Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog. Here's a smooch of the paranormal variety from my new novel Bite Mark.

“Aimery and I have discussed it at length and we want to share you, Bea,” Ryle continued. “We both like you, a lot, and since we’ve been friends for more years than we can count, the best solution is to share rather than fall out. Plus it offers you maximum protection.” He paused. “If you’re agreeable, of course.”
“You both want me?” I nibbled on my bottom lip as the mental pictures of moments ago danced in front of my face again. Me naked and aroused and being satisfied by these two gorgeous men at the same time. Aimery fucking me, Ryle kissing me, or maybe Ryle fucking me and Aimery shoving his cock into my mouth. How would it feel to orgasm like that? They were so damned hot, so bloody sexy.
“Yes,” Ryle said, “We both want you. We both want to enjoy you individually and together.”
Oh God, Ryle had guessed what I was thinking. A tremble besieged me and I wiped at a bead of sweat on my brow. I was suddenly flushed and hot, my pussy more than a little damp. But I had one more question to ask of Ryle, the same one I’d asked Aimery earlier. “Is it just my blood that you want?”
“No.” Ryle shook his head and frowned. “How can you even think that?”
“Because why would two gorgeous...” I hesitated, the word lingering on my lips. “Why would two gorgeous vampires want me?”
For a moment the V-word hung in the air.
“We are vampires, that is correct,” Aimery said quietly.
I’d thought a confession might bowl me over and that the enormity of finding out beyond doubt would send me into a spin. But it didn’t. It was the opposite. It was like solving a puzzle or finding the answer to a nagging question. “I’m...” I hesitated. “I’m okay with that.”
“Good, I’m glad.” Aimery smiled and his shoulders relaxed, shifting his suit jacket a little.
Ryle moved closer. “I’m glad too, and I’m thrilled you find us gorgeous, of course, but what you should understand is that while Bombay blood is like the finest champagne to us, that is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we find attractive about you.”
I said nothing, waiting for him to go on.
“You’re beautiful, smart, sexy and your soul is pure.”
“How can you know that?”
“I have dreams, I told you, dreams that show me the very depths of a person’s character.”
“And the future.”
“And the future, and you, my sexy Bea, are most definitely in our future.” He dropped his voice to a low, dense murmur that seemed to vibrate right through me, heightening my already aroused state.
Beautiful, smart, sexy.
“You do want me, don’t you?” he asked.
There was no denying it. Ryle had a bad-boy lure that appealed to me. “Yes,” I said a little breathily.
“Good, because I want you, right now. I want to show you how much I’ve come to adore you in the short space of time since we met.” He spoke in a whispering, almost hypnotic voice. “You are everything I’ve been searching for in a woman. Everything Aimery has too. It’s time, beautiful Bea, to show you just how special you are.” He stroked the column of my neck and rested his hand over my sternum, as though feeling my heartbeat. “And that I’m quite prepared to kill for you is only further proof of the depths of my feelings.”
“But I, it’s all been so fast, and—”
“It isn’t fast in my mind. This has been a long time coming.”
“We only met yesterday,” I whispered.
“When souls are meant to connect, what difference does waiting a few more hours or days make?”
I gulped. What he said was true. I did feel incredibly connected to this big, fascinating man who’d behaved so wildly to save my life. I didn’t want to wait to have him pleasure me, or indeed to pleasure him.
I glanced at Aimery, who was sitting still and silent. “Aimery, I—”
“Shh, it’s just you and me this time,” Ryle said.
“We had our time earlier, Beatrice,” Aimery said, tugging the sheet from me, as though presenting my body to Ryle. “Enjoy what Ryle has to offer. I think you’ll enjoy his particular brand of loving.”
Questions still tumbled through my mind but they seemed small, as if they were fading into the distance, washing away on a rainy day.
Aimery wants me, and Ryle too. Fuck.
Ryle caressed my left nipple, stroking over it with the tip of his index finger.
A shiver of lust went through me. Ryle’s touch was like gasoline to a fire already burning. It turned up the temperature and made my lusty desires all the harder to ignore. My breasts were heavy and my nipples tight knots, begging for more stimulation.
“Can I fuck you, Beatrice?” Ryle whispered. “Can I take from your body what I need most and give you exquisite pleasure in return?”
“Yes,” I said. “Yes, I want you, Ryle.”
His sudden kiss was savage. He gripped my head, pulled me down the bed and settled over me. His erection pressed thickly into my thigh, leaving me in no doubt how much he did indeed want me.
Consumed by need, I tugged at his t-shirt, my fingers fumbling and not feeling quite like my own. He paused in his desperate kisses to drag it over his head, then kicked at his jeans and boxers as he reconnected our mouths. The scent of my arousal drifted up and swirled between us, combining with the sweet scent of apple soap and his icy aroma.
He was busy exploring my curves with big, sweeping strokes of his hands.
I wanted to touch him everywhere at once too but didn’t know where to start. I settled for his buttocks. Like Aimery’s, his skin was as flawless as freshly glossed wood, and he too was cool, despite the heat of the fire and the blaze of our passion.
I stabbed my tongue into his mouth.
He gripped my right breast, squeezing until I squirmed with a mixture of want and pain. “Fuck, I can’t wait,” he gasped. “I need you now.”

Bite Mark has a sequel, Claw Mark. Find out more about both books on my website.

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  1. Sexy excerpt! Who wouldn't dream of two hot hunky vamps??