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Masturbation Monday

Welcome to Masturbation Monday. Here's a few from The Glass Knot which is on special offer this week at only 99c/99p.

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What’s a girl to do when the guy she falls for is married to another man? 

This is exactly what happened to me. Seeing Josh Kendal stroll out of the Mediterranean Sea wearing tight navy swim trunks and looking like a hot new James Bond was a truly delicious moment. Catching sight of his wedding ring was like a kick in the shin and meeting his gorgeous husband, phew, that was enough to make any girl groan at the cruel joke God was playing on her. 

But all was not as it seemed, and when Josh needed a woman to sort out a ‘delicate predicament’ I was the one for the job – heck, what did I have to lose? Certainly not as much as him, literally. 

Trouble is, emotions always get tangled, loyalties can’t help but be divided and with a night of memories so hot they'd have the devil sweating, there was only one thing for it—it was time to get honest, fight for what I wanted despite society’s constraints and open my heart to the people it needed most. 

I slammed the door and leaned back against it, catching my breath. I blinked away rain drops and looked at him as a blinding flash of lightning seared through the bay window. His outline flickered, his face coming twice, three times into brilliant, bright definition. 
“It’s horrid out there.” I put the bag on the floor, being careful to place it on the hessian mat and not on the wooden flooring. “I should have a towel before I drip everywhere.”
There was not a dry square inch on my whole body. My t-shirt had become see- through, my thin lace bra outlined in detail, and my nipples, much to my embarrassment, could be clearly made out.
I shivered as trickles of water ran from the hem of my short skirt onto my knees and down my shins. Pulled my wet hair from where it had stuck to my cheeks, and looked at Nick again.
He was staring at me, lips parted, brows low, eyes ablaze.
A huge crack of thunder roared around us.
Suddenly I didn’t feel so chilled anymore. There was something wild about his expression that was making me as hot as hell. My heart skipped, like a stone over a pond, tripping and fast.
His keys landed on the hard floor with a noisy clatter.
“Nick, what is it?”
“Nick, you’re scaring me.”
“Not half as fucking much as I’m scaring myself.” His sizzling gaze roamed my body, from my head right down to my toes. The hairs on my arms rose, goosebumps attacked me, my nipples jutted out even farther.
“What…what do you mean?” I asked.
“I need to try something.”
Between one gasping breath and the next he was in front of me. His nostrils flared and his teeth gritted as he harnessed my wrists and pinned them to the door on either side of my head.
“Nick, I…what…?”
He dropped his head to mine, his lips just a hair’s-breadth away. I could see flecks of amber at the base of his irises, like whiskey glinting through crystal. 
“Keep still,” he snapped.
I sucked in a sharp breath, breathed in his darkly spiced scent.
“Don’t move,” he murmured, a twitch tugging at his cheek.
His lips touched mine, just, gently at first, but within a few seconds urgency overspilled.
“Nick,” I gasped, thoughts, emotions and desire spinning inside me. “What—?”
“Ah, you feel and taste amazing. I knew you would. I want you, Laura. I want to hear you come again. I want to feel your pussy around my dick and your little body in my arms. I want to have what Josh has with you. I want you to be mine too.”
Oh my God.
I didn’t get a chance to respond, because he was kissing me again, hard and desperate. His tongue delving deep and his stubble raking over my chin. I was glad to be pinned to the door, because his frenetic determination to kiss and get close to me had my knees watery and weak and my stomach doing wild somersaults. I never thought Nick would want me. But it seemed he did.
I kissed him back, showing him with my mouth and my tongue how much I approved of his advances. I wanted him too. Desperately.
Oh, my God, what are we doing?
I struggled and twisted from his kiss. “Nick, we can’t, what about Josh?” How could I do this again, come between them? I was such a selfish cow.
“It’s okay, it will be okay,” he said breathlessly, his body pressing into mine and holding me secure.
“But we can’t go behind his back, we can’t do this and—”
“Shh.” His lips were hovering over mine. “Josh will understand, in fact he’ll be thrilled if we get it together.” He kissed me again.
“Nick,” I mumbled into his mouth. “I—”
“And it’s not behind his back, we’ll tell him the minute he gets in. Josh will be cool with it, like I said before, I know him better than he knows himself.”
“Are you sure?” I searched his eyes, desperate to see the truth in what he was saying.
“Yes, Josh will understand, perfectly, Laura, things are different now, trust me.”
I swallowed tightly and tried to keep sight of rational thought through my foggy haze of lust.
“Laura, do you want me?” Nick’s voice was tense, fraught.
“Yes, oh, yes, but I don’t know how when I want Josh too.” I shook my head, confusion spinning in my brain. “But yes, Nick, yes, I care about you so much and I want you too.”
The twitching muscle in his cheek was hammering along at an alarming pace. “And you understand me?” he asked through gritted teeth.
“Yes, I do, I really understand you, what you want and what you need.”
“So what the hell are we waiting for?”
“But, Josh—?”
“This will make Josh’s fucking day. I promise.”
Okay, I’m persuaded.
It was me who kissed Nick this time, my need and want billowing up my body and pouring out through my lips.
He groaned, captured my wrists in one hand and hoisted them way above my head. With his other, he palmed my breasts.
I arched my back, always wanting more on my breasts. The sensation of wet material and firm big hands was exquisitely rough and I gave into my greed.
His kisses traveled across my damp cheek and down my dripping neck. “I didn’t think I’d ever feel like this again for a woman,” he gasped. “But I can’t help myself with you.”
“Nick, oh, God, please…”
He grabbed the base of my skirt and yanked the small scrap of material upward, over my hips. There was tightness around my buttocks and a ripping sound. My thong being swiftly removed.
Finally he released my wrists, but only so he could tear open his fly.
I grabbed his shoulders, unable to bear a moment of no connection. His hard muscles were tight and moving frantically.
“Ah, sweet baby,” he said, slamming my body into the door with his own. “I need to get inside you.” In one swift move he lifted me up so we were face level.
I wrapped my legs around his waist. My wet clothes stuck to his now damp ones, but I barely registered the cold anymore. His plump cock was nudging at my entrance. His hard, wide head prodding forward. Getting him inside me was all that mattered.
A strobe of lightning filled the now dark hallway, thunder bellowed alongside it. He tunneled right to the hilt on the first thrust, his cock long and rigid. Our cries mingled with the thunder shaking the cottage.
“Ah, yeah, that’s amazing,” he ground out. “Ah, fuck, Laura. Is this what you want?”
I locked my feet in the small of his back, cupped his sharply stubbled cheeks in my palms. “Yes, I want you to be part of me too,” I panted onto his lips. “So fuck me, Nick, make me come again.”
It was as though something in him snapped. If he’d been wild before, now he was positively animalistic. He shunted in, pulled out, forged back in harder. I hung on for the wild ride, my back pressed against the door and my thighs clinging to his waist. His thrusts were too jarring for us to kiss. It was all about satisfaction, increasing the speed, the friction, the pressure building in our bodies.
I shouted out, loud and abandoned to let him know how fabulous he was making me feel.
His hair-covered pubic bone ground up into my clit and his steel-hard cock bashed over my swollen G-spot. With alarming swiftness he delivered me a mind-blowing orgasm. “Ah, Nick, I’m coming, oh…oh, yes…” I found his mouth and tried to kiss him, but I had no control of my lips as a climax stormed through me. There was more lightning and thunder around us, above us, but what exploded in my body was so tremendous, so awe-inspiring, all I could do was sob out my release.
“Oh…my…God…” He froze. After such frenzied thrusting, he suddenly stilled, pulled in a breath so deep his chest crushed me into the door. “Ah, ah, ah, ah…”
As my pussy quivered around his cock warmth spread inside me. I sank my hips down as hard as I could, feeling the softness of his balls on my ass as I took every last inch of his pulsating cock.
“Oh, Laura, Laura, Laura,” he gasped, kissing me again. “It has never been like that with a woman for me, never been so wild and desperate and my passion reciprocated like that, you’re stunning.”
“You’re not so bad yourself.”
He pulled out and gently lowered my feet to the floor.
I felt dizzy, my pussy humming and twitching through the last shreds of my orgasm.
He tucked his cock away and reached for my ripped thong. “Sorry, I’ll buy you more.”

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