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Inspiration - Anything for Him

Anything for Him by Lily Harlem and Natalie Dae is an erotically enticing story about what one woman will do for the man she wants. I read this book in one sitting, devouring this story of desire and obsession - Kristina Wright, in USA Today.

With Anything For Him just hitting the shelves and getting its first great review, I've turned my mind back to some of the inspiration for this book.

Many of you know that I love Pinterest, and quite often a picture can spark an idea for a scene. Sometimes its the setting, sometimes its the expression on people's faces, but it is always the unanswered questions in the photograph that does it for me. How did the couple get into that situation? How well do they know each other? What is their history and what is their future?

Anything For Him is a co-authored book, I wrote it with Natalie Dae and this is our fourth published story together (we have two more in the pipeline). We have a pretty unique way of writing in that we hammer out a few thousands words and then pass the book backwards and forwards between ourselves. Sometimes we carry on from where the other left off, but occasionally we go back and add scenes in. I'm sure this wouldn't work for many authors who like a more structured plan, but for us its good fun, we let the characters decided where the story is going and whether its going to be light and sexy or dark and gritty - the later definitely being the way to describe Anything For Him.

How do we get started? Okay, that's easy, one of us is struck with inspiration for a first chapter and tempts the other one with it, kind of like a fisherman with bait. So far so good, we always bite. With Anything For Him it was me that had inspiration for the hero, Luiz. I came across this picture and found it fascinating, creepy, voyueristic and sexy all at the same time, before I knew it he'd sprung to life on the page.

I stared at the photograph he’d emailed me. He’d promised he would and, finally, it had arrived.
  It wasn’t what I’d expected; not that I thought for a minute he’d send me a copy of his passport photo; but this, this had really taken me by surprise. The odd angle of the camera lens and the overwhelming suggestiveness shocked me. It was deeply personal, completely voyeuristic and undoubtedly the most erotic image I had ever laid eyes on.
  But it gave nothing away of the face I longed to see; yet, it told me so much about the man I’d been obsessing about for weeks. I reached over and clicked the printer to life. As it clanked through the setting-up motions, I leaned closer to my computer screen and allowed him to fill my vision.
  His long, pale, black-hair-coated shin was in the forefront of the picture. The knee flopped wantonly towards the camera, making the patella the largest thing in the frame. His foot was out of shot. Beyond his leg, I could make out the right side of his torso – just – a small amount of lean waist, a hint at a taut set of ribs and a balled shoulder leading to what looked like a busy hand. I say busy, because he appeared to be jerking off, but of course, that could just be my filthy imagination.
  His head was thrown back, his chin jutted upwards, his prominent Adam’s apple in profile against the bottle-green wall behind him. Other than his chin, not one facial feature could be identified, but what I saw of his chin, chiselled and dented at the centre, led me to believe the rest of his face would be angular and long.
  Seedy shadows doused the whole image, the covers on the bed dusky green, almost brown, and the lighting, maybe shining through a cheap drawn curtain, was dim.
  He seemed completely uninhibited despite the camera, which I guessed was on a timer. I gulped down a bite of bile as a sudden wave of regret at the photo I’d sent him rolled through me. I’d thought I was being sassy, original, beating him at his own game. But it was clear now that I played with someone who knew how to think out of the box, stay a step ahead, out-manoeuvre me without even needing to try.

When Hannah first meets Liuz he blindfolds her, taking away one of her senses and heightening the experience. Hannah has confessed to him via email how she wants to be a sex object, letting him take his pleasure from her like she's his whore, a paid slut (I told you it was a dark and edgy).

My heels clacked on wonky pavers and I brushed down the wrinkles in my short red skirt as I approached. I’d worn the opposite to yesterday. No sneakers and jeans for me tonight. I was no longer the inquisitive woman who’d hung in his shrubbery, splashed down the street and ran for the bus. Tonight I was a slut, a harlot, a woman who was ready to be used for a man’s most basic satisfaction.
  I opened the gate and climbed the steps to the front door, noticing that his curtains were drawn. They were unlined and a weak light shone through them onto the bushes beneath the window. With a trembling hand, for nerves along with lust had overtaken my body, I pressed the intercom buzzer next to ‘L Biros’.
  He didn’t speak, just released the lock to let me in.
  The short corridor, leading to a steep set of stairs, was empty of furniture and people, the walls a grimy beige, and as the front door shut behind me with a resounding clunk, silence enveloped me.
  His room, number 2, was the first on the right. I took a deep breath and stepped up to it. Draped over the handle was a piece of purple material, about the length and width of a tie. I picked it up, wondering what it was. Painted on the underside were two big eyes. They were almost comical, bright blue and with long lashes, the whites completely exposed.
  I now knew what he wanted me to wear.
  A blindfold.
  I should have guessed. All day I’d fantasised about what he’d leave for me. Crotchless panties, nipple clamps, a leather collar, perhaps. But none of that was really Liuz’s style. He wanted to play a game where he was the one in control with me at his mercy. He was going to do that by taking away one of my senses. Luckily, the game, and the blindfold, suited me very well.
  Quickly, I tied the material around the back of my head, allowing a slit between my cheeks so if I strained my eyes down I could look at my feet. I was pleased I’d already seen Liuz. If I hadn’t and I didn’t know how ludicrously attracted to him I was, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go through with being fucked by him.
  I knocked on the door, the noise loud in the quiet stillness, and willed my heart to slow. My hard nipples abraded the cups of my bra with each rapid breath I took. My pussy leaked, the gusset of my thong completely sopping. Getting carnal and sweaty couldn’t come quick enough.
  The door opened and I was aware of the heavy scent of tobacco before my wrists were caught by big, strong hands.
  ‘Not tight enough.’ The same accent-heavy voice I’d heard yesterday.
  ‘Who else were you expecting, Aniolku?’
  I was tugged into the room and my bag fell to the floor. The door slammed shut and I was pressed up against it. Liuz’s hands were at the back of my head. Fiddling, tightening, compressing the blindfold further and taking away the sliver of light I had. Now it was so taut I couldn’t open my eyelids behind it.
  I reached forward and touched bare flesh; warm, rippled with muscles and coarse hairs. A quick exploration revealed tight flat nipples and the rise of collarbones.
  ‘You showed me so little in your picture when I gave you so much,’ he said, his hot breath washing over my cheek. ‘So now it is my turn to look at you. All of you.’

In this next image I like the intensity of the moment. The way her head is buried in his groin and his hands are knotted in her hair and wrinkling the skin on her back. This scene is made all the more exciting for Hannah because she thinks one of Liuz's dodgy acquaintances (she calls him Beefcake because of his burly stature) is watching and about to join in.

  ‘Ah, fuck yeah, you are all I need, so damn horny,’ he said. ‘Tonight you are going to enjoy being the filthy slut you so want to be.’
  His breaths were hot in the shell of my ear, his words like an electric current to my clit. As he kissed around my neck and squeezed my bottom cheeks, I wondered when Beefcake would join the groping.
  ‘Come, this way,’ Liuz instructed. The relief had slipped from his voice. He was in role now. The dominant orchestrator of my fantasies was back.
  I tottered forward on my heels, waiting for the pressure in the small of my spine that would once again bend me over the table. But it didn’t come. Instead, he pressed on my shoulders and urged me to my knees.
  Sharp, mean carpet dug into my flesh, the sort of material that would burn if even the smallest amount of friction was generated over it.
  ‘Suck my dick, slut, I want it good and hard before you get your ass fucked.’
  Get my ass fucked. Him or Beefcake? Oh my God, this was it.
  I scrabbled with my fingers, found his T-shirt-covered abdomen and then, orientated, hunted out his fly. Quickly popping the buttons, I was aware of saliva pooling in my cheeks, weeping onto my tongue. The taste of his cock was one of the most exquisite flavours I had ever known and I was desperate for it again.
  ‘Yeah, that’s it, get it out,’ he said, his words abrasive and his accent thick. ‘Suck me good like you did last night.’
  Thick, meaty flesh filled my palm. Silk on steel and so hot it almost burned. The pulse within was fast and urgent and when I squeezed, he groaned.
  My blindness slowed me for a moment, but I soon found his salty slit and licked. His fingers threaded into my stumpy haircut.
  Then he was sliding into my mouth. I stretched my jaw wide, aware of my teeth scraping over his shaft.
  ‘Ah, yes, yes, like that,’ he murmured, shifting his hips forward.
  My nose was buried in his pubic hair, and his glans hit my throat. I searched for his scrotum and rolled the soft sacs.
  ‘Yes, oh yes, now suck, suck me,’ he said, cupping one hand beneath my chin, stroking my stretched jawline with his thumb.
  I set up small gulping motions with the back of my tongue, sucking and pulling him in. Still holding his balls, I gently dragged my nails over the wrinkled skin. Each gasp and appreciative whimper he made had moisture seeping from my pussy.

For all of Liuz's rough words, he is actually just giving Hannah what she wants, the trouble is, it all gets complicated when  Beefcake decides Luiz must pay his debts by sharing Hannah.

‘What’s the matter, Dirty Bitch? You not up for it tonight?’ His attention snapped to Liuz, a frown furrowing his fleshy brow.
  ‘She is always up for it,’ Liuz said, spinning me to face him and forcing Beefcake to release my breast.
  The urgency in Liuz’s gaze harnessed my attention; he darted the tip of his tongue out and swept it over his top lip. Then he kissed me, deeply and passionately, filling me up with his flavour and his strength. I clung to him, fisting my hands on his soft, black T-shirt.
  He was communicating with his mouth. We didn’t need words. We were so connected, so in harmony with one another. It was clear he was telling me to be strong, to re-find my slut-self and give a good performance. He needed me to do this. He needed his Dirty Bitch to be by his side during this dangerous time.
  I would be there for him.
  Heat pooled in my pussy as he roamed his hands over my back, my ass cheeks and up my skirt. Parting my legs to give him better access to the gusset of my thong, I allowed myself to melt into him, delighting in the feel of his body against mine. He delved his long, elegant fingers into my wetness, and a gasp escaped as he probed high, with two, maybe three fingers. I clenched around him, a gush of creamy moisture leaking from me.
  He broke the kiss and withdrew his fingers.
  I opened my eyes and staggered slightly as he released me and stepped away.
  He held up his hand. ‘See this,’ he said. ‘So fucking wet for it, she is dripping. It is always the same, cannot ever get enough cock.’ He put his shiny index and middle finger into his mouth and sucked noisily, closing his eyes and giving a low, approving growl.
  The sight had me near to combusting. I didn’t need to search hard for my slutty-self, she had seared back into the room like a bolt of lightning. Every cell in my body screamed fuck. I needed filling with hard, hot cock, and the sooner and the faster the better.

Hannah is thrilled to be realising one of her greatest fantasies,  a threesome with rough and tough blokes being just her thing. But the situation takes a turn for the worse when London's seedy underworld pays a visit and she is forced to stand by her man.

I hope you will check out Anything For Him, Natalie and I are very pleased with the finished result and Liuz and Hannah were certainly fun, if slightly out of control characters to hang out with. Here is the blurb and some more pictures that match scenes from the story.

Just how far will one woman go to fulfil her fantasies?

I prefer to chase the news, not be the news. But when the delectable Liuz, with his uncannily accurate perception of my secret desires weaved its way into my life, it wasn’t long before I was in way too deep, submerged and intoxicated with a passion I was afraid was more than I could handle.

Or was it? Because although my heart was overwhelmed with feelings I had no resistance against, and while my deceitful body was consumed by a burning passion, I still had a plan. A plan I prayed would keep me afloat as I was pushed to the very edge of my limits, while the journey got tougher than even my wildest flights of fantasy could have imagined.

I claimed him and I felt that he was rightfully mine. My heart simply couldn’t beat without a permanent connection between our hearts, minds and bodies. Losing was not an option, not when my sanity depended on winning him.

Because I would, quite literally, do anything for him.

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