Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Dungeon Crawl #dungeoncrawl

Welcome to Dungeon Crawl - this week a snippet from Scored my erotic romance starring hunky football team captain, Lewis Tate…

“I’m going to taste you now, the way you did me in the cathedral,” he said. “I’m going to fill up on your wonderful flavor.”
Oh, Jesus. Horny words like that were just making me flood faster. “Yes, yes,” I said, impatience now stabbing at me. “Please.”
What felt like the flat of his tongue stroked through my folds, top to bottom and back up again. Luxuriously, languidly, scooping through every nook and crevice.
I groaned and parted my legs further, needing everything he could give me and more. “Oh, oh,” I said. “Yes, please, like that.”
He repeated the process, only this time the tip of his tongue darted through my fleshy folds and sought out my clit. I balled my hands into fists, yanked at the binds and curled forward. “Fuck, I’m still so sensitive,” I gasped.
“That’s the idea,” he said then started up a wicked combination of sucking and circling my clit. Using his tongue to fret and tickle, building me up, driving me to the point where only his tongue and my clit existed in the universe.
“Don’t stop,” I gasped, an orgasm careering toward me. So fast, another few sucks and flicks and it would be there.
He stopped. I sensed him shifting, sitting up between my legs.
“No, I said don’t stop,” I wailed.
“And I told you,” he said slowly and with more than a hint of triumph, “I’m in control of your pleasure. You’ll come when I decide you can.”
“No, oh please, Lewis. I was so close.” Through the blindfold I glared at him. He was touching me again, between my legs. But not my clit. Just my pussy lips, circling and smoothing the copious amounts of moisture around, mixing his saliva with my juice. I felt him penetrate me, two or maybe three fingers pushed into my pussy.
I clenched my internal muscles. Pulled him in, welcomed him. He began to pump gently, his fingertips stroking over my G-spot. Again I curled forward, dragging on the ties holding me to the bed and feeling them tighten on my wrists. I pulled my knees upward, displaying myself wantonly for his eyes.
“Ah, honey, that’s it, so fucking horny,” he said.
I was horny, really fucking horny, and he had made me this way. Twitching my hips in time with his thrusting fingers, I sought out that first step to climax again, this time using the pressure on my G-spot to create the spark. He was good, damn good, pulling the pressure downward with each stroke, making it feel like I needed to pee, though I knew I didn’t.
Within a minute I was panting again, a wonderful deep orgasm blooming in my pelvis.
He stopped. This time he actually got off the bed. The mattress jostled then settled.
“Lewis,” I howled, knotting my legs, trying to trap the pleasure and tip myself over the edge by squeezing my thighs together.
“Oh no you don’t,” he said, grabbing my ankles and easing them apart. “What bit of when I decide didn’t you get?”
“Lewis, please, more, I need so much more.” I tossed my head forward and then slammed it backward onto the pillow. My pussy felt empty but engorged, hot and wet, yet cooling rapidly as he kept my legs apart.
“Ah, now this is what I like about the Presidential Suite, Nicky. No one can hear your pleas for more.”
“What are you, some kind of sadist?”
He chuckled, moved over me and touched his lips to mine. “Not at all. I just know the more I tease you the more intense it will be when I finally let you come.”
“I want to come now. Please don’t tease me anymore. I’ve never teased you.” I wanted to cry with frustration.
“You really believe that?” He cupped my breast, tweaked my nipple.
The stimulation sizzled down to my clit. I moaned.
“Nicky,” he said, his legs now keeping mine apart. “Have you really no idea what hearing your vibrator did to me in the elevator that time?”
“It was all I could think of when I got to my room. You with your sexy little body, playing with yourself, pleasuring yourself. I have to say I was damned jealous of Big Ben, and if that isn’t teasing I don’t know what is.”
“Well I hardly meant for that to happen, did I?” Moisture was building up under my eyelids. I could feel his cock, brushing over my hip, the tip a little sticky with moisture, the shaft rigid and hot.
“And then that bikini. Fuck. It took nearly an hour for my hard-on to subside. Pretty embarrassing when I was sitting with my team and we were all wearing swim trunks. That could have really gone the wrong way for me, if you know what I mean.”
He was talking, but I was only half listening. I wriggled and writhed and managed to get my legs hooked around the back of his thighs and his cock almost in position.
“Please fuck me.” I didn’t care that I was begging. I was well past dignity. I just needed to come and I needed to come now. “Lewis, please, fuck me now. Let me come.”
Daylight hit my retinas. I blinked rapidly and looked up at his handsome face looming over me. His mouth was set tight, his eyes dark with lust. His cheekbones still held that rosy color.
“You really want me to give it to you?”
“Yes, yes, you know I do.”
He reared backward, grabbed my legs and spread them so wide my hips complained at the stretch. I was as open as I could possibly be.
He angled his cock at my entrance. My breaths were hard to catch; his chest was rising and falling rapidly too.
In one wild plunge he forged in, right to the hilt. Flung his head back and groaned long and abandoned. The noise echoed around the high ceiling and vibrated through my body.
I cried out. I’d been impaled and it was glorious. So full, so possessed.
“Fuck that feels amazing without a condom,” he said, pulling out so just the tip of his cock was imbedded in me. “You’re so wet and silky smooth around my dick.”
“Hot,” I panted. “You’re so hot...”
He tunneled in again. I lay there, wide open and helpless. My arms trussed and my legs held apart by him. The way my pelvis tilted meant curling my back made no difference to my position. I was at Lewis’ mercy, and it seemed he was intent on giving me one hell of a good fucking.
At last.

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  1. Mmm... as always Lily.. That was a damn hot excerpt. Impaled... love that word.
    I also wanted to let you know... Your link on the linky list is not working. 'Page you were looking for does not exist'
    I found your post by using just your main page url. But when I used the link that's on every one elses page I get an error.
    Heres why: Look at the url this page is displaying after you click on your dungeon post.
    Now look at where Linky is sending people.

    Did you change your blogpost name after you signed up?