Saturday, 1 November 2014

My Sexy Saturday @MySexySaturday

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, it's great to see you here!

This week I'm going to share 7 paragraphs from Bite Mark. Aimery and Bea are sharing a romantic drink in front of a blazing fire. It's a dank, foggy day in London and she's glad to be in the warm sharing the company of a handsome and mysterious man. But when she cuts her finger on a sharp chip on her cup, this is what happens…

“Please,” he said almost on a pant, “allow me.” He leaned forward, shut his eyes and wrapped his lips around my bleeding digit.
Instantly I was aware of powerful suction, his tongue soft but firm as he took my entire finger into his mouth, knuckle-deep.
“What are you do—?” My words cut off as tingling warmth spread up my arm. It seeped into my chest, spiking my nipples and creating a heavy weight low down inside of me.
He continued to suck, his cheeks hollowing and his eyes shut tight as though succumbing to ecstasy. My hand felt on fire, but not painfully. It was good heat, heat that was now burning up my arm and flooding my stomach, my pelvis, oh God, and my pussy.
I squirmed on the seat, captivated by the sensation but also needing to be free of it. “Aimery,” I gasped. “Please—”
He slid his hand from my wrist to my elbow, bunching my sweater and keeping a tight hold of me.
I felt trapped, pinned in place, but I didn’t mind. His mouth, his tongue, the soft gulping noises he was making as though drinking greedily were mesmerizing. And my pussy, the heat was intense, the pressure building. My clit was pressing against the gusset of my knickers and in turn against the seam of my jeans.

If you enjoy Bite Mark it has a sequel, Claw Mark, which features some very sexy shifters!


  1. Sigh....I'm a sucker for a man with fangs....

  2. Thanks Evilse and yes Nicolette, I'm with you there!

  3. Very nice snippet, Lily. Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday.