Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Scored hits the spot!

I'm really thrilled that my sexy soccer novel Scored has 10 five star reviews on Amazon and plenty more on Goodreads. What I especially love is when readers take the time to post about this steamy story.

All my characters are important to me, they've each completely taken over my head for a while, consuming my thoughts and keeping me awake at night, itching to get back to writing their raunchy tale.

A few days ago I came across this review on Goodreads - it certainly made me smile, and gave me a warm gooey feeling even had a football covered in hearts at the end of the review!

Erica's review 

Mar 15, 13

I have a new book boyfriend and his name is Lewis Tate. OH MY HOLY EIGHT POUND BABY JESUS IN A TUXEDO T-SHIRT. This man is perfect with NO FLAWS. I read this today at a indoor play area while my daughter played and I know that the other moms had to be wondering what I was reading since I either had a goofy smile on my face the whole time or was giggling. This book is SOOOO romantic. If you are looking for a hotter than hot romance with no major drama, heartbreak or serious conflict, this is your book. It is SOOO cute and sweet and romantic. And HOT. No shortage of hot sex scenes in THIS book. And you do not need to know a thing about soccer (sorry, my British friends, football is played with a pigskin, don't throw tomatoes) to enjoy this sports-oriented romance. At first, I just giggled my ass off at Nicky. Poor girl could not get away from embarrassing situations with Lewis. Lesson to all: if you must travel with your vibrator, take the batteries out before you pack. Second lesson: don't wear a white swimsuit for the first time without testing it in the shower. OMG, I was laughing SO HARD. But clearly Lewis fell hard in love with Nicky and she with him. They are absolutely PERFECT for each other. Lewis' dirty talk is something else. But when he threw her up against the wall because he couldn't wait another second...yeah, I was history. I was smiling a goofy grin ALL NIGHT after reading this book. It was truly a wonderful, romantic story and I LOVED IT. Hearts and flowers, indeed.

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