Friday, 5 April 2013

That Filthy Book - 5* review

It thrills me to announce That Filthy Book has received yet another wonderful 5* review on Amazon. What makes Natalie and I so happy is that we've communicated what we wanted to with this story, and that's the deep and profound love Jacob and Karen share. Here is what the reviewer says...

What a delightful book this was!

Karen and Jacob, married for ten years, discover that they'd settled into a rut after being married for a while with two young girls. On a weekend away, they explore a fantasy that's been lurking at the back of her mind for a long time. The source of that fantasy is a book she read a long time ago as a teen, one she calls That Filthy Book. That exploration is the door to both of them revealing and indulging in their fantasies. And so interesting, erotic hijinks ensue.

The thing I enjoyed about this story was how much they loved each other, a fact that the authors were able to get across clearly and with such realism throughout. I loved how they sought to add spark, but that they'd always loved each other and the revived sex life only added to that love. Reading their story, their journey, made me long for a love like that. Having someone willing to do the things you fantasize about because they care that much about you is wonderful. Enviable.

Don't get me wrong, the sex was good. Actually, the sex was fan-freaking-tastic. The variety, the feelings, the heat... There was a scene of consensual, non-consent that got me hot! I liked how well it all blended. The feeling of a real loving couple, getting filthy with each other was a big draw though. Karen had her baby fat she didn't feel good about and Jacob had his crappy job, but they made time for each other and added depth to their relationship. It made for great reading.

Totally worth the read.

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