Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Snog - Scored

Yeah, for another Sunday, and this week a snog from Scored, why? Because it's FREE on Amazon for a few days only!

“Oh, fuck, please, take all of me,” he begged, gripping my upper arms.
Slowly, I sat completely down on him, taking every inch of his cock into my body. The filling was so intense I half collapsed. He tightened his hold on my arms. Kept me hovering over him.
“Ah,” I managed. “Ah, I just, oh it’s so...”
“Fucking good?” he said onto my lips.
“Yes, so fucking good.” I kept very still, adjusting to his size and adoring the way my flesh had to stretch to the point of painful pleasure to accommodate him.
“Move,” he said after a few minutes. “Fuck me, Nicky, please. Take what you want. I’m at your mercy.”
“Really.” I stared down at him.
“More than you will ever know.”
I shifted and he released my arms. Quickly, I harnessed his wrists and pressed them into the pillow on either side of his head. So he was pinned down—by me.
“So that’s how you want to play it, huh?” His eyebrows twitched.
“Just for tonight.” My hands looked ridiculously tiny holding the thick tendons and muscles of his wrists. Whereas he could hold both of mine in a single hand, I couldn’t even circle one of his. Plus, the bulging muscles in his biceps were at least twice the thickness of my arms. It would take Lewis only a smudge of effort to shake me off. But he didn’t, he lay there surrendered, trapped, while I eased up, so just the tip of his cock sat at my entrance.
It was a teasing gesture and extracted a prolonged moan from him that rumbled from his chest and into his throat. I kissed him and caught the sound in my mouth, swallowed it and mixed it with my own groan.
“More,” he said onto my lips. “Please, more.”
“Say it,” I said, in my best masterful voice. “Say fuck me more, Nicky.”
“Fuck me more, Nicky.”
I giggled but the noise turned into a gasp as his cock hit my cervix. I’d dropped hard and fast onto him, surprising myself.
He twitched his arms and pressed his head into the pillow. He gritted his teeth and his nostrils flared with each breath.
I closed my eyes and became lost in sensation. Set up a wonderful grinding rhythm that kept him buried deep but stimulated my clit on his concrete-hard pubis. Sweat popped on my back and chest, and my panting breaths were hard to catch. My arms trembled and my breasts jigged and jostled. Pressure was building, sublime orgasmic pressure that I knew would detonate soon.
“Fuck, you’re going to get me to the finish line too early if you keep going like that,” he said.
“I can already see the finish line.”
He was staring up at me, his body perfectly still, apart from his rapidly rising and falling chest. I felt completely wild, feral, gyrating on top of him, seeking my satisfaction as I crushed my clit against solidity. I didn’t care. This is what Lewis did to me. He allowed me to be the passionate, confident, sexual woman that I wanted to be. There was no reason to hide, or pretend I was anything other than who I was.
His cock was so hard now—as hard as it ever became. He was just about to come. His arms had lifted from the pillow, even though my full weight was pressing onto them. His face had contorted and he held his breath.
Luckily my climax was there for the taking. Pushing upright so I could spear myself onto him, I took him as deep as was physically possible, and came with soul-aching intensity, crying out my pleasure. My pussy throbbed around him and my clit pulsed deliciously.
He shot forward and squeezed me against his chest. Heat burst from his cock, spreading its warmth into my core. I tried to catch my breath. I couldn’t—I was frozen in ecstasy.
“Ah, ah, ah, yes,” he groaned into my ear. “Oh, fucking hell, too damn good.”
I gripped his shoulders, managed to pull in a ribbon of air. Nothing had ever felt so perfect. So completely wonderful.
“It just gets better,” he said, tugging my hair and tipping my head back. He kissed down my neck to my collarbone. His breaths blew like a storm onto my tingling flesh. A shockwave of pleasure radiated from his kisses to each corner of my being. My pussy clamped around him again, eking every last drip of pleasure from his cock.
He groaned. “Oh, God, Nicky. I’ve never felt like this. As soon as I’ve made love to you I just want to do it all over again.”
I tensed at the ‘L’ word. Love. Is that what we were doing? Making love? I thought we were just fucking. But he’d definitely just used the love word.

* * * * *

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