Saturday, 23 November 2013

Saturday Spankings

Hello my lovely Saturday Spankers, here's another 8, this time from Enchanted Submission.

Another burst of pain seared her other buttock, it came so fast Rapunzel didn't have time to shut her eyes in anticipation of the thwack. "Ow, ow, ow," she breathed as the sting intensified with each passing second.
"Exquisite," Beast murmured and then rubbed his cool hand over the burn. "Your pale skin takes it so beautifully."
He raised the paddle and hit again, then again, each buttock treated to another blazing contact. Rapunzel's arms went limp and she let the cuffs hold her; the sensations were overwhelming, agony and bliss, fire and ice. It hurt like hell but she wanted more.
"Is it starting to feel good yet?" he asked.

Find out what else goes on in this erotic fairytale...

Lily x


  1. Squeeee! I love me some erotic fairy tales. Sign me up.

  2. Nice! Erotic fairy tales! I always thought Rapunzel could use a good spanking:)

  3. Ahh, Rapunzel meets the Beast. A different kind of Beauty and the Beast. I love erotic fairy tales. Nicely done, Lily.

  4. LOVE! I hope there is some hair pulling ;)

  5. What a fun idea! So many possibilities.

  6. an erotic fairytale... how enchanting.

  7. I love it when spankers tell spankees just how nicely their bottoms take a spanking... the horrid, mean teases! Super-fun snippet :)