Saturday, 15 December 2012

Erotic Romance for your Man!!

With the gift season approaching how about getting your man something raunchy for his e-reader? Ellora's Cave have a new range of books especially aimed at men, and you'll be spoilt for choice.

These stories are written from the male point of view and range from sweet and sexy to downright raunchy, what they all do is focus on the sex more than the romance. Yes, there is plenty of love and respect to go around, but the plots are more 'action' focused and designed to get your man hot-under-the collar and ready for bedroom business!

by Lily Harlem

Nyotaimori was new for me, eating my dinner off a beautiful naked woman an experience I’d never been lucky enough to indulge in. So when a customer treated me to a meal at The Geisha Plate it was an effort to keep my cock under control and my focus on the food. Damn, it had been a while!

But control myself I did—until, that is, the spice levels cranked to boiling point and dessert turned out to be a mind-blowing, soul-twistingly delicious blowjob. I instantly craved more.

Plus I’m not a guy who likes debt. I had to return the favor by hook or by crook; it was an urge that threatened to consume me. Luckily my lovely Geisha girl turned out to be the sweetest woman I’d ever had the pleasure of pleasuring, and her healthy appetite for getting raw and naked with me for starters, main course and dessert turned out to be a wild ride for my every fantasy, and enough to keep me more than satisfied in every department.

Ellora's Cave

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 by Lucy Felthouse

Ryan Stonebridge and his friend Kristian Hurst are heading off on the trip of a lifetime. They’re spending their gap year traveling the world and expect lots of sun, sights and sex. The guys have a couple of days in the English capital before catching the Eurostar to Paris. Unfortunately, a family emergency means that Kristian has to head back home for a while, leaving Ryan to continue the trip alone. 

Luckily for Ryan, he’s an attractive guy and there is no shortage of gorgeous women available to help take his mind off Kristian’s family drama.

By Cassandra Carr

Johnny Quinn’s not thrilled about creeping ever closer to forty, and the loud, thumping bass in the dance club his girlfriend Steffi has dragged him to on his birthday isn’t helping. Then she makes a bold suggestion. She wants to have sex in the middle of the club. After picking his jaw up from the floor, Johnny agrees. But that’s not all—Steffi’s got more sexy surprises in store. Johnny’s not sure any birthday could top this year’s, and he’s left wondering what Steffi will do to make him an even happier birthday boy next year.

Ellora's Cave

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Want to buy him a whole library of inspiration? Click below and check out the entire EC for Men collection. Have fun!!


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