Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog - this week I have The Silk Tie on SALE! Here's a smooch...

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Professional life in the City of London is tough going which is why my husband Gabe and I live by the motto work hard and play hard. So when something, or rather someone, comes along that changes how he wants to play I’m intrigued by our sexy new game. 

But there's always private sides to the ones you love, and in this case new thoughts and desires are stealing Gabe’s dreams. It’s not until I meet Brent—gorgeous and sophisticated yet soul-achingly alone—that I begin to understand the complex layers of Gabe’s needs and exactly what I have to do. 

But I’m not afraid; in fact the idea of two men turns me the hell on. In a whirlwind of romance, fear, desire and a new cresting wave of passion we open up to each other, testing the water for one weekend only. Or is it? Will we ever be the same again? Can Gabe and I survive our decision to let a third into our bed? Can Brent just walk away and, more importantly, will we let him?

“Thanks for bringing dinner. Thai chicken noodle is my favorite takeaway.”
“I know.” He smiled and drew me into a hug.
It was a tight, urgent hug and he rested his cheek to my head and sighed.
I wrapped my arms around him and held him close. “You okay?” I asked.
“Yes.” He paused. “I do love you, you know?”
“Yes, I know. And I love you too. Very much.”
He pressed kisses to my hair, over my ear then onto my temple. “You’re my world,” he whispered.
“And you’re mine.” I shut my eyes and ran my hands up his back and over his broad shoulders. “I’m sorry that your work is boring you.”
“It’s not really. It was just nice to be out of the office on a sunny day with you there.”
“I wasn’t for long.”
“But you were, for a bit.” He pulled back, cupped my cheeks and stared down into my face. “Hayley Stone, my wife, how did I get so damn lucky,” he murmured then touched his lips to mine.
I melted into him—the faint taste of chili and salt was on his lips from his meal. I was his, every bit of me. He was all I needed.
Our tongues tangled and I pushed my breasts into his chest. Braless, my nipples quickly hardened against my t-shirt.
“It was so good last night,” he whispered.
“Yes. It was pretty intense.”
He frowned a little. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”
“No.” I smoothed my fingertip down his stubbed chin. “I’m a little tender, but no, not hurt.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry,” I said onto his lips then kissed him again. “I liked it, I liked it all.”
He slid his hands to my buttocks and squeezed.
Heat was building between my legs and the vision of what I wanted to do next was hovering in my mind’s eye.
“Let’s fuck,” he whispered. “You make me insatiable.”
“I know the feeling.” I slipped my hand down his bare chest, over his belly then cupped his hardening cock through his jeans. “I don’t think I’ll ever get enough, but…”
“But?” He narrowed his eyes and his shoulders tensed.
“Don’t look so worried,” I said, squeezing his shaft.
“How can I not be when you say but?”
“But…tonight I have a new plan,” I said, lifting my hand from his cock and threading my fingers with his. “Come on upstairs, Mr. Stone.”
“You have a plan…” He allowed me to tug him along. “I guess I had that coming after last night.”
I chuckled. “Oh, yes. Indeed you did and you will again, soon.” I laughed louder. “Come, that is.’
We went up the stairs. The round window in the hallway spilled in the last of the evening sunlight and our shadows stretched around us.
Once in the bedroom, I shut the door then peeled off my clothes.
“Mmm, whatever plan it is, if you’re naked, I’m a happy bloke.” He reached out and cupped my breasts. He ran his thumbs over my nipples and tweaked them. “So am I tying you up again?” he asked.
“No, much as that was huge fun, you’re going to let me take control tonight.”
He raised his eyebrows. “Oh yeah?”
“Oh, yeah.” I moved away from him and picked up the navy blue tie from the chair. He hadn’t undone the knot, simply tugged it loose, so I slipped it over my head and tightened it.
“How do I look?” I asked.
“It suits you,” he said, tipping his head and studying me.
“Yes, I thought it would.” Using my toes, I righted my high heels that I’d kicked off earlier and stepped into them. “And now?” I placed my hands on my hips.
“Well, I think you’d make Judge Hatfield’s day if you showed up in court like that.”
“Oh, no.” I waved my hand down my body. “This is for your eyes only.”
He licked his lips. “Mmm, good.”
I walked up to him, the tie swaying over my sternum and touching my abdomen. “Take off your jeans and sit on the edge of the bed.”
“Yes, boss.”
He did as I’d asked and the covers and mattress sagged under his weight. He was on my side of the bed, which was the plan.
My heart was beating fast and my breaths coming quick. I walked up to him, stroked my hand over his hair then down the back of his neck.
“Now what?” he asked, a little breathily and looking at the tie between my breasts.
“Now I’m going to suck that hard cock of yours.”
The right side of his mouth twitched. “Feel free.”
“And you’re not going to hold my hair, or shove into me, you’re going to lie back.” I pushed his shoulders, forcing him down onto the bed but with his feet still planted on the floor. “And let me have my fun.”
His cock stuck upright, proud and eager, and his belly was tense.
“I’ll do my best,” he said.
The thought of just how far I was going to take this had adrenaline swamping my system.
I pushed his knees apart and folded my legs so I was kneeling between his thighs. His cock was rigid and had bulging veins twisting up its length. The head was shiny and round, like the dildos I had in the drawer at my side.
Leaning forward, tie swaying, I took hold of his cock and pressed my thumb over his slit.
He moaned and shifted.
“Wider,” I said, parting his legs more, much more, as wide as I had to spread mine when he fucked me.
His balls hung heavy underneath his cock, the skin wrinkled and coated in short, soft hairs. Beneath was a tight seam of flesh that led to his asshole. The small hairs followed this route then fanned out over the underside of his buttocks and onto his thighs where they thickened and darkened.
I’d been between Gabe’s legs, worshipping his cock, many times. But this was the first time I’d taken notice of his anus—the first time I’d decided that would be the focus of my attentions.
“Oh, you’re such a tease,” Gabe said, clenching the sheet into his fists.
“This is nothing on what you did to me last night,” I said, knowing my breath would heat his shaft and balls as I spoke. “You teased me until I was insane.”
Before he could answer, I tipped forward and took the head of his cock into my mouth.
“Ah, yeah, Hales…” he moaned, his legs twitching against my torso.
I set up a steady movement up and down, licking, swirling, bobbing and playing with his cock. I left no patch of skin unexplored by either my mouth or my fingers.
With each stroke I sent my touch lower. Cupping his balls, rolling the delicate flesh in my hands and squeezing gently. I then massaged the line of raised skin that went to his hole.
He groaned my name, leaked pre-cum, and dragged the sheets tighter into his hands.
Without pausing, I reached into the drawer and grabbed the lube. The lid was loose and I quickly managed to get a blob on my fingertips.
I went back to fingering the skin beneath his testicles. He was getting nearer to the edge, his shaft a solid length in my mouth, so I eased up. I didn’t want him to come too soon.
I slowed my eager tonguing and concentrated on the small, whispering strokes I was making over his asshole. Tenderly, I caressed the wrinkles of skin, following their shape then moving back to his balls. The lube made everything slippery and even softer.
“Hales…” he murmured. “Fuck, that feels…good.”
I could have punched the air in triumph. That was exactly the reaction I wanted.
Carefully, I set my lubed middle finger in the center of his pucker, then, as I sank his cock to the back of my throat, I eased into his secret passage.
“Oh…God…” he moaned, his legs tensing against my outer ribs. “Bloody hell.”
He hadn’t told me to stop so I kept on slipping into his soft heat. It was thrilling to be inside him. I never had been before, even after all of this time.
“Hales...I...what are you doing?” he gasped, releasing the bedcover and touching the top of my head.
I released his cock and caught it in the palm of my free hand. “Shh, go with it…”
“But you…you’re in my…”
“Arse, yes. It will feel good, I promise.” I looked him in the eye.
His face was flushed and tense, his pupils wide and his teeth gritted.
“Relax,” I soothed. “Let me in.”
“Ah, fuck…” He let his head fall back to the bed. “Really?”

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