Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog. This week I have for you a three way smooch from Good Cop, Bad Cop, a menage a trois novel I wrote with Natalie Dae - Harlem Dae.

This 18+ excerpt is a continuation from yesterday's My Sexy Saturday excerpt, so if you'd like to scroll down to yesterdays post, or click HERE you can read that first…

Jose forced his way in some more. There was no room for him. His plundering entrance was simply an overwhelming force against my soft, pliant body. It had no choice but to give in, take it.
I folded in on myself, shut my eyes and became lost to the pleasurable pain searing over my nerve endings and filling my cunt and pelvis. As his diameter increased, centimeter by centimeter, so did the strength of the packing sensation. There was nothing else to think about, nowhere else to go. They felt enormous side by side in me, like the size of a fist opening me up. Never before had I known such edgy bliss, such complete possession.
“Ah, that’s it,” Jose said, sliding in to full depth. “Fuck, Dillon, she’s done it.”
“Tell me about it,” Dillon groaned.
Jose dropped his body over mine. He found my mouth and kissed me, though I could hardly kiss him back. I was flying in a different dimension. Visiting a place where only absolute, intense fullness existed.
“We’re going to come inside you, together,” Jose said, “But only when you do, so just relax, okay?”
I think I nodded, but I couldn’t be certain.
Jose began to rock. There was no shunting in and out of cocks. They were too deeply buried, too tightly wedged against one another to move at all. But Jose’s hard body butted against my clit, and, already swollen and needy, it sprang to life. Zinging new sensations blasted around my pussy. I was on fire, desperate for it all. Now.

* * * *

You can buy Good Cop, Bad Cop from  Amazon  Amazon UK and enjoy all the sexy exploits of India, Dillon and Jose get up to.

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