Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Snog and Sexy Snippet Sunday @sexyreads

Some of you may remember that last week my co-author (Natalie Dae) and I offered MORE for FREE on Amazon. Well this week, we're giving away the next instalment, HARD.

HARD is a second person narrative following a couple who decide they're bored of quiet under the duvet late at night sex, and decide to add some rough and tumble, go for it fast and hard, sex into their lives.

Here is a sexy snippet...

I can smell you. Smell your cunt. I can tell it’s wet and you’re more than ready for me. Oh yeah, I feel you are, soaking my thigh through your knickers like that. Jesus, is that all it takes to make you wetter than you’ve ever been? Me pulling your hair until your cheek’s almost touching your shoulder? If I’d known that before... Damn, there’s still so much you haven’t told me, I’ll bet. Still things you want me to do.
That’s it, hump my leg. Get yourself off that way while I tug and pull and yank—hair and tits, tits and hair—and kiss you so hard it’s like I’m trying to transfer every bit of me inside you. We’re one, we are—right now we’re one, wanting the same thing, reaching for the same thing. 

You can grab your copy of HARD at Amazon US and Amazon UK and if you want to enjoy MORE then that is also available at Amazon US and Amazon UK. At the end of each short story are bonus chapters from our other books. If you do grab copies of these books, please be sweet and LIKE the product page and our Facebook page.

Have fun, happy reading :-)

Lily x

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