Saturday, 16 March 2013

Saturday Spankings - The Glass Knot #SatSpanks

Another Saturday means another spank - just one quick slap today but hopefully you'll want more from The Glass Knot, my m/m/f novel available from Amazon.

Releasing the mirror with one hand, I spread my palm over her head and sank my fingers into the soft hair piled there, needing connection as I came.
She was sucking with vigor, her hands in on the act, cupping and rotating my balls, sliding up and down my shaft whenever she went shallow. And her tongue, her wicked tongue, was playing with my slit, flicking across my frenulum. Juicy little slurping noises rose from her mouth as she increased her pace.
“Oh, oh, I’m coming,” I warned. Though it didn’t matter, both of my generous lovers liked me to come in their mouths, but it seemed gentlemanly to warn of its impending arrival.
“Yes, come, come, now, with me,” Josh ordered.
His hand came down on my ass in a stinging slap, and I allowed all the wild, glorious sensations I was being bombarded with, to erupt, burst out of me in a raging, torrent of release. 

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Lily x


  1. *pant pant* Okay, so that was hot. Would love to be a fly on the wall... or even a participant in that scene. But you didn't hear that from me;)

  2. Lily! I should have realized from your cover that you had a third participant, however, Josh's slap came as a surprise to me. Hopefully his two lovers were prepared or there could have been serious consequences. I agree with Thianna, except I felt like I was a fly on the wall. Great snippet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wooooooooo. Yeah! That was so good. I need a cigarette.

  4. Oh Fuck! That may be the best oral snippet I've ever read. Sorry for my foul mouth. WOW!

  5. Oh my, and the picture...perfect companion to your excerpt. Love.

  6. You paint a picture of oral arousal and seeded wantonness that captures the imagination and eros..