Monday, 14 September 2015

Masturbation Monday

Oh, yum, it's Masturbation Monday again! Here is a super hot masturbation scene taken from my GBLT novel Dark Warrior. Dr Leo is  fantasising about Malik, the sexy tribal man who has seriously captured his attention.

Leo shoved at his combats then dropped them on the end of the bed. He glanced at the window, checked the curtains were drawn tight then slipped out of his boxers.
The tip of his cock tapped just below his navel as he grabbed a wad of tissue from his travel bag. The ache, the need for more was dragging his abdominal muscles tight, as though a string was pulling from his balls to his arse and back round again.
He quickly settled the net around himself—he didn’t want insect distraction—and gripped his cock.
“Ah, yeah,” he muttered. He was rock-solid. Too many rampant thoughts had been blustering through his mind. His shaft was sensitive and greedy, his slit already held the first drip of moisture.
He flopped his knees open and dropped back on the pillow. He let out a sigh but it was a tense stutter as he massaged up to his glans and ringed his fingers around the tip.
An image of Malik hovered before him—his hot, strong body working at the block, sawing, hammering, building up a sweat. The image was erotic in the extreme, not least because Leo was imagining Malik naked. Absolutely naked. Every muscle shimmying beneath the surface of his skin—his back, his arse, his thick thighs all beautifully defined— the perfect male.
Leo dragged his hand to his root. His hips twitched upward for more of his own touch. For a moment he wished he’d brought his butt plug for times like this, but he hadn’t, he couldn’t risk it getting hunted out by Kenyan customs. But still, a man had needs.
“Mmm...” he moaned. With his free hand, he skimmed his fingers over his arsehole. It trembled and the vibrations from his muscles tapped right through his pelvis.
Again he tugged his cock upward. He was almost brutal in his tight hold. He shut his eyes, drew his legs up and quickly spat on his left index and middle finger.
It was no good. He needed both.
He set up a steady pace with his right hand, treating his dick to just the speed and pressure he liked. Although his eyes were shut, the flickering candlelight played on the insides of his eyelids, blood red with shadows twirling this way and that.
He tensed then relaxed his buttocks. He had to curl his spine forward a little to reach his hole. He poked one wet finger inside, teasing himself with the slowness of the entry. He then added another, stretching his sphincter wide, wider and some more, loving the burn that combined with his already aroused state.
On and on he masturbated, yet now he’d also found his prostate. His belly was a row of bricks. It was getting harder to breathe. It felt so damn good, so fucking awesome to be grinding against that gland, getting it going from the front and the back.
“Ahh...” he breathed.
He was in control. He wanted to come now, hard and fast. He also wanted to delay the moment and think about Malik for just a few more seconds—think about Malik and not Hans. Hans needed replacing, if only in his fantasies.
He saw Malik in a wide, clear river. He was walking out of it, not a scrap of clothing on and a great big cock jutting from pubic hair that was as tight and wiry as that on his head. The water was running in streams down his body, carving its way over delineated muscles and skin as smooth and hard as granite.
Leo imagined Malik walking up to him, grabbing his cheeks and kissing him fiercely. It was a kiss that screamed passion, demanded satisfaction and had not an ounce of patience in it.
Leo pushed higher into his arse, pulled out then fucked himself with his fingers. He was imagining they were a stubby little cock banging in and out. He wasn’t gentle, and he’d no doubt feel it tomorrow when he clenched, but that was the fun of it. Leo liked it rough, whether he was alone or with a partner. He liked it slow and gentle, too, but it was wild passion that really stole the show for him and he enjoyed that moment of losing it.
The bed creaked. He gasped, opened his eyes and knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold off for much longer. The sound of skin-on-skin, the friction of his arm on his belly heated him, sent him higher. The candle flame shivered, agitating the dull shadows that stretched over his body.
Eventually he had to give in to it. The first ropes of cum shot from his balls, raced up his shaft and landed wetly on his abdomen.
He hissed, gritted his teeth and kept up his assault on his body. There was more, and it was coming.
“Ah, yeah...” The next powerful pulse-wave of cum was as wonderful as the first.
His arsehole spasmed around his fingers. He rammed into his prostate harder. It was good, so good.
“M...” The word Malik formed on his lips but he clamped his mouth shut. He wouldn’t go that far. Couldn’t. It was shameful enough wanking off with the image of a straight, married man as his fantasy fodder, he wouldn’t gasp his name too.

Dark Warrior is available from Amazon and all other good ebook retailers. Find out more here.


  1. Goodness me! Lilyloo - phew!
    That was hot x x

  2. Good grief Woman! I need to do a re-read of the whole book now!

  3. That was so fucking hot. *fans self* Is it a bit warm in here?

  4. it is soon hot, because he is so torn about his feelings...i wonder how the rest of the novel goes!

  5. Love, love, love this! Really damn hot and the feelings and package. And another one goes on the TBR list.

  6. HUGE thank you for everyone who stopped by and especially to those of you who left a comment. You all made me smile :)

    L x