Friday, 7 December 2012

Born on the Bayou by Lynne Connolly

Lynne Connolly has a steamy new release over at Ellora's Cave and just check out that smokin' hot cover - Phew!!! - what's more the lovely lady herself has popped over to tell us all about it. Take it away Lynne...

Thank you so much to Lily for hosting me today. I’m thrilled to be able to show you my new release.

I wrote Born on the Bayou as the second book in the Nightstar series, about a rock band on the cusp of success. Jace Beauchenne is the guitarist and effects man for the band, a deceptively lazy half-French, half Louisiana man who only wants to make music.
Until he meets Beverley.

Beverley has had to give up her chef career because she developed an allergy to flour. A friend of mine had this condition, and when I did some research, I discovered that this is something many cooks suffer with. Some can get over it by using latex gloves, but at the top level, chefs use their sense of touch to understand the food and make it perfect. Beverley won’t accept anything less than perfection, so she gives up the career she’s worked all her life for.

I loved writing the Nightstar series, with different aspects of a band on the cusp of making it really big. They all have other interests, and they have to decide whether to give that up and work full-time at the band. Jace has to decide whether to give up the house he grew up in, now being developed into a hotel, and go with the band. But that would mean leaving Beverley behind.

I love characters in the process of change, on the cusp of moving on to something new in their lives. That kind of decision brings out the intensity of character, what makes them what they are. Not to mention that Jace is one of the sexiest heroes it was my pleasure to write, and Beverley so courageous and conflicted that she fully deserves her happy ending.

Blurb Book 2 in the Nightstar series 

When Jace Beauchene, guitarist for Murder City Ravens, goes home to confront his unhappy childhood, he finds instead the sexiest woman in the world. Seeing the broken-down old plantation house all gussied up and new makes him realize he can’t go back, and Beverley Christmas makes him want more for his future. She lights up his nights, dazzles his days, makes him want more than he has a right to. But he’ll take it.

Beverley didn’t realize men like Jace existed. Rampantly, unashamedly sexy, he shows her how to live, how to open up to new experiences. She’s spent most of her life learning her trade in the great kitchens of the world; now Jace shows her what bedrooms are for. And every other room in the house. But their paths lie in different directions. Unless they can find a way to combine what they both want, their red-hot affair will leave them both burned.

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