Friday, 19 April 2013

Grand Slam Cover Reveal

I'm so excited to announce this news. Along with my good pal and fellow Brit BabeLucy Felthouse I've been writing another super sexy sporting romance. It's called Grand Slam and will be out in the summer. Check out the cover, the number one seed is HOT!

Here is some unofficial information on this Taboo novel which will be published by Ellora's Cave.

Marie Sherratt is beginning a new life in California. Her qualifications and determination have taken her to the Los Carlos Tennis Academy, where she will be the on-site psychologist for all the players, including world-famous Travis Connolly. She's followed Travis' career for years and also happens to think he's seriously hot. Her first in-the-flesh glimpse of him isn't quite what she was expecting, and from then onwards, things between her and Travis do not run smoothly, especially when it turns out the attraction is mutual.

Can Marie help Travis to regain his title as world's number one seed? Or will their feelings get in the way?

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