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Seven Deadly Sins - an erotic anthology with illustrations

"Seven erotic tales from seven sinful sirens. The Seven Deadly Sins have never been so sexy!"

I am completely thrilled to be part of this excellent and unusual erotic anthology. All the stories, including mine, are illustrated by the fantastic John LaChatte. But please note, if you want to see the illustrations, you’ll have to buy a print copy, or grab your eBook copy from Waterstones, as most retailers don’t allow the images – as you can see, they’re very rude and this is the only one deemed acceptable for promotion...

Taken from The Sweetest Revenge by Lucy Felthouse

To find out a little more, here is the forward written by Kojo Black

Sometimes it can be so difficult to say no.  It can be so much more gratifying to sate an urge than to deny it. And it can be so pleasurable to say yes to excess.  Often, it is the most common excesses – Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, Pride and Wrath – that are the hardest to resist. And it is the unsolicited state of being human that makes each and every one of us so susceptible.  As such, these excesses have become known as the Seven Deadly Sins.

As a devout chorister of kink, I was overjoyed to be able to explore these themes with seven salacious writers who are as prodigious as they are prodigal.  The authors within these pages had no shame in confronting the Seven Deadly Sins and twisting them into the most gloriously carnal tales of temptation and desire – each sin brought beautifully to life by the illustrations of John LaChatte.

We invite you to nestle between these pages, to sin seven times in sweet succession, and to transgress most sensually and unrepentantly! The Seven Deadly Sins have never been so sexy!


Aphrodite Gets a Piece of the Action by K. D. Grace
A young voyeur finds himself faced with the almighty task of going global with Lust!

Caged by Rebecca Bond 
Greed pushes a policewoman straight to the top. But her quest for power uncovers more desire than she ever knew she had!

Glutton to Gourmet by Victoria Blisse
Anabel has never known when to say ‘when’. But the dashing Roman shows her that quality is just as delicious as quantity.

Green Eyed Monster by Lily Harlem
Penis Envy takes on a whole new meaning when Helen hatches a plan to use her own “cock” to its fullest extent!

An Indolent Seduction by Lexie Bay
When the demon of Sloth sets his sights on the angel Industria, apathy becomes dangerously alluring.

The Sweetest Revenge by Lucy Felthouse
Abigail’s crush on Mackenzie has made her do something stupid. Will Pride come before a fall…or cause them to fall in love?

Something Else by Sarah Masters
A man’s Wrath at the loss of his lover sets him on a vengeful path that leads him through a seedy and sexually charged underworld.

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If you want to read the behind the scenes gossip about this book , how is was born and finally came to publication, visit my 7DS website page.

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