Saturday, 8 November 2014

My Sexy Saturday

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. This week 7 from menage a trois novel Good Cop, Bad Cop. I co-wrote this story with Natalie Dae - Harlem Dae - and as this weeks' theme is 'firsts' I thought this was prefect. Why? Because Natalie and I wrote a first in this novel and that's double vaginal penetration. A first for us and a first for our heroine too! But not a first for these two sexy cops, it's a speciality of theirs!

I shut my eyes, became aware of Jose tunneling another inch into me. Dillon’s cock on its own had been big and solid, but now combined with the first section of Jose’s too, my body was alive with sensation, bursting with fullness. I willed my tight muscles to give. Every shred of me wanted to do this for Jose. I could see by the sheer determination on his face he needed it.
This was his thing and I wouldn’t let him down. Not when disappointment seemed to take a starring role in his life.
“Jose,” I gasped.
“You’re doing great,” he said. “Tight, but not impossibly so.” He dropped a kiss to my lips. “You handling it?”
“Yes, I think so.”
“Once I’m in you’ll come,” he said, “it will feel fucking awesome, for all of us.”
“Ah, God, get on with it,” Dillon groaned. “I’m not far off. Fuck!”

Hot stuff!

You can buy Good Cop, Bad Cop from  Amazon  Amazon UK and enjoy all the sexy exploits of India, Dillon and Jose get up to.