Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog. This week a smooch from Dr Leo and his dream man Malik - Dark Warrior.

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While some passions live on the surface, others—wilder, darker passions—have to be kept buried deep.

Dr. Leo Rotherham is following his calling by working in rural Kenya for the charity Medics On Hand. While he expected a primitive way of life and limited medical supplies, what he doesn’t bargain on is falling for handsome village warrior, Malik.

Malik is well respected, knowledgeable and loyal to his tribe. He’s also beautiful, brave, modern and, much to Leo’s dismay, married—isn’t he?

No, it turns out Malik is as free as the animals that roam the African plains at night.

Soon the tension is building between the two men and Leo isn’t sure if he’s coming or going. Whenever he’s around Malik he can’t help but notice the reflected look of lust in his eyes and feel the longing sizzling between them.

Malik stands too close, not close enough. Forbidden attraction simmers between them and the need grows to dizzying heights. But dare they admit to each other what it is they want? And are they brave enough to act on their desires and be honest about their lust? One thing is for sure, a passion this big, this powerful, can’t be contained and it’s all going to explode in the most spectacular of ways.

The water was cold, as Malik had warned, but Leo was glad of the refreshing sensation that lapped around him as he waded into it. He studied the way the sun reflected off Malik’s dark shoulders, making his flesh seem almost mirror-like. He’d have to remember to put more protection on his delicate skin soon, especially if he was going to spend the afternoon naked.
Malik turned, released Leo’s hand and dipped his shoulders into the water. He then pushed off and floated on his back, staring up at the sky.
Leo dunked himself completely under, scrubbing at his face with his palm while he was beneath the surface. The sound of the water echoed in his ears and his heart was still pounding. Thankfully, the chill had taken the edge off his erection and the need to come had abated.
“You like?” Malik asked when Leo surfaced.
“It’s heavenly.” Leo turned onto his back and let the water support him. “And the sky is so perfect.” He studied the crystal-clear azure. The sun was just out of his line of vision but he could see the white heat spreading like an artist’s wash over the sky.
His cock breached the surface of the water and he turned, took several fast strokes and reached the opposite side of the bank.
Malik had swum toward the reeds, his body mostly submerged, as though he preferred to swim like a crocodile.
A shudder of desire filled Leo. He wanted Malik—and soon. He hoped he was quick at recovering.
Malik dove downwards and his whole body disappeared. Leo stared, waiting for him to resurface.
Several bubbles popped and spread small ripples.
A knot of worry wound itself through Leo.
He’d been down a long time.
More bubbles then nothing.
Leo stood, trying to see clearer, but the section of water Malik had disappeared into was the darkest patch of the river. Possibly twenty feet deep. He couldn’t make out a thing.
Leo was unable to wait any longer. He lunged forward and headed for the reeds, thrusting out his arms in long, powerful strokes. He’d have to go down and find him. Horrendous images went through his mind. Perhaps he had his foot trapped in a rock or a savage creature was attacking him.
Suddenly, right in front of Leo, Malik burst from the water. He took in a huge breath and grinned.
“Fuck,” Leo said, coming to an abrupt stop. “You scared the shit out of me.”
“What? Why?”
“Going under for all that time.”
“I wasn’t under long. I was just checking my nets.”
“Yes. I have captured us some dinner, for tonight.” He held up a black stringy bag that contained two writhing silver fish.
Leo grinned. “Looks good.” He pushed backward, moving to the bank where he could stand.
“They will be. I will cook them for you,” Malik said, following.
Once at the bank, Malik tied the fish bag to a twisted root so that the creatures were still in the water. “They will stay fresh like this. Until we have built up our appetite again.”
“Mmm, I think we should start working on that soon.” Leo could stand now and the water sat at his waist. The sun on his wet skin tingled and he relished feeling cool for the first time all day.
“I agree,” Malik said, coming to stand next to him. “In fact, I think we should start right now.” He leaned forward and kissed Leo—a long, deep kiss that included lots of tongue and a close cuddle.
Leo’s cock pressed up against Malik’s abdomen. Just contact with his flesh, even in the cold water, had blood rushing to Leo’s shaft. God, he needed this man.
Malik slid his hand between their bodies and wrapped his fingers around Leo’s erection.
Leo broke the kiss. “Damn, I love you touching me. Every time feels like the first time.” “That was hot. That first time, in your room. I had to detour on the way home.”
“You did?” Leo moved his hips in time with the slow, steady rub of Malik’s hand on his cock.
“Yeah, I had to find a quiet spot and relieve myself. My dick was about to explode.” “And you thought of me?” Leo asked, struggling now not to flutter his eyes shut. The sensation of Malik’s hand on him in the water was blissful—enough to turn him on but not enough to have him coming.
“Of course I thought of you. You’re all I have thought of, Leo, since the first moment I saw you.”

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