Monday, 22 April 2013

Great review for Teamwork

I'm thrilled to have a great review just in from By The Broomstick for my fourth Hot Ice novel Teamwork.

I particularly liked this story.  I can't wait to read the other books in the series.  It's a good story about  hockey player(s) falling in love with their physical therapist.  They are some seriously good looking men & they are seeking love & lots of fun at first.  Fiona isn't a hockey fan so for her they are just hot looking men to really rev her libido, when she's offered the perfect opportunity to come to America, work with Todd & Raven, as well as attend a conference she really wanted to go to but couldn't afford, she was all for it.

Todd otherwise known as Pretty on the team is doing his best to woo her & she's all for it, except, a certain hardheaded hockey player has already occupied her heart, fascinated her and makes her want to shove him in a ice bath at the same time. Especially after their fight on the plane when she goes at him after he growled at her one too many times.

Raven was a hard nut to crack (come on I haven't done a lame joke in a while), I really enjoyed watching him slowly lose his inhibitions and fall deep. But he tries so hard not to let it show & yet his reaction when she came home from her date?? Hilarious!!! I particularly love the chemistry between the three of them.  I really loved reading the beginning of the love affair especially the love scene in the kitchen, when Todd licks his lips?? Yeah I knew then that he was a little in love with Raven.

The other romances of the other hockey players sound like they might be a treat as well, I'll be looking into those as well. Keep on the look out I will be sharing reviews about those as well.

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