Sunday, 20 September 2015

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog, here's a super-sexy snippet from my MMF erotic romance novel The Glass Knot.

I struggled to catch my breath as Josh pulled at my nipples and Nick tugged off his clothes. I felt as though I was floating, my head dizzy and my heart rate rocketing.
Dreamily, I watched a now naked Nick grip his shaft in his fist and move back between my legs. The mushroomed head already held a pearly drip in the center and the golden light of the fire flames reflected off its shimmering surface.
“Ah, fuck, I want you, too,” Josh said, lowering me to the soft rug so that I was flat on my back.
A spark of excitement flickered in my chest as he pulled his hard dick from his pants.
They both want me.
Oh God, never in my wildest dreams had I imagined this. But now it was happening it was all I wanted and I’d go mad if I didn’t get to feel both of their glorious cocks at the same time.
“Get inside me, now,” I shouted down to Nick.
“Yes, Miss,” he said, grabbing my hips and positioning himself. His swift movements held the same urgency I was experiencing.
I closed my eyes, wanting to focus, exclusively, on the sensation of his big dick ramming into me.
He found my entrance, hesitated for the most agonizing of moments, then slammed his thick shaft so deep his velvety balls barged into my ass cheeks.
“Yes, yes, yes,” I cried as erotic shards of bliss careered through me. “Oh, yes.” I was still aroused from his mouth and the sudden pressure on my swollen mound was almost too much.
He stilled, buried as deep as he could go. I was aware of heavy, labored male breathing all around me.
“Laura, open up, suck my dick, sweetie, please.”
Keeping my eyes closed, lost to the wild sensations in my pussy, I stretched open my jaw. Immediately the fresh taste of Josh’s cock flooded my tongue as he rode into my mouth.
“Ah, fuck, yes,” he groaned, cupping my nape and holding me up to him. “Ah, I’ve dreamed of you doing this. So fucking amazing, your sweet little lips.”
Nick began to pound, in and out, faster and faster. He was cursing and hissing above me, one hand on my breasts, teasing and pulling my nipple.
Lust surged through me, gripping me like a greedy fist. The muscles in my cunt were going wild with the beating they were taking, my G-spot receiving a riotous bash each time Nick’s cock smoothed over it.
I wanted to tell him how fantastic he was making me feel, but my mouth was full. Josh was bent over me, riding in and out, his big, ridged cockhead smoothing over my tongue and palate to the back of my throat. I sucked and swallowed, cupped his balls and his ass cheeks. I was experiencing pleasure at heights I’d never known. Taking Nick in my pussy, Josh in my mouth. The whole physical and emotional state was thrilling and I never wanted it to end.
Suddenly Josh pulled out and gently released my nape.
“Ah, yes, so good,” he groaned.
I tore open my eyes to see him jerking his dick, hard and fast, directing the slit at my breasts.
Nick stopped his powerful driving strokes and withdrew from my pussy. “Holy shit,” he hissed, rearing up between my legs, grabbing his cock and fisting it to the same wild tempo as Josh was.
I scrabbled for my clit and gripped my breast.
“I’m coming,” Josh groaned, his head hanging down, watching his own busy hand. His flopped hair jerked with each of his frantic movements.
“Ah, ah, ah,” Nick shouted over the rough sound of flesh on flesh.
A tight, hard climax besieged me, and I struggled to keep my eyes open as it shook my body. But I didn’t want to miss Josh and Nick coming—coming on me.

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