Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Great Review for The Glass Knot

I'm thrilled that Long and Short Reviews have read, reviewed and loved The Glass Knot, my sexy m/m/f novel set in the beautiful Cotswolds. Here is what they have to say...

Prepare to be seduced along with one of the heroes. The Glass Knot is a saucy bit of writing that fans of ménage style romances will appreciate. Ms. Harlem has created a believable and entertaining seduction that engages a reader’s senses.

The first thing I want to mention is the style of storytelling. It’s written in first person POV which is not an easy thing to do. However, it’s not done in the typical fashion. The first part introduces Josh’s perspective and the reason and catalyst for the plot. The meat of the story, (meat – inside joke) is based solely on Laura’s side of things and a reader follows her journey toward acceptance of an unconventional love style. The conclusion is the wrap up told from Nick’s viewpoint. Getting into his head was crucial not to mention satisfying because it proves without a doubt that this blended family was strong and healthy and it provided the perfect happy ever after ending.

It’s the journey that makes reading The Glass Knot such an entertaining read. The part that stands out for me is the seduction of Josh. Ms. Harlem paid attention to details like their eyes, breathing, how certain body parts were affected and her choice of words to describe and show the progression of Josh’s introduction to man/woman love was scorching in its intensity and clarity. It’s the highlight of the whole book.

How the author chose to explore human emotion, passion and the problems it can cause when it’s overwhelming was also a testimony to quality writing. It’s a sticky wicket when trying to balance and mesh a potential new love in with an established way of being and living. I think Ms. Harlem handled that whole process well. People make mistakes and having the courage to stand up and be accountable takes a certain level of bravery many people lack. I enjoyed how the author had her characters handle it.

For readers who look for quality ménage descriptions, actions and variety of sensual pleasures, Ms. Harlem delivers. The Glass Knot isn’t a story about sex with little reason; it’s a story that gives a reason for the sex. It’s the best one – love. Josh, Nick and Laura do explore their budding love in all ways physical but in each encounter a reader sees their bonds and connection grow and strengthen. That is when passionate and explicit love works – when the emotions are truly involved and the reader is vested in those emotions. Ms. Harlem was effective in capturing that and sharing it with her readers.

The Glass Knot is everything an erotic romance should be. Readers are getting a treat when they choose this book because the story and romance is solid. I’m glad I read it and credit Ms. Harlem for providing me a wonderful reading experience.

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