Monday, 2 June 2014

That Filthy Book

That Filthy Book, written by myself and Natalie Dae, has its own dedicated Pinterest board full of steamy pictures and deliciously dirty quotes. Check it out!

That Filthy Book has ten 5* reviews on Amazon…

"This book is intense. I have never read such a hot, sexy, raw book. I loved it."

"That Filthy Book is the perfect erotica novel, you shouldn't miss out on it!"


"I recommend that every woman read this book, because unless you experience it for yourself, I am not sure I can convey the emotion this book evokes. Read the book. You won't be disappointed."

"If you want to be convinced that there is indeed (super-hot!) sex after marriage, buy this filthy but delightful book."

Find out more about my work with Natalie Dae on the Harlem Dae website.

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