Saturday, 19 September 2015

One Sexy Boy ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS110

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. Here's a few from sexy boys Leo and Malik who are getting hot and steamy in beautiful Kenya.

Malik stepped up to him, fast. He captured Leo’s cheeks in his palms and ran his fingertips into Leo’s hair.
It was a rough, possessive hold that had Leo gasping and his heart rate tripping.
“Tell me,” Malik said, his gaze drinking in Leo’s face.
“What? Tell you what?” Leo gripped Malik’s forearms. His skin was hot and he could make out the tendons beneath. He wanted more. He wanted to rub himself against his beautiful body.
“Do you...” Malik whispered, “like men?”
“Well yes, of course I like men. I like most people.”
Malik almost growled. He lowered his face to Leo’s. Their noses nearly touched and their chests pressed together.
Tingles of sensation ran over Leo’s scalp and down his back.
What the hell is happening?
“You know what I mean, Leo, so tell me the truth.”
“Yes, yes I like men.” Leo’s heart was thudding harder and he felt light-headed.
“Is that why you don’t have a wife?”
“Yes. And I... I... I never will.”
“Because you fuck men. Is that right?” Malik curled his hand around the back of Leo’s head and slid it to the nape of his neck. He pulled him closer still.
Leo stared into Malik’s wild eyes. His pupils were huge and their depths sparkled with something scarily like desire.
“Yes. Yes, I fuck men. I love men. I—”
Malik slammed his mouth down on Leo’s. He forced his tongue between Leo’s teeth and set up a feral, tangled dance.

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