Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Greetings to all you fans of spanking, this week two treats for you, one of the slapping kind, the other a FREE novel.

First things first, here is a snippet from The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita which is a novella in Total-E-Bound's Bollywood series. Set in India this tale is of a modern Indian couple who after their arranged marriage are learning all about what turns the other on, it seems their parents unknowingly matched them together perfectly in many, many ways including in the bedroom. But will Kamini ever confess to Damon that she is the author of the weekly column in Ichchha Magazine that follows fictional character Harita on her sexy submissive journeys? Or, is it best for her to use the fact her new Dominant husband secretly reads this men's magazine and then turns Harita's experiences into reality for his new wife?

Here is a snippet from Kamini getting her first spanking with a hairbrush, after putting the idea of a slapping punishment scene into Damon's head by using her secret writing.

“Teasing me in public,” he said, “will mean you get punished when we come home.” His eyes flashed in a way that made me think he very much hoped I would, in some way, tease him in public, maybe with a flirty look or a stray hand beneath a tablecloth.
“Tell me,” he ordered. “What punishment you think you would deserve for the crime of teasing me in public?”
“A...a spank, Sir.” My pussy hummed at the thought of bending over his knees, my bum high and open to his palm. Unable to do anything about the strikes he could rain down on me. Squirming and writhing would do no good once he had me secure.
“Yes, absolutely.” He pulled his eyebrows low and pointed at the top drawer of the dresser. “Pass me your hairbrush.”
I gulped and reached into the drawer. My hairbrush was large and wooden. Paddle shaped and the hundreds of metal teeth on one side were strong and bordered on sharp.
“Give it to me.”
He held out his hand, and nervously I stepped up to him and placed it in his palm.
He tested the weight of it, ran the tip of his finger over the teeth and down the long, smooth handle then made a circle with his thumb and index finger and ran it up and down the handle the way he’d done to his cock the night before. “Perfect,” he said, smiling and looking up at me. 

I hope you enjoyed this snippet, I adored the challenge of researching and writing a story set in a different culture from my own, and was thrilled when I got this review for Harita on Goodreads - A fascinating look at middle class modern India. Incredibly sexy and erotic with an atypical ending. I loved it.

Amazon UK   Amazon US   Total-E-Bound

Before you go, grab yourself a copy of SCORED, no spanking in this one but it is FREE on Amazon US, UK and has some super-sexy moments with the captain of the England football team! Please LIKE the Amazon page while you're there and feel free to spread the word. At the end of SCORED are bonus chapters from  my latest super sexy release Breathe You In and from my m/m/f novel  The Glass Knot.

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend :-)

Lily x


  1. Lily, I really hope he intends to use the smooth side rather than the bristles. Your picture shows a wicked hairbrush. Intriguing snippet.
    I picked up a copy of Scored, now I'll have to check out Bollywood. Thanks for posting.

  2. I love the concept that he's going to use what she writes.

  3. Spanking Bollywood? Oh, you are a naughty cross-genre. I like it!

  4. From her fictional characters and eros filled tales to her backside and more... The fantasy become reality... Loved the snippet and submissive yearns in the instrument of choice...

  5. Such a great scenario and a very hot teaser!

  6. Be careful what you wish for… I hope the reality lives up to her imagination. Great snippet :)

  7. One of my (adult) daughters is super-into Bollywood. This book looks great!