Saturday, 5 December 2015

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, this week I have a snippet from a soon to be released M/M anthology, Brit Boys: With Toys. This is so hot off the press the cover hasn't even been revealed yet. However, you can pre-order your copy so it will drop straight onto your Kindle on the 22nd of December, perfect for some steamy Christmas BDSM reading.

Brit Boys: With Toys

From coast to coast and city to country Brit boys enjoy playing with each other and their toys. Not any old toys, though; guitars, rope, plugs and Moleskine journals all prove to be enormous fun. Throw in a shop that’s wall to wall with kinky ideas, a journalist on the lookout for the next big thing, and Dominants who insist on obedience and there’s sure to be something to cater for everyone’s taste. 

Whether it’s a quickie or a slow indulgence, Brit boys know how to hit the spot and they aim to please every time. So take a ride, fly high, come enjoy these sexy boys and their toys. 

Brit Boys: With Toys is an anthology of M/M stories written by British authors, featuring British characters in British locations.

“You’re sure they won’t come out of there?” Rhodri whispered in Darius’ ear.
“I’m sure.”
“Even if they hear...”
“No, and besides, they wear headphones, don’t they?” Darius pulled back and giggled.
“I guess so.” Rhodri felt as though his heart was swelling with love. “Because don’t think I’ve forgotten about those spanks.” He spun Darius within his arms so he faced the window. “Hold onto this shelf. You’re going to need to.”
“Yes, Sir.”
Rhodri scooped his right forearm beneath Darius’ waist then palmed his buttocks. “Damn, your skin. It’s beautiful, almost transparent, so delicate.”
“I’m not delicate.”
Rhodri smiled. His sub could pretend to be tough all he wanted, but he had the measure of him. He drew back his hand and delivered a stinging blow to Darius’ right cheek.
“Ah, fuck,” Darius gasped, jerking forward.
Rhodri held him tighter and watched as his skin turned rose-red instantly. It was stunning in detail, the shape of each of his fingers blooming. “Keep still.” He breezed his palm over the opposite buttock. Now Darius knew what was coming it was all the more fun to tease him with anticipation. He kept on stroking, caressing. “What do you see out of the window?”
“Clouds.” His voice was breathy. “Lots of fucking clouds...argh...!”

Pre-order Brit Boys: With Toys from Amazon/ Amazon UK, bargain price of 99c/99p for a limited time only.

And if you missed the first Brit Boys anthology, Brit Boys: On Boys, why not treat yourself while you wait!

Thanks for reading, enjoy the other Saturday Spanks posts.

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