Saturday, 7 December 2013

Saturday Spankings - Stable Manners #SatSpanks

Hello Spankers! This week a few lines from my new collection Stories for When the Sun Goes Down. This steamy snippet is taken from Stable Manners.

My feet are silent as I move to a half-used bale and bend to unhook its tight orange string. It’s awkward and with my butt in the air I fumble in the darkness, struggling to release the sharp cord of knots.
Suddenly I’m aware of a long, thin pressure on my left buttock, firm and solid it presses against the give of my flesh.
My breath snatches. I know exactly what it is.
It’s my own crop!
I don’t bother to straighten, instead I twist my torso and see a silhouette standing at my left shoulder. A man with broad, square shoulders and a mop of wayward curls towers next to me. I should be indignant at the personal, inappropriate touch from someone I don’t know, but instead I feel a sudden knot of pleasure rock through my body. After all, I’ve been fantasizing about this bloke for weeks.

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Oh, and I've been visiting Spanking Romance Reviews this week chatting about a soundtrack for Slap Shot - check it out!


  1. mmm, love the snippet and the picture! And thanks for pimping SRR. :)

  2. Interesting voice and feel to this piece. Even though it's written in first person, there's a distance here that gives the reader the feeling of being just outside looking in.

  3. I'm a great fan of first person. And I'm a fan of the crop for that matter. This snippet it right up my alley.

  4. This is on my Kindle now - 1/2 through and loving them.

  5. Oh wow! A stranger using her own crop on her. I just have to find out why. ~giggles~
    Great tease Lily.

  6. Love the vulnerability of awkward fumbling at the beginning juxtaposed with the desire for the towering stranger with the wayward curls at the end. Yep, I'm buying.

  7. All I can say is it's a good thing she's been fantasizing about him for weeks. For a total stranger to lay a crop against a woman's buttocks when they have yet to even exchange names is a line crosser. She could have easily screamed rape and attacked him for his presumption. He's a lucky man she's amenable. Fascinating snippet, Lily. I'll need to check into this further.

  8. I think she knows him better than she lets on. Even if it's in her fantasy world. :)