Monday, 21 September 2015

Masturbation Monday

Monday used to be such a dull day but now I'm loving it thanks to Masturbation Monday!

Here's a few from That Filthy Book. Married couple Karen and Jacob are spicing up their sex life with help from an erotic book she read many years ago. Their adventures are plentiful and this snippet is taken from a particularly daring one based in Amsterdam. They've decided to perform for a willing and excitable audience...

As my heart still pounded from the ferocity of my climax and I fought for air through my nose, a slippery, lubed finger delved into my anus. I jolted upwards in surprise, but Jacob quickly placed a firm hand on the small of my back.
“Relax,” he said hoarsely.
He worked the lubrication around my tight hole in deep, penetrating circles, greasing me up thoroughly inside and out.
I dropped my head and groaned. Once again, when not expecting anal play, Jacob was giving it to me. Once again I adored the depraved sensation. Performing such a base, primitive act in front of our audience made it seedier, all the more scandalous.
They could all see how much I adored my rear hole being breached. There was no hiding the clawing of my fingers on the side of the bench, the ecstatic fluttering of my eyes.
Two fingers worked my passage now, demanding more give.
“Ah, yes, open up, like that,” Jacob murmured, stretching me wide. “So pretty, so pink, so soft, so ready now.”
He slipped his fingers from me, and my thighs and spine braced for the invasion, though I kept my arsehole loose and pliant—Oh, God, that fucking word turns me on—waiting for his dick to widen my sphincter. I was hardly able to contain my excitement, and had I not been gagged I would have been shouting for it.
But what I felt against my hole wasn’t the smooth head of his cock. It was cool and domed and unyieldingly hard.
My mind fuzzed; I gasped. It was the end of the flogger we’d brought with us from the hotel room. The one I’d used as a dildo the afternoon before.
I squirmed, and his hands, coated in my juice and lube, slid around my stomach and gripped me, holding me up and exactly where he wanted me.
“Take it,” he said. “It’s what your audience wants to see. You with your arse stuffed full, a big, thick handle penetrating your slutty hole, and they know you’re going to love it. It’s going to make you want to come all over again. Take it, whore, take it.”
His horny words washed over me, and I tried to relax more, allow the handle to penetrate me. I dripped with lube, my arsehole pre-stretched.
“Good girl, just let me do it.”
He increased the pressure and the dome popped into me, wide and cool. It stung like crazy, creating a dark, twisted pleasure in my gut. I groaned loud and abandoned, the deep rumble in my chest vibrating through my teeth and jostling the ball in my mouth.
“Yes, that’s it,” he murmured. “Now take a few inches.”
I shut my eyes, riding on sensations that tingled from my poor abused nipples to my recently stimulated clit and onto my buggered portal. My unruly body clenched around the rod, disobeying my will to relax, but the clasping sensation just heightened my arousal, fed yet more stimulation to my clit and pussy.
“Yes, that’s it, that’s enough,” Jacob said as he released me. “Now arch your back.”
I hung my head and groaned again.
“Do it,” he said more firmly. “Arch your back and hold your head high. Look around at the people staring at you.”
His body heat left me.
“This is what you wanted, Karen. This is what’s in your filthy book. A shocking, lewd show for strangers. Allowing people to see you at your most primitive, receiving pleasure you can barely even admit to thinking about, let alone taking, let alone allowing spectators to watch.”
I opened my eyes. The gothic young couple were kissing. He had one eye on me, his hands inside the girl’s top. I imagined their excitement and it upped my own. Next to them a suited man had his palm flat on the window and his nose pressed against the glass. Further along the row yet another man appeared to be wanking, and a woman with tatty blonde hair chewed gum as she stared at me.
Next to her was the club’s receptionist.
“You know what they’re thinking, don’t you?” Jacob said in his best ‘rapist’ voice. “They think that not only are you a filthy, horny bitch, but that you also look like a horse. You’ve got a bit in your mouth so I can control you and a great big tail coming out of your arse. Oh, if only you could see your slutty self. Your breasts swinging and heavy with the metal clamps and the fronds of the flogger touching your thighs.”
I didn’t need a mirror to imagine the shocking sight I was at that moment in my life.
“Twitch your tail,” Jacob said. “Go on, shake your tail.”
Trying to be obedient, I jerked my hips and the soft strands of the flogger swept over my clammy thighs. The heavy handle shifted inside me, and I groaned at the illicit sensation.
I repeated the action, the penetration deepening with each movement. I was so invaded, so possessed—stuffed almost to bursting point.
“Yes, that’s it. In fact, you deserve a treat for that little show.” He came to the head end of the table. “Drop down to your elbows.”
I did as he asked, and my face came level with his bobbing cock.

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