Saturday, 30 May 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015 A Sexy Delight ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. This weeks' theme is a sexy delight so here are a few from Dark Warrior my new MM novel just out and set in Kenya.

The view from their shelter was stunning, something he’d remember always—the clear blue sky, the sand colored cliffs surrounding them and the sparkling river. And Malik sitting next to him... Beautiful, sexy Malik and a whole night stretched out before them. It was a fantasy come true. The anticipation alone was an erotic memory and something he was happy to savor rather than rush to the main event, now that they were here.
“Food.” Malik passed Leo a plate created from a glossy green leaf.
“Fish?” Leo studied the golden flakes of flesh. “Thank you.”
“It is smoked. It is good. Try it.”
Leo already was. A burst of flavor spread on his tongue—woody yet delicate. He chewed through the softness and was eager for more.
Malik laughed. “You were hungry.”
“Yes, starving,” Leo said with a grin and scooped up another mouthful.
They ate in silence. Leo sipped on the last of the water from his bottle and watched a small bird, with a long Y-shaped tail, flitting about in the reeds. When he’d finished, he set the leaf-plate to one side. “Thank you, Malik. That was wonderful.”
Malik nodded once and glanced at the empty plate. “I am glad.”
Leo stood, pulled off his top then folded it over the upper edge of the canopy, hoping that would discourage any slithering creatures from making it their home. As he turned to sit, he noticed the lingering gaze Malik gave his body.
He sucked in his stomach a little, knowing it highlighted his abs, and enjoyed a rush of blood to his cock. Finally. They were alone. Alone, fed and with all the privacy they could ever hope for.

Find out all the gossip about Dark Warrior here, check out reviews and grab yourself a copy from Totally Bound, Amazon/Amazon UK, ARe and all other good ebook retailers.

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