Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog. This week a few from my erotic menage a trois novella Escape to the Country.

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When the stress of city living takes its toll on Annie and Tim, a dirty weekend in the country visiting sexy friends proves to be just the antidote.

London life is hard going for Annie and Tim, and despite being in love, they're just not hitting the spot in the bedroom.

So, in an attempt to put the steam back into their relationship, Tim whisks Annie to the Cotswolds to visit Matt and Jane his uber-cool, sexually liberal friends from University.

As the temperature heats to melting point in the chocolate box cottage so does the sex, and Annie, with the help of her hosts, discovers a variety of hidden carnal desires, not just in herself but also Tim.

Who would have thought he'd be into that? Who would have thought ‘that' would have her buzzing from head to toe?

Reader Advisory: This book contains Ménage scenes and both M/M and F/F intimacy.

Teresa slept all night spooning me. It was cosy and comforting to have two gently snoring bodies surrounding me, holding me, and I went into a deep, black sleep that re- charged me like a whole week of sleeping would.
As I came round, listening to the birds claiming their territory in the cottage garden, I became aware of Tim’s breathing altering. It had become shallower and fractured. I curled my hand over his waist, worried he was having one of his bad dreams. His abs were tensed to granite. I felt a tremble in his muscles and a sheen of sweat lay on his skin.
As I moved farther my fingers meshed with hair—silky, long hair that was definitely not Tim’s.
I flicked my eyes open, confusion buzzing in my sleepy brain.
“Shh...” Teresa let Tim’s dick slip from her mouth and caught it in her waiting palm. “He’s still asleep.” She grinned like a naughty little girl pinching sweets from a candy shop.
Tim let out a groan and shifted his head on the pillow. She flicked her thumb over his moist slit and his cock twitched back towards her mouth as if begging for more.
“Join me,” she whispered. “What man doesn’t want to wake up to find two girls sucking him off?”
I looked back at Tim’s face. His eyes were screwed up tight and his lips had pressed into a straight line. His black stubble was becoming positively beard-like and I realised how much I loved waking up with him, how much I loved his Sunday morning, devil-may-care look as opposed to his serious suited and booted, the-weight-of-the-world-on-his-shoulders look. I had a sudden overwhelming desire to give him pleasure, to start off his day the way just looking at him had started off mine—superbly.
I grinned at Teresa and slunk down the bed. She licked her wide bee-stung lips and offered me my boyfriend’s rigid cock like she was offering me a lick of her lollypop.
I pressed my flattened tongue over his slick, dewy head, tasted Teresa and Tim all mixed together, then popped him into my mouth and began to swirl the tip of my tongue around the ridge of flesh below his glans. Teresa kept her fist around his shaft, worked up till she met my lips then dropped back down.
Tim’s hips twitched and his long, low groan added to the bird song filtering into the room.
I hadn’t given Tim head many times. It was something he never asked for, though always seemed to appreciate it if the mood took me to have a go. I suddenly wondered why this part of our sex life had been neglected. It was so sensual, so empowering, so damn delicious. Musky and manly, not to mention Tim’s moans of pleasure went straight to my clit.
“Relax your throat,” Teresa whispered. “Take him all the way in, right to the back.”
I looked into her startling blue eyes, only inches from mine. I didn’t usually swallow him much beyond the head; that was my technique.
“Like this,” she said. Her shoulder bumped into mine. “Let me show you.”
My heart squeezed. Should I feel indignant at her interference? Should I tell her where to go? Tim was, after all, my boyfriend.
She must have sensed my hesitation, because she smoothed back a wayward lock of my hair and drew her brows together. “I’ll show you how I do it for Carl,” she murmured. “He taught me how men really like it done and then you can have a go. Tim will thank you for it, I promise.”
I released his penis from my mouth. She grinned triumphantly, got onto her knees between his thighs and bobbed her head over him, positioning his dick like a circus sword swallower prepared his tool. She flicked her bouncing curls over her shoulders and stretched her mouth into a wide ‘O’.
She sank downwards and my pussy clenched as I watched his thickly engorged cock disappear into her pretty mouth. She carried on going, her cheeks bulged, her fists clenched, and her nostrils flared. Finally, she reached the base of the shaft, the corners of her mouth where stretched thin and white and her eyes tightly shut.
Tim let out a deep rumble from the base of his chest and he murmured something incoherent. Teresa began to slide back up, leaving a trail of sparkling saliva on his silky skin as she went. She followed where her lips had been with her fingers, massaging and stroking the neat straight veins that ran up his shaft.
I became impatient for my turn. “Okay,” I whispered, my hand joining hers in the stroking and massaging of his cock. “I can do that.”
With a soft popping noise, she released him into my palm. “Breathe through your nose,” she murmured, catching a drip trickling down her chin. “And beat the gag reflex, it gets easier.” Her hand slid down to his balls, catching them in her palm and rolling them like two snooker balls in a bag. “He’s got a beautiful dick,” she said into my ear. “Make sure you treat it well.”
I had every intention of treating it well. I swallowed and licked my lips. My whole body was buzzing. I was determined to take him in as deep as Teresa just had—no, make that deeper. I wanted to hear that low rumble of pleasure when I hit base, I wanted to hear it louder, more Neanderthal.
Tim’s hips shifted beneath me. I was suddenly worried he’d wake up before I had a chance to experiment with the depth I could take him. I sank down and spread my lips around the large head of his cock. I kept on going, felt the ridges of his glans slide over my teeth. He was so hot and hard, silk on steel. I used my hand wrapped around his base to judge how far I had left to go. I was only half way and already my mouth felt shoved full. I didn’t think I would be able to go as far as Teresa, but I was determined to try.
He smoothed over my tongue and hit the back of my throat. My sensitive tissues gagged in response. My heart rate increased and a pulse in my temple beat a wild tempo.
“Go past it,” Teresa murmured, cupping my tight jaw-line with her hand. “It’ll ease in a second. You’ll get used to it.”
I begged my brain to tell my body what to do. Pulling a long ribbon of air through my nostrils I sank down another inch. The head of his cock made deeper progress and slid way down my throat.
Tim hissed as his hips jerked almost violently.
I swallowed to control my gag and felt him stroking the delicate, sensitive tissue.
“Jeez, Annie,” Tim muttered in a tortured voice. “What a fucking start to the day...”

* * * * *

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