Saturday, 30 November 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors - The Champagne Whore #WeWrWa #SundaySnippet

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, this week 8 from my new collection, Stories for When the Sun Goes Down, which is currently FREE on Amazon!

This little teaser is from The Champagne Whore and if you're offended by the 'c' word, look away now!

“He could see us you know,” he says.
“The barman.”
“What, how?” My eyes ping open and I catch his wicked grin.
“The reflection in the window, he could see my fingers in your cunt.”
“Oh, shit.” I’m mortified.
“You won’t be able to work The Grosvenor again.” He laughs at my ruination.


  1. Whoops! Got to check for reflections people! Fun 8.

  2. An excellent detail and use of reflections LOL. Terrific snippet!