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Victoria Blisse is Here!

Spicing up the Season by Victoria Blisse

I love Christmas, it’s no secret. I’ve written several seasonal stories in my time and look forward to sharing them every year. Christmas is seen as a family fun time of year so it can be a bit challenging moving from that into the kind of spicy romance I write. How do I manage it?  I’m always amazed by how many ways I find to make Christmas sexy. This year House of Erotica have take 5 of my Seasonal stories and bundled them together in A Blisse Christmas Collection and there’s lots of fun sexy moments to be found within the pages.

Sometimes I like to use contrast. In Proving Santa exists, Jenny cooks up a traditional Christmas with all the trimmings but some scenes get heated up. Like when her and Jonathan get together to decorate the Christmas tree...

The lights are easily trailed through the forest of baubles, Santa's, fairies, and hanging toys. "Right, just the tinsel now. You start at the top, and I'll go from the bottom, and we'll meet in the middle."
Tinsel trails through my fingertips as I twirl around the tree, stooping low, then bending at the waist, then almost standing straight with just my shoulders stooped. As I raise my head to see how Jonathan is doing, I crack against something hard.
"Oh, I am sorry." I reach out automatically and rub my hand against Jonathan's bumped chin, cupping his cheek in the palm of my hand, like a parent comforting an injured baby. However, the slight prickle of his end-of-the-day stubble reminds me in a powerful way that this is a grown man I'm handling so intimately.
Then, there are lips: softly demanding lips pressing gently against my own. They form a kiss. They don't apologise or ask permission; they take possession of my mouth. Brooking no argument, confidently they mesh with mine, moving sensually as his hands come round me, sheltering me, cradling me close. No sooner has it been created than the kiss is torn apart. We are red cheeked, unable to meet each other's eyes.
"I'll, erm, turn on the lights then." I scurry over to the plug, and flip the switch. "Ooh," I gasp as the lights come on, bathing my room in festive cheer. "It looks just about perfect." I walk back to the tree and tweak the tinsel here and there, so the lights come through a bit clearer. Jonathan says nothing, just stares into the softly glowing tackiness.

Then there’s the opportunities that come when people get cold out in the winter weather. In Snowed in at School Gary and Lucy get snowed in at school on Christmas Eve. Gary wades off to try and rescue them and ends up just getting wet and cold. Lucy has to try her hardest to warm him up...

Right, let’s have a look.” I picked up his right foot and I could instantly feel the problem. “Damn, they are cold.”
“Yes,” he replied in a long, slow exhalation. “Really damn cold.”

I take his foot into my hands and began to rub. “We need to get some heat into these or, and I don’t want to sound overly dramatic here, you’re going to be in trouble. You don’t mind me touching your feet do you?”
“No,” he gasped as I looked up into his face. “No, I don’t mind.”

I continued to rub. I cupped the foot in one hand and used the other to chafe some heat into his very cold skin. I let his foot settle into the cup of my crossed legs and pulled his other one in to join it.
“Might as well do both at once,” I said, very aware of the change in atmosphere around us. Suddenly the air seemed heavy, and not just because I had finally entered the ring of warmth thrown out by my heater. “They both need warming up.”
I squeezed a hand around each foot, and massaged. It seemed like an incredibly intimate act; after all, you do not go around touching strangers feet. I heard his breathing deepen and I glanced up to see his eyes were closed and his head back. He liked it then. I quickly looked back down before he caught me looking at him and concentrated on his feet. I tried really hard to ignore the pressure of my jeans on my crotch and the dampening of my knickers.
I moved both hands on to his left foot and massaged his toes gently, feeling the warmth of my fingers slowly transfer to his surprisingly soft skin.
I lost myself in touch. My other senses took a back seat and the sensation of touch kept me going. I felt the heat on my back, the softness of his feet, and the rough outline of his bones beneath the skin. I touched him and revelled in the contact. In school life, day to day, I rarely got a chance to touch him at all, maybe the odd handshake or touch of the shoulder, but I was touching him in an intimate way and for more than just a brief second.
I realised my own breathing was coming out in slow, laboured gasps and that my whole body tingled from top to toe; like when I know I’m going to set time aside to masturbate and the anticipation prickles across my skin.
I heard a moan and for a moment I wondered if it was me, but no, I decided as I continued to rub warmth into the feet in my lap, it hadn’t been me. I looked up and straight into Gary’s mellow maple syrup stare.
“Are they feeling any warmer now?” I asked then gulped; my mouth felt very dry.
“Yes,” he replied, low and soft like an intimate whisper. “Much warmer.”

It’s amazing where you can find sexy, spicy fun in the festive activities. Check out The Blisse Christmas Collection for lots of hot erotic romance to warm up your winter.

Here’s the blurb:

A collection of sweet,sensual and hot stories from the queen of festivities, Victoria Blisse.

A sexy indugence for you to enjoy this yuletide with all the sights, scents and tastes of Christmas without the calories and hard work. Snuggle up and relax into stories of sleigh rides, snowy interludes and Christmas couplings. A truly festive treat just for you.
Includes Proving Santa Exists, Christmas Cake and Snowed in at School.

Victoria Blisse is a Mother, Wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and award winning erotica authoress. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, and the co-editor of the fabulous Smut by the Sea vol 1 & vol 2Smut Alfresco and Smut in the City Anthologies.

She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker (She is Totally Bound's Resident "Naked Chef") and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories.

Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

You can often find Victoria procrastinating on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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