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An Excerpt from Brit Boys: With Toys #MM #erotica #romance #bargain #boxedset

My story in Brit Boys: With Toys is called Mile High Kink Club and features a sexy new couple, Rhodri and Darius. They've both got kinks, secrets and a desire that matches perfectly with each other.

He caught the waiter’s attention and signalled for the bill. “Finish your wine.”
“Yes, Sir.” Rhodri frowned at him.
“Yes, Sir, sorry Sir.” A rise of colour shone from Darius’ cheeks and excitement shone from his eyes.
“Anything you don’t like, you safeword.” The red wine and the way the candle reflected in the glass caught Rhodri’s attention. “Malbec, that’s your safe word.”
“Malbec. Okay.” Again Darius fidgeted on the seat.
A small silver plate was put on the table. It held a folded piece of paper. “Is everything okay with the meal?” The waiter asked, a frown marring his brow.
“Yes, our compliments to the chef.” Rhodri pulled out his wallet. “But we’ve remembered there’s somewhere we need to be.” He checked the bill then added several notes to the plate.
“Very good.” The waiter nodded. “We hope to see you again.” He stepped away.
“Here, let me pay for the meal.” Darius produced a brown leather wallet.
“Absolutely not.”
“I insist. My treat.” Rhodri stood.
“Halves then.”
“No way.” Rhodri straightened his blazer and hoped his erection wasn’t too obvious pushing at his trousers. Who was he kidding? It was an impressive bulge and plain for anyone who looked to see.
And Darius was looking right at it.
“Come on,” Rhodri said. “We’re going.”
“Where?” Darius paused. “I mean, where are we going, Sir?”
Rhodri smiled. “You’ll see.”
Darius pulled on a leather jacket, then Rhodri reached for him. He had no qualms about walking through the restaurant hand in hand. He was proud of his sexuality. He didn’t keep it hidden at home so why should he here? Besides, he was big enough to shut most people up with a stare should they decide to take offence.
Luckily Darius didn’t seem to mind holding hands either and pressed up close behind him as they weaved around the tables.
The feel of Darius’ small palm and delicate fingers turned Rhodri on all the more. Fuck. He was like a perfect china doll, all smooth skin, long limbs and eager cock.
He opened the door and stepped out into the cold night, his breath plumed around him. It was becoming difficult to stand up straight his dick was so hard. He glanced about. There were a few restaurants and a bar on the square but he knew straight ahead, in the direction he’d come from, there was just the place. “This way.”
“I have a house—”
“No time.”
Darius giggled as he jogged slightly to keep up with Rhodri’s large strides. “That desperate, huh?”
“Yeah, and it’s not a laughing matter.”
“Sorry, Sir.”
“You should be. It’s all your fault.”
“How come?” He pouted.
Rhodri held in a groan. God, his sexy mouth all offended and pouty, it was nearly his undoing. “It’s your fault for being so damn gorgeous.”
“You think I’m gorgeous?”
“Yeah, now this way.” He steered them down a darker street lined with parked cars.
“Some people have called me weedy in the past,” Darius said. There was a slight shake in his voice, a vulnerability too.
“Some people don’t recognise beauty when they see it.”
Darius stopped suddenly, their hands still locked together.
Rhodri drew to a halt and turned to him.
“You think I’m beautiful?”
Rhodri smiled. “Yeah, you got a problem with that?”
Darius shook his head.
Rhodri could resist no longer. He cupped Darius’ cheeks in his hands, slanted his head and kissed him.
Darius moaned softly and clung to his forearms.
The kiss deepened. Darius tasted of wine and a delicate fresh, open sea flavour that Rhodri could imagine getting addicted to. His tongue was soft and slick as it swept over his. Rhodri thought of it on his cock, hugging his shaft, tugging gently and taking him deep and deeper still.
“Oh sweet Jesus, give me strength,” Rhodri said, breaking the kiss.
“I think you have strength.” Through Rhodri’s blazer Darius squeezed his biceps.
Smiling, Rhodri ran his hands down Darius’ arms then up to his shoulders again. He adored the sense of fragility Darius’ body projected. It was something to be adored, treasured, worshipped and pleased.
Rhodri slid his palms over Darius’ chest then down to his belly. He was super slim and his abdomen tight with muscle. He slipped lower and cupped his palm over his cock.
“Mmm…” Darius said. “Yes, touch me.”
“Do you touch yourself?”
“Yes, of course.”
“What would you do if I ordered you not to?”
His eyes widened slightly, then, “I’d obey.”
“Good.” He stroked to the tip of his shaft, feeling his cockhead through his trousers. “But we can’t do anything here. Come on, this way.”
“Not far now.” 
They stared walking again, then, after a few minutes, Rhodri saw what he was searching for. It was a small alley doused in darkness and appeared to lead to a couple of garages. There was a wheelie bin at the end and a bike with a missing wheel.
“Down here.” He pulled Darius along with him.
“This will have to do.” He stopped and rested his back on a brick wall. He’d no doubt get grit and dust on his blazer, but he didn’t care.
“It’s dark,” Darius said, stopping in front of him.
Rhodri ran his hand over Darius’ hair and stroked his cheek. He could only just make him out in the dim light. “That’s the idea. I don’t want us to be seen.”
“And why is that, Sir?” Darius’ voice had softened, as though he’d cottoned on to what was about to happen.
“Why do you think?”
“I need you to tell me, Sir. I need you to tell me why we’re here and what you want me to do.”
Oh, his pretty little sub voice went straight to Rhodri’s balls. “We’re here because it was obvious in that fancy restaurant that we had to find relief, fast. And this, my sweet sub, is the best your new Master can come up with right now.”
“If you’re happy I’m happy.”
Rhodri smiled. “I need one more thing, though.” He let his hands fall to his sides. This was the moment of truth. Would Darius be as good as he suspected? Could he walk the walk as well as talk the talk?
“What do you need?”
“I need you to get down on your knees, take out my cock and suck it. Suck it until I come down your throat, suck it until I tell you to stop.” Rhodri’s heart beat faster with each uttered word. His dick was damn painful now it was so hard.
“Yes, Sir. Of course, Sir.”
Rhodri clenched his fists as Darius dropped to his knees. He hoped there wouldn’t be anything horrid on the floor, but it was only a fleeting thought because then he was aware of Darius’ hands on his belt buckle, freeing it and letting it hang open.
“That’s it,” he said, smoothing over his hair. God, he was doing it. This was perfect. So far so good. “Now take me out.”
Darius was already performing his instructed task. He pulled down the zip on Rhodri’s trousers then tugged them until they sat around his thighs.
Rhodri tensed his stomach muscles and locked his knees. He wished the lighting was better so he could see Darius knelt before him but this would have to do for now.
Darius curled his fingers around the waistband on Rhodri’s boxers, tugged them outwards and eased the elastic over his jutting cock.
“Ah yeah,” Rhodri said, “that’s it, push them down.” The relief of being free of clothing dragged a sigh from his chest.
The sigh ended on a sharp intake of breath as Darius wrapped his slim fingers around his shaft. There was confidence and strength in his grip. Rhodri took that as a promising sign that he’d give good head.
He didn’t have to wait long to find out. Darius swept his tongue over the tip of his cock then suckled his glans into his mouth.
“Fuck…” Rhodri said, clamping both hands over Darius’ ears. “Your pretty mouth on me, feels so…”
Darius slipped his lips further down his shaft.
Rhodri was aware of the heat of his tongue, the ridges in his palate, the faint scrape of teeth. He gripped Darius’ head tighter, forced his back harder against the wall. He always found getting blown while standing up hard work, he wanted to relax into it but that wasn’t going to be the case here.
Still Darius took him, deeper and deeper.
Rhodri gritted his teeth and tipped his head to the night sky. He could just make out the moon with slippery gunmetal grey clouds rushing over it. “Ah yeah, take me to heaven,” he managed.
Darius set up a fast pumping action. It was the exact tempo Rhodri would have demanded by guiding Darius’ head, but he didn’t need to. It was just right, exactly what he wanted, needed, it was going to make him come…
“I’m going to…” Damn, it was so fast. His stamina had run into the sunset without a backwards glance. “It’s nearly here, play…with my…balls.”
Instantly Darius got busy with his hands, rolling Rhodri’s testicles in his palm.
Rhodri groaned. It was deep and guttural, completely uninhibited and rattled around the walls of the alley.
“Take it, take it all…don’t you dare…fucking stop.” He swung his hips forward, forging even further into Darius’ mouth. Then it was there, an overspill of bliss, a burst of ecstasy. It shot through his shaft and into his new sub’s throat.
“Fuck, yeah, yeah, yeah…” He stilled, shut his eyes and allowed the power of his release to hold his body hostage for a few sweeter than sweet seconds. “Oh God, you can take it. Take it…” He gasped for breath.
He was still lodged so deep inside Darius, his cock pulsing against his tongue, which hugged him like a soft duvet. It was a wonderful sensation to be left with as his climax abated.
Releasing Darius’ head, he silently gave permission for him to withdraw and catch his breath. “You’re fucking talented at that.”
Darius stood. In the weak light Rhodri could see his lips were slightly swollen and shiny.
Darius drew the back of his hand over his mouth. “Did I please you, Sir?”
“You know damn well you did.” Rhodri reached for him. He kissed him hard, tasting the salty flavour of his own cum and slicking his tongue over Darius’. He felt as though he was arriving home, that he’d been on a long journey, searching, waiting, hoping, and now he’d found someone who so far seemed so in tune with him he’d have paid Gay Hook Ups twice the fee.
Darius pulled back, breathless. “Now what would you like me to do?”
“I’d like you to agree to a second date, that’s what.”
Darius was quiet for a moment, then, “Yes, as long as you’ll allow me to organise it, Sir.”
“Does it mean we’ll be doing something you want to do?”
“In that case that’s fine by me.” He kissed him again. Would he ever get enough?

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