Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Medical Fetish (The Harlequin by Harlem Dae)

The sub-genre of medical fetish in erotic romance is not seen very often. It's a little taboo, perhaps not very romantic and certainly takes a bit of research to write.
You've probably heard me talking about Sexy as Hell a dark BDSM trilogy I've written with Natalie Dae (published under the name Harlem Dae). Natalie and I enjoyed the characters so much we decided to write spin-off short stories about the secondary characters and this is where medical fetish comes in.
The Harlequin is a character in the first bookThe Novice. He dances with a snake writhing over his breast implants in front of a crowd and, not being shy, takes his orgasmic pleasure before an audience - due to content issues with Amazon the snake has had to convert to plastic but that's a whole other blog post.
The Harlequin, also known as Marti has a gay lover who accepts him for what he is and loves him with all of his heart. When Marti's (real) snake, Rio, becomes ill they have to rush her to the vets in the middle of the night.
This is where it gets interesting. The vet likes the look of his two clients very much and once Rio has been treated he's keen to indulge in some play with them, very sexy, very unusual play. This book is m/m/m so you can kind of imagine how it goes, except for the fact that Sheldon, the vet, is an expert in sounding and keen to show Marti how to do it properly and how good it feels. Add in a sprinkle of dominance and submission and it was a hot wild ride to write that certainly hit the spot in terms of what we wanted to do with Marty and Joel.
So what is sounding?
Sounding is the practice of inserting sterile metal rods into the urethra to stimulate the prostate from a whole new angle. It requires some skill, a high degree of cleanliness and a lot of curiosity, but from reading around on the internet the results can be pretty spectacular, which is exactly what Marti finds out!
If you have any medical fetishes that tickle your fancy and you'd like to see in the books you read do let me know...
Lily x
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