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Blissemas 2012 - Christmas Wish List

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Christmas Wishes

A few weeks before Christmas, like clockwork, the very lovely, always attentive, Mr Harlem gives me a kiss and asks me what I would like Santa to bring – in other words, is there anything he can go online and order for me!

I usually reply ‘nothing in particular’ because I’m very lucky and have pretty much all I need. I’m not one for designer gear or the latest gadget so a roaring fire, a glass of wine and a foot rub makes me a very happy girly. Having said that I don’t say no to a nice bottle of perfume – Coco Mademoiselle being one of my favourites – or something a little sparkly for my jewellery box! Well, who doesn’t like a diamond?

However, there is one other thing that no lady should say no to, and, in fact, maybe we should all be putting it at the top of our Christmas wish lists, underlining it and adding a dash of glitter. What is that I hear you ask? Where can we send our men to buy it? Do they sell it on Amazon?

No, this can’t be bought, not with money anyway, though perhaps a nice dinner, candles and a sexy pout will get you it…

Top of the list this year, how about a lovely, juicy, mind-blowing orgasm with rings and bells on it!! It beats a box of chocolates (just), it goes perfectly with fancy new underwear and knocks the socks off any handy kitchen appliance!

So today I thought I’d share three excerpts to tempt you into putting a toe-curling bout of pleasure at the top of your wish list. These scenes include a fresh-flush-of-love’s frantic climax, an orgasm that takes a little more orchestrating as there are three people to think about and then, finally, a dark and edgy game that brings about pleasure by playing with the seediest parts of an imagination.

This first excerpt is from Stockholm Surrender, a story I really enjoyed writing because the bad boy hero, although a softy at heart, has a deliciously dangerous side to him that proved to be quite unpredictable.

In this scene I love Ty and Penny’s lusty desperation, writing about when two characters have been yearning for each other, struggling to overcome whatever obstacle is in their way – love is never a smooth path, after all – but then finally colliding and succumbing to their desires is always enormous fun.


My soul was in turmoil. Ty Winters had not only kidnapped me in Oz, my heartstoppingly gorgeous surfer had also stoked my darkest desires, bringing all my fantasies to the surface. So Oxford wasn’t going well. Until, that is, he creeped from the shadows—desperate, sexy, dangerous and wanting a piece of me, literally!

He teased me with a taste of his carnal skills, leaving me burning with frustration then forced to stand by as he fought for his beliefs using my lust-addled body as his most powerful weapon.

Oh, my kidnapper knew just how to get what he wanted, giving me just what I needed, while hiding our relationship from the British foreign minister and police. Because sometimes two people are meant to be, even in the most unconventional circumstances and twisted situations. We could fight the world, but we couldn’t fight our passion.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a steamy scene where Ty shares Penny with his best mate—lucky girl!


The thick gold-weaved curtains were drawn and I pulled the left one back to stare out at the rain-splattered Bangkok skyline. I needed something to distract me from my fractious state.
“Don’t scream.”

I registered sparkling blue eyes a split second before hungry lips hit down on mine.
Oh my god, Ty!
I grabbed the front of his t-shirt as his arms wrapped around me and pulled me close. His kiss was intense and frantic. I stared at his closed eyes and long lashes and rejoiced in the heady wave of excitement, relief and lust spiraling through my system.
Ty was already in my room.
“Oh Penny. I can’t believe what you’ve done,” he whispered breathlessly, sliding his hands up my spine and cupping the back of my skull. “You really got your father to Thailand, a meeting set up and a new lawyer.”
“Yes, of course.” I felt as if I would burst with joy. Ty was here.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.”
“How did you get in my room?” I asked breathlessly.
He kissed my cheek, trailed his warm, soft mouth to my ear. “I just told a cleaner my girlfriend was downstairs in the bar and had the key to our room in her handbag.” He gave a naughty smirk. “She let me in.”
“So much for Phil’s security.”
“Dad’s bodyguard.”
Ty pulled back and looked into my eyes. “Shit, there was no one else with you at dinner.”
“He was sitting a few tables away.”
The look of panic on Ty’s face tugged at my heartstrings and I touched his cheek.
“Where is he now?” he asked.
“Next door. It’s okay.”
Ty glanced at the wall behind the bed. “You expecting to see him again tonight?”
I stroked down to his jawline and grinned. “Absolutely not.”
Ty drew the curtain shut, hiding us from the world and gave a sexy grin. “Good. Then you’ll have no objections to me giving you what you’re owed.”
In one swift movement, he hoisted me upward and began kissing me again. I wrapped my legs around his waist. My dress slid up my thighs as my ankles crossed in the small of his back. This was what I’d been dreaming about, what I’d been crying out for. I could hardly believe it was really happening.
“I’m gonna settle every one of my debts,” he murmured between kisses, stepping toward the dressing table just behind me.
“Too right you are,” I whispered, pulling his t-shirt from the waistband of his jeans. His smell, his taste, the heat pouring from him was driving me wild. There was something about Ty that was drug-like to me. My hormones went crazy whenever he was near and my body cried out for his. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before with any of my previous boyfriends—although who the hell was I kidding? Ty was hardly a boyfriend. He was a crazy, kidnapping adrenaline junkie who I craved with every fiber of my being.
He backed me against the wall to the left of the dresser. It was cool on my bare shoulders but I hardly noticed. I was too intent on getting to Ty’s flesh. Yanking and tugging, I dragged off his t-shirt. Smoothed my hands over the wide planes of his shoulders, whimpering in appreciation at the acres of perfect, tanned skin. I wrapped my hand around the vibrant dragon tattoo on his right biceps and hung on.
He palmed my breast through my thin dress. “I love your outfit. You looked so damn sexy in the restaurant I nearly followed you into the restroom and fucked you there.”
“Seriously?” I threaded my fingertips into his hair and held him tight.
“Yes, seriously, and I’ve been so damn hard ever since.” He slipped his fingers down the neckline of my dress and found my nipple. Tweaked and twisted it to a hard point.
“So do something about it,” I managed. “But tell me now if you can’t finish what you’re about to start, because I don’t think I can take what you did to me last time. Make me crazy with lust, just about to come and then leave. That was just plain cruel.”
“I’m so sorry, baby.” He treated my other nipple to the same luscious attention. “But it worked, you’re here, and now I can do what I really wanted to do that night in your bedroom.” He glanced at the door.
I pressed my fingertips to his cheek and turned his head back to mine. “No one is coming in. It’s locked and bolted.”
He swallowed and pulled his brows low. “Sure?”
I nodded.
“Then lord help us, Penny, ‘cause I am going to fuck you so hard and so good you’ll not only forget your damn name you’ll forget what fucking planet you live on.”
If I’d thought I couldn’t be any more turned-on or any more excited, I was wrong. His words and the way he said them in his sexy, murmuring Australian accent spread lust like an electric current to my clit. It twitched and tingled and all I could think of was getting him inside me, fucking me hard and good. Making me forget my name and which planet I lived on.
Our mouths connected and I tangled and twisted my tongue with his. We both groaned at the relief of finally being able to give in to our primitive, desperate urges. Still pressed up against the wall with my legs wrapped around him, I fumbled with his fly buttons. I managed to shove my hand into his pants and cup his erection through his boxers. It strained against my palm, hot and hard and gloriously thick.
He found the gusset of my knickers, pulled it to one side and probed into my pussy. My slick entrance welcomed him and I clamped around his finger, thrusting my hips for more. He added another finger and shoved in higher.
But it wasn’t enough. I needed his cock in me—now.
“You got a condom this time?” I asked breathlessly, thinking of the secret stash I had in my washbag.
“Already dressed for action, baby.”
I struggled and shoved at his pants and boxers. When his cock got caught on the fabric, he grunted in frustration. Finally though, his shaft sprang forward into my hand and sure enough, he was already wearing a condom.
Pulling back, I looked into his face. There was a flush of red on his cheeks and his eyes flashed wildly.
“Presumptuous,” I said.
“Baby, there was only one thing gonna happen tonight between us and that’s this.” He tugged aside my knickers, released his cock fully and positioned the head at my pussy. “Of course it makes a change not to have you tied up.”
I locked both my hands around his neck and tightened my ankles in the small of his back. He felt so big, holding me, surrounding me, about to thrust into me. “Maybe later,” I managed.
For a split second he looked as if he might grin, but then his expression turned to one of agonized concentration.
He pushed into me.
I gasped and balled my fists. Damn, I’d forgotten how fucking big his cock was.
“Oh, sweet Jesus,” he groaned, withdrawing slightly then pushing in some more. “You feel amazing.”
He kissed down my neck and shifted me in his embrace. I fluttered my eyes shut and tilted my pelvis, willing my pussy to relax for him. He gained more entry.
“Oh god, Ty,” I said. The pain-pleasure was the sweetest torture. “Please, just...”
“Just what?” He tightened his hold, held my trapped body between his chest and the wall. I couldn’t move. I was pinned. “Is this what you want, Penny?” He thrust right the way in, hard, and I had no choice but to take all of his formidable length—every last inch.
“Argh—” I started, then he caught my surprised, bliss-infused cry in his mouth. He kissed me hotly, hungrily, absorbing all my moans and groans. I returned his passion, met him kiss for kiss.
He explored my thighs and my butt, then squeezed his fingers between our bodies, pulling at the flesh beneath my pubic hair. He tugged it upward, exposing my raw, distended clit to his pelvic bone then set up a jackhammer pace. The pressure was so concentrated I felt possessed, owned by him, and handed myself over to the pleasure I knew he could give me.
He didn’t stop kissing me as he rammed into me, over and over, harder and harder. Fleetingly, I was grateful we weren’t fucking against the wall between my and Phil’s rooms. But the thought lingered for only the smallest amount of time, because an almighty orgasm was blooming. I was so wet now, slick around his cock. His thrusts were smooth and filled me to capacity. Each time our pelvic bones met his hardness connected with my clit in a wonderfully intense way, spinning me toward a state of ecstasy .
“Oh yes, yes,” I gasped into his mouth. I couldn’t move much but my hands were all over him. Touching every part I could reach—grabbing, scratching, pulling.
“Fuck it, Penny. I’m in heaven when I’m in you. It’s even better than I remembered.” With a feral growl, he lowered his head to my neck and his burning, panting breaths blew across my skin.
I stared at a sparkling chandelier hanging in the middle of the room, pressing my pelvis down to meet each of his thrusts, savoring the final steps to my climax. I was coming. It was almost there. Ty, the man my heart was beating for, was taking me to the pinnacle of sensation.
“Oh yes, Ty,” I gasped, trembling in his arms. Desperation for release had taken hold. “That’s it, that’s it...” Pleasure detonated inside me, exploding in my pussy and clit and radiating outward in near-violent blasts. My limbs turned to granite, locking around him, pinning him to me.
“Ah fuck,” he said, pulling his head from my neck and staring at me. “You’re gonna finish me off with all that pussy-squeezing stuff.” He bared his teeth and hissed in a breath.
I opened my mouth on a silent exclamation as he shunted in higher than ever, his cock a steely rod. Then, as my body pulsed through the aftershocks of my own climax, I watched his beautiful face contort with ecstasy. He squeezed his eyes shut, the bridge of his nose wrinkled and his lips pulled back in a tight grimace.
He froze, buried as deep as he could go for the longest, sweetest of moments, then he was pulsing inside me. Spurting into the condom.
He pulled halfway out and rammed back in one last time. “Ah, yes, fuck it, yes, Penny,” he gasped. The muscles around his mouth and nose relaxed and he opened his eyes. “Ah baby, that was worth the wait. You’re fucking awesome.”
Cupping his cheeks, I held his face near mine. “So are you,” I panted.
His eyes softened as a tremble attacked his body, the vibrations shivering into mine. For a second he looked vulnerable, tired, and instead of seeing the loose-cannon kidnapper I saw the man who loved and needed to be loved in return.
In that moment I realized that I was completely, irrevocably, totally in love with Ty Winters, and not only that, I’d fallen for him with all the grace with which a brick hits the bottom of a puddle—hard and fast.

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I hope you enjoyed that wild moment from Stockholm Surrender, Penny certainly has her work cut out controlling Ty throughout this story. You can read the five star reviews for this book HERE

The next pleasure-soaked scene is from Teamwork – the 4th book in my Hot Ice series and my newest Ellora’s Cave release. (Although part of a series, these books can be enjoyed as stand alone reads.)


What I know about hockey could fit on the back of a stamp. So my latest patient may be one of the NHL’s hottest defensemen, but I’m not exactly blown away by his stardom. Add in the fact that he’s a surly, growling grump, and I’m more than happy to work my magic on his battered body and then hot-foot to my date with his teammate, Todd “Pretty” Carty. 

Todd is sex on a stick, a slice of man heaven and I want a bit of the action, preferably of the bedroom variety. But when Raven emerges from his bad mood and throws his energy into blowing my mind with just one kiss, I find my head spinning and my libido raging. 

What I didn’t bargain on is these hard-training, hard-playing hockey players working as efficiently off the ice as on it when it comes to getting results. But who am I to complain when satisfaction is their ultimate goal? 


They were effortlessly moving me around as if I were a puppet. The edge of my ass was on the lip of the table but my legs were no longer dangling. Raven had hooked them over his shoulders as he settled on a chair, his face just inches from my pussy. I could feel his breath washing over my damp folds of flesh, was aware of cool air- conditioning breezing over my swollen, desperate clit.
Todd was kissing me again, his lips slanting over mine, eating at me hungrily.
That’s more like it.
A hoarse moan ripped from my throat and my hands flew up to his shoulders, where I dug in my nails and hung on. I wasn’t going to think anymore, I was just going to let myself get carried away on sensation. I wanted to touch Todd everywhere, all over. I didn’t know where to start. I wanted Raven to touch me—I knew exactly where I wanted him to start.
Luckily Raven was in tune with me and, as Todd fed me more kisses, the ravishment of my mouth sending sweeping tides of lust through my body, Raven got busy .
He spread apart my intimate folds with his fingers then put his mouth on me, working through my slit, lapping at the wetness then sucking my clit. I arched my hips, groaning loud and abandoned as he thrashed and teased my aching nub.
Todd caught my wails in his kiss. He was teasing my breasts now, plucking my nipples, gathering up the flesh and squeezing. Not roughly, but not gently either. It felt divine, being possessed, handled by such huge hands. He released my mouth and my ragged moans echoed around the kitchen.
“Ah fuck, you taste like honey,” Raven said harshly, taking over with his fingers where his mouth had left off. “Jesus, Todd, wait ’til you try her.”
Todd slid his hand from my breast, smoothed it over my belly and between my legs. “Oh yeah,” he said, staring at Raven. “She’s so wet for us.”
“Yes,” I gasped, my breasts heaving up and down with each frantic breath I took. “Oh god, yes, please, fuck me.” I was desperate not just for the penetration, but also for the release. “I need you...oh...”
My breath hitched as my pussy was filled.
“And so fucking tight. Christ, you’ll squeeze our dicks off, Fiona, I swear you will,” Todd said, maneuvering his fingers inside me. “God, I want to see Raven make you come.” He withdrew and held up his hand—my juices sparkled, slick and shiny.
In a daze, I watched as he put his fingers in his mouth and sucked, his cheeks pulling in as he made a slurping sound.
“You’re right, Rave, fucking fantastic,” he said.
“You’re killing me,” I whimpered. My whole body was on fire. I felt like an empty vessel that needed to be filled.
“Great way to go though, eh?” Raven muttered. Then he was exploring my pussy again with his mouth. Suddenly his thick fingers entered me.
I groaned and shut my eyes. Pushed down for more. Raven gave it, adding his tongue back onto my clit as he ventured higher inside me, stretching and filling, expertly fucking me with his hand.
“Ah, yeah, you’re so hot for us,” Todd said approvingly, stroking my hair back from my face.
“Yes, yes, yes,” I cried.
For several blissful seconds I wallowed in the sublime sensations Raven was subjecting me to, then Todd spoke, “Can you take this at the same time, sugar?”
Opening my eyes, I came face-to-face with his cock protruding from his suit pants. It was wide and thick, flushed to a deep mauve. The flared head held a drip of pre-cum.
Sucking his cock had been a highlight of my dirty dreams the night before. I could hardly believe it was about to happen. Eagerly I reached out and wrapped my hand around the wide stalk of his shaft. My mouth was watering, desperate to sample his flavor.
“Such a hungry little lady,” he crooned, wrapping his hand around the nape of my neck and pulling my head up.
I licked over the glossy glans, drawing in the rich, salty taste of his pre-cum, moaning in delight as the deliciousness of his passion saturated my taste buds.
“Oh god, yeah,” he said, threading his other hand into my hair and bucking his hips forward for more.
I opened my mouth wide and let him sink in. Gorged on him. Reveled in the satin- soft skin of his cock riding over my tongue and palate. Instinct took over and I set up a sucking, bobbing rhythm encouraged by his moans of approval and the tightening of his fingers in my hair.
My own orgasm was building. Raven was winding me up to a heady state of arousal. Soon the point of no return would be there. My clit was throbbing, my pussy clamping around his fingers.
Suddenly Raven pulled away. I glanced downward best I could, and saw him shucking off his sweats. His cock jutted forward from a shock of black hair and, although I had one cock in my mouth, I had an overwhelming urge to suck on his too.
But sucking on Raven’s didn’t seem to be part of their plan. He’d rolled a condom on and was positioning himself at my entrance. I stared up at him, my mouth stretched, my jaw locked wide around Todd. My heels were perched on the edge of the table.
“Yeah, that’s it, fuck it,” Todd groaned, withdrawing and pulsing back in. “You’re so fucking talented at that.”
Still I stared at Raven. His expression was feral. As though he was no longer in control and deep, carnal urges were driving him, owning his actions. He placed his hands on my knees, pushed them down so I was wide open and vulnerable. I was aware of my labia peeling apart, cool air circling the first dip of my entrance.
He was instantly there, coating the head of his sheathed cock in my cream. He plunged in. I cried out around Todd’s steely cock. It was a blinding, burning stab of pleasure. Raven’s cock was so damn big, so long and so hard.
“Yeah, that’s it, both of us,” Todd grunted. “Take both of us.”
My pussy was gripping, pulsing around Raven, trying to adjust to his size. He was buried deep but perfectly still, as though he knew I needed that few seconds to work through the edgy thrill of impalement.
Then he flexed his hips forward, took me a little more even when I thought he was as deep as he could go. I screwed up my eyes, groaned and let my body become theirs. Only that search for pleasure existed and they were going to find it for me. Brilliant bright lights flashed behind my lids, crazy colors, reds, purples, the blue of the sky streaked with silver and gold. My mouth was so full, so was my pussy. Raven withdrew, stroked back in, the crest of his thick cock rubbing over sensitive tissue and making me shudder in ecstasy.
“You’re so fucking perfect,” he groaned. “I can feel you quivering around my dick, ah, yeah, that’s it.” He sank back in until his coarse pubic hair scratched against my flesh.
I bucked upward, the pressure on my clit from his pubic bone sublime. Frantic for more, I wrapped my legs around his waist and locked my ankles together. Held him to me as my tongue thrashed against Todd’s shaft.
“Oh sugar, be careful,” Todd moaned.
His was so wonderfully hard and I relaxed my throat, took him deeper than I had before. The thickness threatened to choke me so I pulled back before repeating the process, catching my breath when I could. As my mouth worked, I reached for the zipper on his pants, shoved it farther down and tugged at his clothes so I could reach his balls.
His testicles were taut and packed up high. I stroked and cupped them.
He moaned and jerked his hips, more pre-cum leaked from his slit.
Pleasure was spinning around me like a wild fairground ride. Raven had my orgasm hovering, a wonderful deep release was almost within reach. Todd was about to come, I could sense it with every fiber of my being, and if the shunts and groans from Raven were anything to go by, he wasn’t far off either.
But I wanted us all to come together, to experience this as one. So as I climbed that last few steps to my own release, I stroked over Todd’s asshole with my fingertip. Applied an insistent pressure over his forbidden entrance.
An animalistic moan erupted from his chest and he jerked his hips in a short, sharp, spasming movement, deepening his entry down my throat. “God. Fuck. Really?” he gasped.
Sucking harder, I massaged his hole. I was being buffeted by Raven who was hissing and groaning as he fucked me with fervor. My clit was ready for takeoff, my G- spot about to explode.
I cupped Todd’s balls, tightening my mouth around his pounding shaft and swallowing the pre-cum leaking furiously from his slit. This fantasy come to life was wonderful and I was about to bring it to a spectacular conclusion.
Quickly I swiped my finger over the saliva coating Todd’s cock, then touched it back over his anus. He bunched his fingers in my hair, the pulling pain creating a wonderful burn to combine with all the other sensations razoring over my body.
Then it was there. My release exploded with volcanic violence. As I shattered around Raven’s thrusting cock, I shuttled my finger up Todd’s ass and hooked it forward, knowing that was where his hot spot would be.
He bucked wildly, slamming against the back of my throat. A splintered yell tore from his lips. “Fucking, what the... Oh god, that’s unreal.” Hot, furious blasts of cum filled my mouth. I swallowed desperately but much of it leaked out, his frantic thrusting creating a sticky, sweet mess on my face.
“Oh yeah, oh yeah.” Raven groaned. “Oh crap, it’s too...fucking hot to watch you...” He tipped his face to the ceiling, his long hair dropping around his shoulders. Through the spasms of my pussy I was aware of his cock pumping out his pleasure.
I’d done it. We’d all come together.

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And finally this scene is from my new co-authored novel with Natalie Dae. Its called Anything For Him and is published by Mischief at Harper Collins and due for release on the 20th of December. Not quite a soul-to-soul connection, more of a wild and crazy coming together that is all about fulfilling dangerous and uncharted fantasies. Natalie and I really bounced off each other in the slutty, obsessional world that Hannah, the heroine, lives in.

Here is a taste of Hannah, she's rather extreme in what she wants and this part of her story is from early on in the book. She’s cut her hair drastically short to cover up the fact she’s been stalking her soon-to-be lover, and is finally going to meet him, for what he thinks is the first time. There’s been lots of power games between the two of them, him dominating their email communication and eking out all of her secret desires. The games just continue until there is no turning back.


I prefer to chase the news, not be the news. But when the delectable Liuz, with his uncannily accurate perceptions of my dirtiest desires weaved his way into my life, I soon realised I’d bitten off more than I could chew and grabbed hold of more than I could handle.

Or so I thought, because although my mind was addled with lust and my body consumed by passion, I still had a plan. A plan I prayed would keep me afloat when I was pushed to the very edge of my sordid limits and the going got tougher than even my depraved imagination could have come up with.

There was only one thing for it, I had to keep my cool because losing was not an option, not when my sanity depended on claiming what was rightfully mine and my heart simply couldn’t beat without connecting our souls for all of time.

I would, quite literally, do anything for him.

Walking along the street I’d previously pounded in pouring rain, I allowed the evening air to swirl around my newly exposed nape. It was a Thursday and people were still milling about, some in suits having worked late or going straight for drinks, and some in casual evening-out gear. Men in nice shirts, ladies in dresses with subtle make-up and jewellery; decent girls who looked as if they enjoyed being wined and dined.
  Not like me.
  I just wanted to be fucked.
  I made my way down Woodstone Road creating a show of searching for number 78 just in case he was watching from his window. My aim was to look like I’d never been to this part of Brixton before. I was a newbie, a blow-in.
  My heels clacked on wonky pavers and I brushed down the wrinkles in my short red skirt as I approached. I’d worn the opposite to yesterday. No sneakers and jeans for me tonight. I was no longer the inquisitive woman who’d hung in his shrubbery, splashed down the street and ran for the bus. Tonight I was a slut, a harlot, a woman who was ready to be used for a man’s most basic satisfaction.
  I opened the gate and climbed the steps to the front door, noticing that his curtains were drawn. They were unlined and a weak light shone through them onto the bushes beneath the window. With a trembling hand, for nerves along with lust had overtaken my body, I pressed the intercom buzzer next to ‘L Biros’.
  He didn’t speak, just released the lock to let me in.
  The short corridor, leading to a steep set of stairs, was empty of furniture and people, the walls a grimy beige, and as the front door shut behind me with a resounding clunk, silence enveloped me.
  His room, number 2, was the first on the right. I took a deep breath and stepped up to it. Draped over the handle was a piece of purple material, about the length and width of a tie. I picked it up, wondering what it was. Painted on the underside were two big eyes. They were almost comical, bright blue and with long lashes, the whites completely exposed.
  I now knew what he wanted me to wear.
  A blindfold.
  I should have guessed. All day I’d fantasised about what he’d leave for me. Crotchless panties, nipple clamps, a leather collar, perhaps. But none of that was really Liuz’s style. He wanted to play a game where he was the one in control with me at his mercy. He was going to do that by taking away one of my senses. Luckily, the game, and the blindfold, suited me very well.
  Quickly, I tied the material around the back of my head, allowing a slit between my cheeks so if I strained my eyes down I could look at my feet. I was pleased I’d already seen Liuz. If I hadn’t and I didn’t know how ludicrously attracted to him I was, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to go through with being fucked by him.
  I knocked on the door, the noise loud in the quiet stillness, and willed my heart to slow. My hard nipples abraded the cups of my bra with each rapid breath I took. My pussy leaked, the gusset of my thong completely sopping. Getting carnal and sweaty couldn’t come quick enough.
  The door opened and I was aware of the heavy scent of tobacco before my wrists were caught by big, strong hands.
  ‘Not tight enough.’ The same accent-heavy voice I’d heard yesterday.
  ‘Who else were you expecting, Aniolku?’
  I was tugged into the room and my bag fell to the floor. The door slammed shut and I was pressed up against it. Liuz’s hands were at the back of my head. Fiddling, tightening, compressing the blindfold further and taking away the sliver of light I had. Now it was so taut I couldn’t open my eyelids behind it.
  I reached forward and touched bare flesh; warm, rippled with muscles and coarse hairs. A quick exploration revealed tight flat nipples and the rise of collarbones.
  ‘You showed me so little in your picture when I gave you so much,’ he said, his hot breath washing over my cheek. ‘So now it is my turn to look at you. All of you.’
  I spread my hands over his shoulders. They were high above me, wide and rounded slightly forwards as his hands explored my nape and my neck, the dip of my throat.
  ‘But we must agree on one thing,’ he said. ‘Because we are no longer just sharing emails, now we are together for real and I want to give you everything you hoped for. Everything you told me you desire.’
  His lips whispered over mine and I parted my mouth, sucked in the muggy air, hoping for a kiss.
  It didn’t come.
  ‘Kilimanjaro,’ he murmured.
  I swallowed tightly and slid my hands down over his biceps. They were bunched and solid, huge balls of power waiting to be released. A tremble ran up my spine. He felt so damn big and so damn strong.
  ‘Say it,’ he said, cupping my jaw in both of his hands and tilting my head upwards. ‘Say “Kilimanjaro”.’
  What was he on about?
  ‘That’s the stop word,’ he said, rubbing his thumb over my bottom lip, roughly, and I knew he would be spreading my carefully applied ruby lipstick towards my cheek. ‘If something happens either of us doesn’t want to happen, we just say “Kilimanjaro” and everything stops.’
  ‘Yes, absolutely everything. It’s not a safe word, Hannah, it’s a stop word. If you say “Kilimanjaro” it will stop what we are doing in every sense. There will be no more. The same goes if I say it to you. No more. We are fulfilling fantasies here, and if we are not making the dreams come true then what is the point?’
  ‘What do you mean “no more”?’
  ‘No more communication, no more us. Full stop, end of. Out of each other’s lives, forever.’
  I couldn’t imagine needing to use a stop word – if anything I wanted a start word. I wanted him to get down to the serious business of sating the lust he’d been building within me over these last few weeks. ‘OK. Stop word. Kilimanjaro.’
  He caught my mouth in a hungry kiss and poked his tongue past my teeth as a low groan rumbled up from his chest.
  I grabbed his shoulders and became lost in my dark world. His kiss was wild and untamed. It communicated passion, hunger and raw male desire. The added tobacco flavour, instead of repulsing me, enhanced the unwholesomeness of him that appealed to me so much.
  He explored with his hands, dragging off my denim jacket and cupping my breasts through my short-sleeved top. The cupping turned into a squeeze, hard and firm, pressing my flesh into my chest.
  I raked my fingers into his hair, let the warm, silken strands flow between my knuckles and urged him on. His body slammed into mine. A steely erection prodded my abdomen, and he reached down and slipped his hand between my legs, my short skirt no barrier to his determination.
  ‘Liuz.’ I curled my fingers into the waistband of his jeans that sat low on his hips. ‘Please.’
  ‘Ah, yes,’ he said, stroking over my drenched thong, ‘you are so ready for it.’
  ‘I know, I want you, please, now.’
  ‘And you’re going to get it, but remember.’ He sneaked a finger behind my gusset and stroked over my wet folds. ‘Remember you came here tonight to be my slut, which means I get to say when and how you get fucked. Not you.’
  I whimpered and allowed my knees to sink a little, wanting him to penetrate me with his fingers. I needed filling, by him.
  Suddenly he stepped away, and once again circled my wrists with his hands. ‘This way, slut, come this way.’
  I stepped forwards, stumbling slightly in my heels. My knees quivered, lust a potent drug that had well and truly taken hold.
  ‘Bend over,’ he said, applying insistent pressure to the centre of my back.
  Instinctively I reached forward. A smooth, flat surface lay before me – a table. The force on my back increased and I doubled until my chest and stomach hit the coolness and I was at a right angle.
  ‘That’s it, now spread your legs.’
  His hands were all over me, my ass, behind the backs of my knees, round my ankles, pulling them wider. He wrapped something tight around my shins, binding me to the legs of the table.
  I gripped the rim of the tabletop, my fingers like pincers. Sucked beads of sweat from my upper lip. A huge glut of pleasure soaked through me. I wasn’t proud of the fact that blindfolded, bent double and getting tied to a table by a stranger was one of the sexiest things that had ever happened to me, but it was. There was no denying the overwhelming thrill bubbling in my guts at being prepared for a good fucking. It was off-the-scale horny.
  Liuz stepped away. I twisted my head as if following his movements but could see nothing.
  He was back, between my legs. I wriggled my ass and groaned in desperation as he shoved my skirt upwards, around my waist. His fingers, his cock, his mouth, anything would do.
  ‘Keep still,’ he said, yanking down my thong, partway to my knees, until it dug in and could go no further. ‘Keep still. It’s been a while since I’ve had a pussy to play with. I’m going to take my time.’
  I rested my forehead on the table and shoved my bared bottom towards him; my action scraped the legs of the table on the floor. ‘Please, Liuz, I –’
  A sudden, sharp slap stung across my left buttock.
  ‘I said keep still.’
  I bit down on my bottom lip as the pain streaked across my skin then bloomed to the surface, heating my flesh.
  ‘Ah, Aniolku, you know I will give you what you need, so be a good girl for me. Be a good little slut.’ His breath washed over my stinging ass – he was face-level with my throbbing clit and spread labial lips. I could only imagine the view he had of my asshole and my pussy, not to mention the ripe scent of my arousal that was wafting up to my own nose.
  Finally he touched me, smoothed the tip of his finger through my folds, sought out my entrance and slid in.
  I clenched around him and moaned appreciatively when he added another long finger.
  ‘Ah, yes, so slutty and wet, you are such a rude girl, begging for my fingers. Well here, take more.’
  The stretching increased significantly and his knuckles pressed up against my soft lips. He’d filled me quickly and I loved it. He began to wriggle inside me, industriously stroking over my sensitive spot then setting up a pumping in-and-out motion. Small sucking noises filled the air as I squelched around his digits.
  ‘Ah, ah, ah.’ I panted, reaching down and searching out my clit. I wanted to come, I wanted to come now, hard and fast, get the first one out the way so I could have more. I was greedy, greedy and needy.
  ‘No,’ he snapped. Another burning lick of pain scorched my buttock as he slapped me again. ‘No, don’t touch yourself. Keep fucking still.’
  This time as the pain blossomed it settled in my abandoned clit, a hot fuzz of sensation that stimulated the nerves afresh.
  He withdrew his fingers and in their place something cool nudged into me, just an inch. Not his cock, I didn’t think.
  ‘Condom,’ I gasped.
  He gave a snort of laughter. ‘I don’t think it’s necessary just yet.’ His voice came from above me – he was standing again.
  Whatever he was inserting gained another inch. It had a generous girth, enough to fill my gaping, aching pussy quite nicely. I arched my back and relaxed my internal walls, keen to please him. Keen to take as much as I could.
  ‘Ah, yes,’ he said. ‘That’s it. Let it in.’
  The insertion continued. The surface was smooth, and finally, when I couldn’t accommodate any more, when the penetrating object hit my cervix, a long, low moan rumbled up from my chest and he stopped pressing it in.
  ‘Yes, yes, tak, tak,’ he said, ‘Now you must stay like that.’
  I lifted my head, my world still black, and clenched my full and fluttering pussy muscles.
  ‘Now open your mouth.’ He was in front of me.
  I did as he asked.
  As the scent of turned-on man, raw and heated, hit my nostrils, the smooth head of a cock brushed my lips. I chased for it, saliva pooling on my tongue. Oh, how I’d dreamed of tasting him. Night after night I’d imagined his flavour, his texture, the way he would fill every orifice I had.
  ‘No, keep still.’ He captured my head in his hands and held me firm. ‘Open wide and take a deep breath. You said you wanted me to imagine your mouth was my hand and now that’s going to be your reality.’
  In one harsh thrust his meaty cock stuffed between my lips. The wide head slipped over my tongue to the back of my throat, and the thick shaft bulged my cheeks and pressed up onto my palate.
  ‘Oh, fuck,’ he groaned. His fingers tightened in my newly shortened hair, and he dug his nails into my scalp. ‘You’re gonna get it so good, so fucking good.’
  He pulled out, then rammed back in. There was no finesse to his movements, no tenderness. He just set about fucking my mouth hard and fast and holding my head just where he wanted it.
  ‘Yeah, I’m just using you to get off,’ he gasped. ‘So fucking slutty you don’t even care, do you? You just want cock anyway you can get it. Cock in your mouth, your pussy, up your ass.’
  I couldn’t answer. My mouth was full, so was my pussy. As his cock hardened and drips of pre-cum lined my tongue, my cunt contracted. Whatever was in me was hard and cold and I would have done anything to have it pumping in and out the way his cock was pistoning into my mouth.
  My jaw was so stretched it ached, and my breaths were hard to snatch around his thrusts. I didn’t care. This was what I wanted.
  ‘Tak, oh fuck, get ready for my spunk,’ he groaned. ‘No need for tissues, I’m going to flood your throat. Get ready to swallow, every last fucking drop until I tell you to stop, ah … ah … ah, yes.’
  A guttural groan filled the room as his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed rapidly, gulping it down, hungry for more and sucking wildly. I wrapped my tongue around his pumping shaft and drew his glans as far down my throat as my gag reflex would allow.
  ‘Ah, yes, tak cholernie dobry. Keep doing that, keep … doing … that.’
  He rammed into me, his balls pressed against my chin and my nose buried in wiry pubic hair. More cum spurted into my mouth. I gagged, swallowed, gagged again. My heart was racing, my pussy contracting. I was so close to coming. Fellating Liuz was so damn exhilarating, and hearing his shouts of pleasure were such a colossal aphrodisiac that any discomfort I was feeling paled into insignificance.
  ‘Yes, oh God, yes,’ he said, finally loosening his grip on my hair. ‘Stop now, stop sucking now.’
  He withdrew and I pulled in much-needed oxygen. I was dizzy. Lights flashed behind my eyelids and my body felt floppy. But still my pussy hummed and my engorged clit throbbed.
  ‘You suck dick well,’ he said. I sensed him moving away from me, his body heat disappearing. ‘I’m sure I will want to do that again, several times.’
  ‘Yes,’ I panted, ‘but please.’
  ‘You want to come too, don’t you, my greedy little Aniolku?’
  ‘Yes, I do. Now.’
  ‘When I say.’
  He was still breathless and I was aware of the foreign object inside me shifting. He gave it a few languid shunts that made me gasp then pulled it out.
  ‘Here, open,’ he said, pressing something against my mouth.
  Was his cock hard again already?
  I let a cool, wet chunk of slipperiness into my mouth. It was definitely food. I bit into it and took a second to recognise the flavour of cucumber.
  ‘More,’ he said, pushing another segment into my mouth. He sounded like he, too, was munching.
  I bit into it eagerly, grateful for the sweet, watery taste covering my dry tongue, though it was slightly musky too. Laced with a flavour I recognised but couldn’t identify.
  ‘You like?’ he asked.
  I nodded and opened my mouth.
  He laughed and shoved more in. Juice dribbled down my chin, my mouth now brimming over. ‘Can’t get enough, can you?’ he said, moving back behind me.
  I wiped a hand over my wet face, slurping and licking my lips.
  ‘You have a slut’s pussy,’ he said, stroking over my engorged folds. ‘Slutty and needy, it takes anything. I can tell.’
  It took all my willpower to resist shoving my hand down to fret my clit. I needed to climax so badly it was fuddling my thoughts.
  But it was several, long, agonising minutes before he touched me again. ‘Here, take my dick in your pussy.’
  With one devastating thrust he burrowed in.
  I cried out. His cock was long and steel-hard again. Whatever had just been inside me, as I’d sucked him off, had barely prepared me for Liuz’s monster dick.
  As I struggled to take his length and girth, sweat pricked over me and my pulse thudded loud in my ears. I wailed again as he pulled halfway out then shoved in once more.
  ‘Be quiet, slut,’ he hissed angrily.
  I mashed my lips together and braced for his next thrust. It came, hard and swift, barging over my G-spot with deadly accuracy.
  My mound was rubbing on the hard surface of the table, enough to stimulate. It combined with the growing pressure the fast and furious sensations his cock was creating deep within my pussy. Soon an orgasm would be mine. The tightening in my belly and the trembling in my pelvis warned me. Juices flooded from me; finally, I was getting the fucking I needed.
  I moaned and groaned, revelled in the build-up to climax and briefly wondered what I must look like. Bent over, bound, blindfolded and being fucked harshly, so harshly. I imagined my skin pale against his olive tones, my lack of body hair a shocking contrast to his hair-coated limbs and chest.
  Suddenly it was there. My orgasm claimed me with a swiftness that surprised me. It must have been the lewd images in my head that had rocketed it out of control. My whole body tightened, as if my nerve endings were stretched to the limit. A huge ball of pleasure that caused my feet to lift from the floor and my hips to shove back for more, raged through me.
  ‘Yes, yes, take my dick,’ he shouted, then meshed his fingers into my hair, above the tie of the blindfold, and pulled. Hard. ‘Take all of my dick.’
  ‘Ah, ah,’ I called out, bliss and agony twisting together as my back and neck were snapped upwards.
  He didn’t ease his tormenting; he kept pulling wickedly.
  ‘This was how you wanted it, remember,’ he said, pounding into me, over and over.
  ‘Yes, yes,’ I said, riding through blissful waves of ecstasy and not caring about my arched spine and my abused hair roots. ‘Yes, oh fuck, Liuz, yes, yes.’
  He groaned long and loud. His thighs slapped against the backs of mine. The legs of the table shifted and banged as his tempo increased even more. I was pulsating, writhing. Stuffed full of his dick. My orgasm was wreaking havoc, it wasn’t abating; instead, it was rolling up again, preparing for another assault on my G-spot.
  ‘So fucking filthy, you’re a whore,’ he groaned. ‘You’re my whore.’ He slapped down hard on my buttock and his palm sent pain whistling through my nerve endings.
  Jerking forwards, I reached behind myself, as if to protect my ass from another slap. But I didn’t want to be saved, not really, and when he hit again I allowed the dark, red-hot pleasure to spread. As it did I twisted and twitched. Another orgasm swept through me, just as violent as the first, and I cried out. The release almost sent me delirious. All that existed were the waves of wild satisfaction claiming me.
  Finally Liuz tensed. ‘Tak, oh fuck, you’re milking me so damn hard,’ he groaned as he erupted. Then he froze, buried deep, let go of my head, gripped my hips, and shunted in some more. It was as though he wouldn’t be happy until he was nudging up against my diaphragm. ‘Ah, yes … yes.’
  I gasped for oxygen, let my head fall to the table and my back flatten out. My pussy was convulsing, gripping his cock. As my mind came back to me and the giddy heights of ecstasy retreated, I knew that it had, undoubtedly, been the most intense, exquisite orgasm of my life.
  When could I have another?

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