Monday, 1 April 2013

Blisse Bunnies Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to Blisse Bunnies, a wonderful hop to celebrate new beginnings. Big thanks to Victoria Blisse for organising the fun :-)

I'm going to share with you a few new beginnings from my novels. The great thing about stories is they're about a change in the character's life. If it was just a drawn out narrative about someone who was happily settled, good at their job, an easy-going love life with no dramas, it really wouldn't be very interesting to read. There has to be a new start, some kind of event that turns things upside down either emotionally, in the characters environment or physically.

One of my favourite new beginnings is featured in Cold Nights, Hot Bodies.

In this story set in the beautiful Cotswolds, the heroine Ashley has her new beginning forced on her. She's been chosen to attend the company Christmas party in a luxury hotel as part of a reward for reaching her targets. She packs her safe but dull outfit, hoping to sneak away from the festivities early and get back to her romantic novel, but her so-called-best-friend has switched the outfit for a fabulous red dress with to-die-for silver strappy shoes to match. She's also added makeup and jewellry and a note to boost Ashley's confidence. After a wobble about whether or not she dare wear the stunning dress she braves the party and it's not long before she catches the eye of Shane Galloway, a guy she's admired from afar. I love this new start for Ashley how she embraces it hesitantly at first, this new way to be, but then grows in confidence and comes to life. It's fun to write characters like that and I hope fun to read about their journey too.

Another book that is about beginnings is Dangerous to Know. But this new beginning comes at the end. I know, that sounds backward, but Karen has become obsessed with a fantasy about being a whore and until she's acted that out, she simply can't move on. The problem is, sometimes learning the details of forbidden fantasies is just too damn dangerous to know!

Escape to the Country is about a couple who are already in a loving and committed relationship and want to shake up their sex life. Living in London and working all the hours they can has taken its toll, so when they have a trip to the countryside to visit friends - very liberal, sexually adventurous friends - this gives them the new start in the bedroom they've been looking for.

Slap Shot, the third book in my Hot Ice series has a heroine who has spent a lot of time creating a new start for herself. An ex pole dancer who got a wake up call when she found herself in bed with a drug dealer and a gun, Dana turned her life around and became a high-flying successful event organiser for the rich and famous.

With her new professional attitude and aloof demeanour she soon receives the attention of hockey captain Rick Lewis - a man who always plays to win, whatever the odds! And yes, he's a mean shot with the palm of his hand much to Dana's delight.

So new beginnings are fun in books, they provide lots of plot opportunities and give characters a history, what's not to love?

Here's a few hotties for you to drool over. Leave a comment telling me which one you'd like to shake your bunny tale at and I'll pick a name at random to win a copy of HIRED the first in my Hot Ice series.













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  1. #9 is pretty hot. I like that he is standing and watching the city. There's nothing more fun than sitting and people watching! I love having someone to hang with and laugh with!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. 100% number 13, he looks really naughty!!