Saturday, 13 April 2013

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Oh, it's Saturday and you know what that means... spanking time!

This week another snippet from MORE by myself and Natalie Dae. This is a short erotic story written in the second person narrative and is about a couple enjoying a little spanking fun.

I did it once - it felt good, fuck, it looked good too. 
Your quivering butt globes offered up, my dick sliding into your slickness and heading towards a ball-squeezing crescendo. 
“Spank me,” you’d gasped, “Please, spank me. Spank me now.”
After the shock of hearing those words had settled, my palm began to tingle. Then, before I knew what had happened, I’d hit you. A thrilling wave of absolute possession crested through me and I shunted in so deep I could feel your smooth, hard cervix on the head of my cock.
My guts clenched as I watched the ripple of the impact glide over your soft flesh, wobbling the buttock I adored with every inch of my being.

If you enjoyed that little extract you can buy MORE from Amazon, and while you're there, grab yourself a FREE copy of HARD. Natalie and I are giving it away this weekend to all of our lovely readers and blog hoppers :-)

You can find out more about my naughty writing with Natalie on my website and look out for our Sexy as Hell Trilogy coming summer 2013. If you do get yourself a copy of HARD please like the product page on Amazon and our Facebook page - thank you, we hope you enjoy!

Saturday Spankings is a weekly blog meme devoted to spankings. Authors who write spanking stories post six to eight sentences from one of their books. Be sure to click through the list to read excerpts from all the participants. If you tweet, you can also follow the posts on #SatSpanks.


  1. Interesting how the narrator says "hit" rather than "spank". I like it. :)

  2. The whole concept of second person narrative is so unusual. Reading your snippet gives me the feeling he's talking directly to me, and yet from the things he's saying, I know he isn't. A brave choice, Lily. I hope More and Hard do really well for you and Natalie. Thanks so much for posting, and I look forward to reading more.

  3. Second person narrative does give an intimate feel to the piece. Very intersting.

  4. Second person narrative is so different but it does feel like he's speaking directly to me. Sounds hot. Thanks for sharing xoxo

  5. It was different to read from the second person narrative. Very descriptive. I liked it a lot. Thanks LIly :)

  6. Super marketing idea with MORE! Enjoyed it and the extra chapters. Congrats to you and Natalie. Hope it brings you both even more success.

  7. Oooh, nice little gift there, and what a great "voice" you have here.

  8. I agree. The second person narrative is unique.