Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Taste of Passion by Savannah Chase

Please welcome Savannah Chase to my blog today. She's chatting about her book, A Taste of Passion, and wow I love that cover! Take it away, Savannah...

I want to start off by saying thank you to Lily for letting me take over her blog today. It is a pleasure to be here at the place of such an amazing and talented author whose work I adore.  Today I'm going to tell you a little bit about my latest release. Or I should say my re-release. 

Taste of Passion came out November 30th from Rebel Ink Press. With this new version the re-release gave me the chance to go back and rework the story. Give these beautiful and sexy characters some new life. I felt inspired all over again with this story. 

We as authors constantly grow each and every single day. Our writing evolves with every word, every book. Going back to this story gave me a glance at how much I've changed since it first came out. If you haven't had the chance to check out this yummy story I suggest you do...


Bakery owner Valentine Benington’s day just went from the best of her life to the worst. Toronto Tribune reviewer, David Fraser, shows up for a review just after a fire comes close to destroying her kitchen. After David’s last assignment, which ended with food poisoning, it’s not the best of starts, especially since the job is a last-minute thing. He doesn’t expect to run into a woman from his past. First looks can be deceiving. The food isn’t the only thing on the menu he’d like to taste. When these two get baking, the flames from the oven aren’t the only thing setting the kitchen on fire.

Side note: This is a re-release of the previously published Taste Of Passion. The book has been re-edited and there have been significant changes made to the story. It is now 2x the original length.


“Yes, I’m still here,” she replied and covered her mouth with her sleeve trying to breathe.
She had to get herself and Sam out of there before it was too late. Just as she moved over to stand up, her phone crashed to the ground, splintering into pieces. The battery slid across the floor and landed somewhere under the sink as the other pieces scattered around her feet.
“Shit,” she groaned.
She wasn’t going to wait for help to arrive and there was no time to run to the front to call them back. Every second that ticked by meant that Sam wasn’t receiving the help he desperately needed. Plus, there was no way to breathe in here. She had to get them outside into the fresh air. They would suffocate if they stayed any longer.
Valentine grasped his arms, lifted them up, and with all the energy she held inside her, she started to pull his unconscious body across the floor toward the back entrance. Sam’s larger stature made it difficult for her and robbed her of energy as she pushed herself and dragged him. The smoke stung her eyes and her airway began to constrict as she felt short of breath. Damn it, she wasn’t going to stop, not now. Valentine inhaled her last breath and pushed through the discomfort and the overwhelming urge to stop. As fast and hard as she could, she shoved her body against the heavy metal door with a thud. Losing her footing, she released Sam and crashed onto the cold, hard ground. Her body hungered for fresh air and she gasped in each breath, filling her oxygen deprived lungs.
Everything happened so fast. One minute she walked into the shop and the next she was battling a fire that was consuming the contents of whatever was in and around the oven. She barely remembered doing anything, let alone dragging Sam out. Adrenaline and instinct kicked in and she got them outside on autopilot.

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  1. I do love that cover Savannah.

    1. Z, thank you so much....I hope you like the book once you decide to read it.

  2. Lily, thank you for letting me guest post. Sorry for my tardy reply. I've been down with the flu. Still sick...Wishing you a Merry Christmas.