Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Lip Smacking Story!

When I got an email from Kev Mitnik of Sexy Reads asking me if I’d like to write for a chocolate anthology I didn’t hesitate to say yes, even though my to-do list was as long as my arm. I couldn’t resist, a bit like the real thing if I’m honest, chocolate just talks to me, beckons me, orders me to bend to its will!

I’ll be truthful here though, I had to wait a while for inspiration to strike. I had a few ideas; chocolate fondue’s featured in the majority of them along with gorgeous naked men with eager tongues and plenty of marshmallows and strawberries. I won’t deny I was heading down that track, but then I watched an American award ceremony and was totally taken by something that was going on just off scene.

The A-lister actress – I’m not sure who she was – was swanning down the red carpet looking absolutely divine in a long scarlet dress, and in the background, watching her every move and looking as equally delectable, was a big guy in a black suit with an ear piece. Obviously her bodyguard.

The relationship between the two intrigued me. She glanced at him only once as she made her way into the posh hotel, or was it a theatre, and that was when someone jumped a barrier nearby. Regular security pushed the rogue fan away, no harm done and she smiled throughout the whole ordeal. But that split second of connection, that glance, spoke volumes. In it was trust, reassurance, a willingness to do as instructed all coated in this need to keep up appearances. She was fine, all was cool. She had her back up plan, her knight, her protector.

It was then that I got back to thinking of my chocolate story again. I wanted it to be a bit different, and rather than a tale about gorging on the lovely stuff, I thought how about just a nibble, just a tiny bit. Will it still have the same psychological impact? The same heavenly moment of YUM? I decided it would because it’s all about the person indulging, we’re all so different, and lets face it, none more so that the Hollywood starlet. And the pressure on her, to get into that dress, size 0, it must be phenomenal.

So that’s how Red Carpet Sweat was born. Hot young actress, gorgeous bodyguard willing to do anything for her, and a tiny but perfectly placed chocolate bar that releases sin and temptation. Phew - the temperature soon cranks up to melting point in that hotel room!

You can get your copy of Smut for Chocoholics here and indulge in many more tasty stories from a host of deliciously naughty authors.

Lily x

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