WeWrWa #SundaySnippet

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. I have a new erotic romance anthology out and it kicks off with the short story I won the LoveHoney Award for Erotic Fiction with, Madam President. Here's a few lines that might make you give Stories for When the Sun Goes Down, your vote!

Anxiety was something I thought I could control because as the first ever female President of the United States public speaking, crowd circulating and star-studded events are everyday occurrences for me now. But if he’s in the equation, if anything involves him, then my supreme confidence, rational political mind and steadfast surety goes out of the window and I’m back to being an infatuated, lust-blind woman again.
I pull out a solid gold compact engraved with my first name, Raine and check my pale pink lipstick, powder my nose and smooth a hand over my glossy auburn bob. I took extra care dressing this morning and opted for my trademark skirt suit, a delicate cream blouse with a low neckline as well as a string of pearls to sway over the rise of my breasts. Clint told me I looked pretty at breakfast then he kissed my cheek and said he hoped it went well with my first introductions to the British Prime Minister.
If only he knew. 
If only he knew that today is hardly the first time I’m meeting Prime Minister John Reynolds. We’ve been studying international relations for quite sometime and encouraging cross-Atlantic communications in the purely physical sense of the word for years.


  1. Whoa, you packed a lot information into this snippet. I love the concept you're creating and look forward to reading more.

  2. Oh FUN! I can't wait to read more of this! Terrific description and a very intriguing storyline...great snippet.

  3. Love the hot and sexy cover. Wonder how this meeting will go when they connect in public

  4. An intriguing concept there.